10 January 2008

Happy raincoat

On a grey and rainy winter morning this raincoat, Pink Bird by Danefæ made me happy. Raincoats with prints are very popular here right now - and it somehows makes sense to wear something bright when the weather is grey. I´m wearing this today.


emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Thanks for giving me the name for the baby basinet! And a great happy amazing 2008 for you too!

The Etsy pick gadget is found under "Your Etsy", "Etsy Mini". Then you just choose the preferences you like and cut and paste the code generated into your blog. Holly at Decor8 showed it to me, and I think it is a great feature!

nina said...

Oh wow, I love this raincoat so very much. I live in the Netherlands, so same thing here about rainy weather, and I used to hate it so much when I had to wear a rain-suit as a child. Always felt ashamed because they were so ugly. But this one I'd definitely wear with pride!