02 August 2007


I´ve been tagged by Joanna. The rules of tagging are that I have to reveal 8 personal things and tag 8 other people ...I´m not tagging anyone - but feel free to grab it from here and let me know if you do - because it´s always fun to get to know people better!

  1. I stopped smoking 6 months ago
    - It´s been so easy to stop and I´ll never go back to smoking again.

  2. I was 34 years old when I got my drivers license and my first car
    - I´m an O.K driver - but I hate to drive.
    I prefer to go by foot, bike, train and taxi if possible, and I dream of getting a private chauffeur one day.

  3. I always wear some kind of jewellery
    - mostly gold or in ceramic.

  4. I love toasted bread with butter - and a good cup of tea
    - and I prefer salty stuff to sweet.

  5. I love flowers and gardening
    - and I dream of getting an old garden full of flowers one day.

  6. I can play the clarinet and saxophone
    - and I love all kinds of music.

  7. I´m a B-person and night owl
    - and I´m really grumpy in the morning.

  8. As a child I was really tall, skinny and sporty - now I´m small, not skinny and creative
    - but I´ve just started running and enjoy getting fit again.

And I have a soft spot for face transformers so.... this is what I look like with a Cowboy Moustache, As a Simpson Character and after a Hair Makeover.

1 comment:

Joanna Goddard said...

congratulations on quitting smoking! that is awesome. also, i prefer salty to sweet too. i'd rather skip dessert and get another appetizer! :)