02 August 2007

Rooms for Fabulous Stationary contest.

Decor8 is running a super-fun contest (using cards as inspiration for rooms). I had so much fun doing these cards and just couldn´t stop. It was perfect timing because I have so many private decorating projects to do - and I dream about decorating most nights right now -since we are very close to buying a summerhouse - I´ll let you know more soon. Anyway it was so helpfull doing these cards - see all entries here.

This card is clean, warm and cosy - just like I would love my home to be. The photos are all from a house in Hamburg, found at photographer Janne Peters website, and it´s pretty much what my dreamhouse looks like.

If we get the summerhouse, this is how I would like to decorate the kitchen there. Photo´s are from www.andrealarsson.dk and www.boligmagasinet.dk.

I´m about to redecorate Nanna´s room, because she needs a bigger bed. Her room is tiny and with 3 doors - so it needs to be a combo of clean lines and small spots of colour and fun.


Katrine@livingschoen.dk said...

Really nice cards - but could you please tell me how you make them, have seen the contest on decor8 but it still doesn't make sense to me ?!

Blonde regards


looks awesome, sidsel!

decor8 said...

I really loved all of these, you did such a good job!!!