03 September 2008

Owls for every room

The nursery owl is a gentle and wise little owl- that loves the sound of small feet and nursery rhymes. SOLD

The living room owl is a colourful night owl - that loves the sound of dinnerguest and lounge music. SOLD

The office owl is a quiet and clever little owl - that loves the sound of working typewriters/keyboards and people talking to themselves. SOLD

The craft room owl can be a real chatterbox and tends to get a bit messy - It loves the smell of glue and fresh flowers.

The kitchen owl is a curious and clever little owl - that loves the smell of homemade bread and stuffed mice. SOLD

The library owl is a little shy - but also a very wise owl - it loves the smell of books, pencils and fresh coffee. SOLD

All owls are made with a mix of japanese paper, vintage, wallpaper and paper with my own prints. They are mounted on a deep edge canvases 20 x 20 x 3 cm. The collages are finished with an acrylic clear glossy coat. All collages are one of a kind.

And you can buy them here in my brand new shop.

Hvis du hellere vil købe direkte ved mig istedet for via Paypal - så send mig en mail med din bestilling og så tager vi den derfra!


Tizzalicious said...

They turned out SO great!

Good luck with the shop!

Di said...

They are just fantastic! I love them!!

Heidi said...

sådan Sidsel, ud over stepperne!
ps. kan du ikke fremhæve shopdelen lidt, men skal lede lidt for at finde ud af at man kan købe dem;o)
Se fredag morgen inde vi skal til Berlin ;o)