27 April 2006

firenze - I´m back

I´m going home - or back to what used to be home 15 years ago.
I´m going to Firenze for a wedding - and I´m so thrilled to be seeing my friends again and to brush up friendships and my Italian. I´ll be back again on monday.
P.S The ceremony takes places in the building to the right, Palazzo Vecchio.

26 April 2006

Gregory Colbert - Ashes and Snow

I really really wish that I was at, Santa Monica Pier, California these days. This exhibition seems so fantastic! Please explore the website too - it´s exceptional!! I found it here.
“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.”—Gregory Colbert, Creator of Ashes and Snow

25 April 2006

robot - Illustration friday

I think this is my first drawing of a robot ever - I did it in 10 minutes - taking a break from real work. Illustration Friday is truly a great drawing challenge.

more ways to decorate walls

Here´s another German company that helps you add some colour to your walls, Variwall.
At their website you can create your own wall module as seen above, a wallpaper report or a photowall - go create...

wall tattoos

Here´s a great idea for decorating walls, Silbensalon delivers poems, quotes or your favourite text, all in prepositioned letters in various colours, sizes and fonts. Easy to apply, professional looking and removable. Go create your own wall tattoo! seen through designspotter p.s the one to the left says " The head is round so that thoughts can change direction"

22 April 2006


I just love a nice cup of tea - and I love beautifull packaging too - so I just had to have this beauty to the right from Happyelephant. The tea is wonderfull and the box looks great in my kitchen - together with my Kusmi tea boxes. I love when good quality is in everything - from product, packaging and to the website. Compliments to both companies!

20 April 2006


I live right next to a H&M store and look what I found there today - lots of birds! it seems like I´m not the only one with a soft spot for birds - visit A Bird in the Hand!

At H&M´s website they have a dressing room where you can try out new outfits on a model your size and shape. I thought I should try a new style since a girl in a Diesel store refered to me as "en dame"- a lady, yesterday... For the new style I deliberately tried to pick clothes that wasn´t flattering for my figure... but I ended up liking the waistcoat. It´s great fun and a the 3D is well done. Which do you prefer?

19 April 2006

Spotted - Illustration friday

Here´s a hen - spotted with chicken pops, dreaming of a new car that fits the whole family.

Badge machine in the house

Ha ha - this is fun! Got my badge machine today and these are my first ones - but surely not the last ones...

Sniptape from Kennmunk.com

Sniptape seen at Kennmunk.com. I love this idea, as Kenn writes... "It's a joke in the form of adhesive tape, it's the fastest way to convert your ride into a convertible, it's the fastest way to add a new doorway to your house, the fastest way to make anything a coupon you can cut out and bring to the store". Also check out his free fonts and cool toys.

18 April 2006

Are you a doll?

Red Dot Concept, a Singaporean manufacturer, creates ceramic caricature dolls based on photos supplied by customers. What a great gift idea! Their Voodoo Dolls are very cool as well!
Seen at Spingwise.com

16 April 2006

Lucky me! - Thanks Sabine

Sabine is my favorite Easterbunny - look what lovely goodies she sent to me! The best easter egg ever... Thanks again.

Things on strings

Inspired by decorating branches for easter, here are some other ways to decorate trees, when its not christmas or easter! The first picture is a mobile by a local artist, hanging in a public park here in Århus. The two to the right are from an exhibition I saw today, I think they are made by Mette Bulow and Lisbeth Madsen. And the last picture with the shells is from Koh Kham Island in Thailand.

13 April 2006

Happy easter decorating!

I finally got time to decorate for Easter - I just made the paper eggs yesterday, using the fantastic photoshop layers I found at Sabines Blog. And I love my 3 floffy chickens that I found in Sweden many years ago.

Outside it looks like this...

10 April 2006

Italian Spring

This is what it looked like in Lucca 2 weeks ago
- and here in DK spring is 2 weeks late... and looks like this!

07 April 2006

Colour of Thursday - Brown

Happy Easter! - to all those who aren´t made of chocolate...

05 April 2006

Spring - Illustration friday

Krible Krable - means something like Wiggle-prickle...

Colour of wensday - Green

So today is green - but only here
this morning it was snowing... I demand Spring now!

04 April 2006

Colour of tuesday - Blues

Blues are my favourite colours and this is one of my favourite places, Koh Kham, Thailand -where I spent this Christmas.

Colour of monday - Yellow

At Camilla´s wonderfull blog I read about Mecozy´s idea, to focus on a new colour every day during this week - great idea, so here´s a glimpse of some of my favourite yellow things at home.

03 April 2006

Colour of Lucca

Back in rainy DK after a quick glimpse of Italian spring and sun...
Lucca was great, the food plenty and buonissiomo and the B&B was great - this was our room!