02 September 2008

Owl Collages on their way

I was busy last week making some collage owls - I had an order for 2 owls and thought I might as well create a few extra. The 2 bottom ones are gone - but tomorrow I´ll show you the 6 collages I have left - so get ready to hit the BUY NOW buttom .)


Tizzalicious said...

I absolutely love them!

Tizzalicious said...

Thank you for the nice comment in my blog :)

I think DaWanda would be the best place to try and sell them. It's easier to stay visible there, and there are no listing fees :) Good luck!

Henriette Weber Kristiansen said...

so - where can you buy them ? I would love to have one =)

carpeitem.blogspot.com/ said...

They´re adorable! I love the different pattern and color combinations.

Have a great weekend ;o)