14 December 2007

See you next year!

I think this is what our Christmas holidays will look like again this year. We leave for Hong Kong & Thailand tomorrow - and will celebrate Christmas on Koh Mak, with friends from home and with my cousin + family, who lives on Iceland rigth now. It´s our 4th Christmas holiday in Thailand - which means that so far Nanna has only seen Thai Santa´s and plastic trees - but who cares when the sun is shining, the sea is warm, the food is served and all you have to do is to kick back and enjoy the holidays. I wish you all a warm and merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2008 - see you next year!

10 December 2007

Flickr favorites

Here´s some of my recent Flickr Favorites to get the week started. I recommend you check out the Snowflake project full of amazing macro´s of snowflakes - and Linzie Hunter´s Spam one-liners a hand lettering project- based on spam subject lines in her mailbox - and this collection of Naruko-style vintage kokeshi dolls. Happy monday!

05 December 2007

Giving birth to a giant baby

I love this photo, where artist Ron Mueck (pushing the head) works with the Brooklyn Museum staff to install the exhibition Ron Mueck on view. See the whole progress in a Flickr set here. This photo really speaks to me since I admire Mueck´s work a lot + the project I´m working on right now feels a bit like giving birth to a giant baby...

Hello world!

Just had to share this little piece from my Site Meter statistics - It´s been a very international day here at Spagat´s blog. I love to see where my readers are from and how they found me - and to me this is the true power and joy of blogging - communicating with people all over the world, and meeting people who share your taste and passions. Welcome!
If you don´t have a stats on your blog already - I recommend you get one - it´s really interesting to keep track of your blog.

04 December 2007

La Marelle

The new website from La Marelle, is a treasure trove of great products and clever illustrators, like Lilidoll and miss clara - and don´t miss Miss Clara´s magical website. I´m so busy the next weeks so blogging will be very sporadicly - but La Marelle´s collection of illustrators and cards should keep you entertained for a while. Enjoy!

03 December 2007

DIY- advent calender

I love this idea for an Advent calender, from Boligliv nr.11/07 - but I can´t crochet - nor cast on a stitch - but if you can I hope this inspires you - it surely makes me want to learn how to crochet or knit before next december...

30 November 2007

Quick Christmas tree

Here´s a quick DIY-project if you have a child or innerchild who loves Barbapapa and Christmas trees - buy a small tree and wrap a Barbapapa string light around it - it takes 2 minutes and spreads a lot of joy! Have a great weekend!

Søren Behncke

I don´t expect to get any Christmas presents this year - it´s a part of the deal when we go away for Christmas. But if someone really really wants to give me something, then this painting by Søren Behncke, is on top of my wishlist. The artist, Søren Behncke has within few years won great appreciation as an original artist taking streetart into new dimensions. He is presented by, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary, a gallery located in the same former chocolate factory as my studio. Right now she has a great show Coupling, presenting HuskMitNavn, Søren Behncke, Jan Danebod, Armsrock (DK/D), Jacob Tækker, Kyle Mock (USA). And from tomorrow she will have an Art advent calender on her website, presenting a new artist everyday - so check it out.!
If you live in Århus, I recommend a visit to her gallery + a visit to The Room Project by Anette Merrild, at Aarhus Kunstbygning, also blogged about here.

28 November 2007

Snowflake pattern

Via decor8 ´s Etsy finds, I saw these great snowflakes from Etsy seller Enna. Take a a closer look and you´ll see little figures like birds and rabbits in them. This design was actually cut by hand with little scissors and then turned into a pattern. I also like these snowflakes made with Hama beads by Christine.

27 November 2007

Hong Kong research

Speaking of Hong Kong - have you seen these stunning photos by photographer Michael Wolf- from his Architecture of Density project? And if you have any tips on great places to eat, shop and visit in Hong Kong, please let me know.

Pre-Christmas preparations

I know it´s still November, but I cannot resist adding a little Christmas feel to my home and my studio. And since we leave for Hong Kong and Thailand the 15th of December - I think it´s allright with an early start, so this weekend we opened the big box with Christmas decorations - and Nanna was in heaven with all the glitter and gold in the house. The cones are form our summerhouse and the birds are from Lisbeth Dahl.

23 November 2007

Minilabo again

I´ve posted about Minilabo before - and it´s time to do it again, since their new products, top picture, looks so great. I really like their graphics and use of colour. The bottom pictures are some of their wallstickers - which we mounted in Nanna´s room some months ago - just never got around to share the result before now. Half was placed by me - the other half by her....

21 November 2007

Winter Must Have

The silk scarf and the 2008 pocket calender, with the Poppy-pattern I designed for the Danish Cancer Society, is now for sale in their webshop. Since this was my first fashion design - designed almost a year ago - I´ve been very curious to see how the colours would match what´s actually in the shops now - and I´m very happy and relieved to see that the print fits in perfectly - and I put together some outfits from this season, all from the YouHeShe webshop just to prove it! The book in the picture is by Elsa Beskow, and was one of my favorites as a child - and I´ve just started to read it for my daughter now - is it translated to English?
If you would like to own one of these Must Have scarfes - and can´t work out the webshop in Danish, send me an email or leave a comment and I´ll help you out.
100 % Silk, 68 x 68 cm, 129 kr.- or $ 25 + shipping.

20 November 2007

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is to be found in Stilleben´s new webshop, launched today. Make sure to stop by.

19 November 2007

be you

Sometimes the simple things are the most difficult ones - and after a strange week last week, I just had to make this little reminder to myself. And if you need a reminder too - you can download it here.

16 November 2007

Desktop backgrounds

I´ve just updated my website with this desktop background + and this old one because I like the quote on it sooo much.
If winter is slumber
and spring is birth
and summer is life,
then autumn rounds out to be
I´ve also uploaded a pdf. file of the article about me - in danish! Have a great weekend.

14 November 2007

Astrid Lindgren - my heroine

Another positive thing today is that by beeing a parent - you get to read all of Astrid Lindgren´s wonderful books all over - again and again. Today would have been Astrid Lindgren´s 100th birthday - and it gives the world a good reason to celebrate Pippi and Emil´s creator. The picture in the middle is the first written version of Pippi Longstocking - a present for her daughter´s 10th birthday - can you imagine a more precious gift??

Inspiration board

I have to focus on the good things today - cause I´m still very upset about the election results and couldn´t sleep - so instead I was busy planning how we could migrate to New Zealand. So let me share my November inspiration board in my studio instead. Lots of cones, Etsy goodies and great letterpress samples from The Paperstudio. See more Inspiration boards here at Flickr.

Mr. Farty Pants

This photo made my night - and it´s a perfect comment on how frustrated I feel about the election results here in DK - Four more years with Mr. Farty Pants and his team of hot air - and bad smells.................
Found via FFFFOUND

13 November 2007

Election Day

Today is Election Day here in Denmark - and for the first time in history we can actually vote for a female Prime Minister. The final polls are predicting one of the closest general elections in recent memory and I hope we will have a new Prime Minister soon - in high heels. We already have a Queen and not a King you know!

Dots By Rank

Lars Rank is also the designer behind DOTS - a wonderful series of plates and bowls, which I´m trying to find out you where to buy. Seen in the new Bo Bedre and on page 117-118 you can catch a glimpse of his stars and hearts.

09 November 2007

Stars by Lars Rank

It´s a little early for Christmas - but you can sign up here or here for the 2nd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap organized by Freshly Blended and Cake & Pie. Sign-ups are only until November 9th - so be quick. I´m not participating this year - since we leave for Asia in the middle of December. But I would love to decorate my home with these porcelain stars by Lars Rank - sold at Stilleben - one of my favorite shops in Copenhagen - which will launch a webshop 20th of November here! I have a soar throat and a cold to cure this weekend - have a good one!

08 November 2007

studio scent

This is how my studio smells right now - like delicate Italian Blood Orange soap from Australian Mor-cosmetics - and the packaging is just as delicate as the smell. Blogging is so visual and I sometimes miss more dimensions like sound, taste and smells - and I think I´ll organize a SENSES week soon, where participants should try to convey a smell or taste through visuals... does it sound like fun to you?
Well this monday blogging became 3 dimensional when I finally met Sabine in Copenhagen - We had tea in her studio and she is just as kind and giving as imagined and her studio is just as cozy and inspiring as pictured on her blog - and if meeting the rest of my blog-friends out there will be as delightful and easy - then I can´t wait to meet you all...

07 November 2007

pretty dishcloths

Imelda just wrote a funny post here, about how she bought some pretty & retangular things in Sweden this summer, and how she just recently discovered what they were for.... it´s Swedish Dishcloths and they are pretty indeed. I just bought one myself last week - because of the print - top right - design by Lotta Glave . So here are some more dishcloth prints for Imelda and the rest of you - all from Klippan.

02 November 2007

Magazine Design Seminar

I´m in Copenhagen untill Tuesday night for some fun, some tea with Sabine, and a Magazine Design Seminar, with these speakers: Deb Bishop from Marta Stewart - Kids and Blueprint!!, Geraldine Hessler from Entertainment Weekly, Matt Willey from Studio 8 in London - blogged about here... Arem Duplessis from The New York Times Magazine, and Carla Frank from The Oprah Magazine - you can see the programme here - I´m so excited! Have a great weekend.

01 November 2007

October is over and so is this years Breast Cancer Awareness month - and I just wish to thank everyone who has supported my fundraising, left a comment or featured my breast cancer design on their blog - you know who you are... and the results have been great - I´ve fundraised 900$ so far - it ends November 5th! - and I´ve had between 100-200 unique visitors pr. day in October which is a lot for my modest blog!
I´ve also been invited to make a design proposal for next years pattern, we will see how that goes... I´ll let you know!

29 October 2007

I won the Lottery!

Just discovered today that I´m the lucky winner of Sia´s goodiebag. Take a look
here at the drawing and at my sweet prize. Thank you so much Sia - and Floris for breaking my bad lottery spell - last time I won something in a lottery I was 7 years old and won a can of canned peaches - I cried the whole afternoon afterward because I was so disappointed and wanted one of the teddybears instead. This goodiebag finally makes up for it :) Sia´s great blog, siagrafica made it to the Top 10 new design blogs to watch organized by laissezfaire recently - which is why she made this goodiebag for one of her readers.

26 October 2007

Delicate Mobiles

Seem like delicate DIY mobiles is the next big thing - and there are so many great examples around the web right now, like the top one by Puka, this one from Karin in ceramics, the wooden one from Boohou and the bottom one by Debi Van Zyl. Making a mobile could be a fun weekend project - have a great weekend. Just saw this mobile by Lisa Congdon for their Rare Device Opening - and not to forget these paper mobiles by Frazier&Wing.

25 October 2007

A great line of tees

Just saw a post today at Snowflakes + cupcakes about the US Boarding for Breast Cancer Campaign - and just had to show some of the hip products and tees, designed by e.g. Paul Frank, Billabong and Nixon to support the cause - you can see them all here.

Designer Sans Frontières

While drinking my coffee this morning I was reading this article - about me! I´m this weeks inspiring person in Alt For Damerne - one of the biggest magazines in DK - and it´s a full-page picture!- where I look a little tired... - and as you can see it´s about the breast cancer design - and about how I started my business 2 years ago. The title is Designer Sans Frontières - because I talk about how important it is to me to have time and money to make projects like this - and being an idealist - and saying that if there was an organisation like Médecins Sans Frontières for designers - I would have joined it already. I´ll translate the full article in English later - but now I have to work - so go out there and get your own copy! My cup is from Seletti´s Estetico Quotidiano collection.

24 October 2007

Organized Collection - Gold Shoes

My friend pointed out the other day that we have quite a collection of gold shoes in our house - and I guess she is right - so here´s my contribution to Camilla´s Organized Collection Pool at Flickr - but I could only find one Barbie shoe this morning - can you see it? I once read that Gwyneth Paltrow said the best way to spot if a man is in a relationship is by looking at his shoes - if he wore nice shoes - he wasn´t single! I tried to test it - and it´s seems like she has got a point. What do you collect?

23 October 2007

Crafts market in Aarhus

This weekend there´s a big Crafts Market in Aarhus, with lots of great crafters. I went there last year and got this vase from Fabula - but what I really really would have liked was one of these vases by Sandra Davolio - because for a person like me who adores anything in the shape of "from under the sea" - they are hard to resist - don´t you think?

22 October 2007

Jeu de Paume

The highlights of this weekend was lots of free "White Lady" drinks friday night - and lots of reading on sunday, in my sisters new Jeu De Paume book - Childrens Rooms in Stockholm -which I immediately snatched. I surfed their website this morning and now I want to study them all - take a look - there´s tons of inspiration and eye candy on the site. By reading I mean looking because they are written in Japanese...
I´m also reading all 3 books by Stieg Larsson in a row - so please don´t call or disturb me at night - and when they get translated in English make sure to read them - they are sooo great.

20 October 2007

Family Calender

After I had written the post about the calenders I came to think of this calender, which I designed some months ago - as part of the Breast Cancer Awareness product line. It´s a family wall calender where I played a lot with my pattern - and it felt a bit like a school project, Make a pattern and the make 12 variants out of it. The calenders are for sale in this webshop and in one of these shops in DK. I think it´s a great Christmas Gift!

18 October 2007

Calenders 2008

Diana Fayt´s new 2008 calender is for sale now - and it looks just as great as the last pictured here below - which I missed.

Instead I got a letterpress calender from Ilee - a rich mix of old school letterpress, silkscreen, foil stamping, fine papers and handpainted accents - it´s so beautiful, and she has a new 2008 calender for sale in her Etsy shop now - see picture below.