28 January 2008

Tide chandelier

Stuart Haygarths work has been been all over blogland lately - and I have to post about it too - because it´s so unique. The Tide chandelier is created from clear and translucent objects, primarily made of plastic -all found by Stuart Haygarth at the coastline of Kent.

DUNGENESS ( work in progress)

I have been collecting man-made debris from the Dungeness coastline in Kent over many years. I am sorting and categorizing the mass of objects and from each grouping creating a piece of work. The finished pieces take different forms such as sculptural & functional objects and photographic documentation.
So far I have completed two works. The first being ‘Tide Mark’ (2004) which is both an installation piece and a photographic work. Tide Mark is a collection of primarily plastic objects categorized by colour. Starting with white objects and ending with black, a kind of tide mark through the colour spectrum is produced.

The second work is the ‘Tide’ Chandelier (2005) which is created from a collection of clear and translucent plastic objects.

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karey m. said...

must. acquire.

(when i'm a gazillionaire!)

am loving your blog...spending way too much time peeking in your archives! well done.