16 September 2008

It´s a girl!

Ohhh! I had the best news today - and even cried with joy. My older sister who is expecting her third child in January was scanned today and told me they will be having a baby-girl. It will be wonderful to have a baby in the family again and I just had to look at Etsy for baby-stuff - and here are some things that would be perfect for a little Baby-girl right now. Wool Bird, Bunny Onies , Brown fawn, Acorn Babyhat and a Collage Owl by me.
January 09 will be the big baby-boom month - my sister, my half-sister, a friend in Milan and a friend in Århus will all be giving birth in January.

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orange you lucky! said...

There's so much adorableness for girls out there!
Nice Etsy picks:)