09 August 2007

The Room Project

I´m really looking forward to seeing this exhibition, The Room Project, by Anette Merrild when it comes to Århus later this year - right now it´s showing in Copenhagen.

"Do you want to get to know the world? Then start with your neighbor"
Inspired by this proverb Annette Merrild has visited strangers’ living rooms with her camera for the past four years. The idea for her international project started out from a neighborly perspective – in Hamburg, New York and Copenhagen, the artist photographed the living rooms of the other residents in her house. Inspired by the effect the photo series had on others, Merrild developed THE ROOM. Within two years, she traveled to Warsaw, Barcelona, Tallin, Lyon, Manchester and Istanbul. She tracked down high-rises where the apartments had uniform layouts - and in this way she offers you a great change to see how "real people " live and how much interior design can change a room. Visit the website here

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