18 January 2008

You are invited!

If you are anywhere near my city, Aarhus in Dennark, you are hereby invited to the opening of our small group show, GRIB! - and if you decide to pop by, please come and say hello!

In short GRIB, which means catch, is a local project inspired by this project. It all started last september when I met the talented photographer Ida Schmidt and we started talking about our freelance lives and all the clever freelancers/designers/photographers we knew here in Århus. To make a long story short - we invited 6 persons/studios to take part, and each got a wildcard - so that we would enlarge our network and end up beeing 12. The project is now over and the result is a great group of people, a book that is now full of ideas and very diverse projects - and a great calender with all the final results displayed. You can read more about the idea behind the project in my blogpost here.

There´s also a blog in Danish - but I hope you will enjoy it just the same. I´ll post some pictures of the calender soon just because I´m so pleased with how it came out. It will be for sale at the group show - and I´m planning to organize a little give-away also...
And at this period of time, where everybody is focused on new year resolutions, I think it´s very important to celebrate all the things that one succeed in during 2007. And this project has been a succes and a wonderful experience, seeing how our first idea has grown and developed into something much bigger than expected. I think this is what happens when you start sharing ideas, dreams and passions.


Babelfish said...

The results of your project is beautiful, let me know if the book is for sale.

Katrine Lykke said...

Øv, jeg når ikke at komme ind og se jeres udstilling. Måske du har nogle billeder af den du kan vise her på bloggen?
Og tak for en interessant og flot blog, jeg følger troligt med.