30 September 2008

When my home grows up...

When my home grows up - I would love it to look like this beautiful home from Vejle, DK in the latest issue of Bo Bedre. The article say about the couple, that she is in charge of the interior design and that he can use his veto power - which is very similar to how it works in our household. I like the mix of femine and masculine objects and I was also pleased to see the wooden bowl on the first picture... it´s very similar to the ones I just posted about.

And I also think that my new little best friend will fit right in - dont´you? I finally got my stuffed squirrel last week - I´ve had a crush on squirrels since I was a child - and it feels so right to have my own now - and I hope we will have some live ones around our summerhouse soon.

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Sara Bradshaw said...

Don't be decieved by their furry cuteness - look what happened to me: http://cricketfamily.blogspot.com/2008/09/wanted-dead-or-alive.html