22 February 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

My new blog is up and running - please head over to it for much bigger pictures - more space- and rss-feed - and please change your subscription and links to the new blog since this old blog will not be up-dated anymore. I will also start to send out newsletters with the best from the blog - and much more inspiration on varoius subjects - it will be in Danish primarily - but with links and photos that everyone can "read" - and the blog post will remain in English due to the high number of international readers. Just sign up for the newsletter with your name and email adress.

18 February 2010

Feature in Boligliv

Our studio and homes are featured in the March 2010 issue of the Danish magazine Boligliv – We hope you´ll enjoy it – and will feel welcome inside our studio and homes. And yes off course it´s always so tidy!

New beginnings

Somethings in life are worth waiting for, like spring, Prince Charming and new websites.
I can´t tell you how happy I am to welcome you at my new website now - I´ve just moved in - so it´s still a little messy - with lots of work to be done - but it´s bigger and brighter!

I´m also slowly putting the new blog together - so stay at this adress for a little longer.

10 February 2010

Keeping track

I´m in the process of designing new websites for both Line and I - we will then shift to wordpress and will have brand new blogs to share also. My website is down untill next week - so stay tuned and enjoy this little piece of art which shows my mousepath for a few hours yesterday. Seen here

04 February 2010

How many pillows...?

I´m going to Formland tomorrow to catch up on the latest trends in home accessories, design and gifts. I know for a fact that after a whole day spent there I´ll be overloaded with impressions and also the thought of "how many pillows does the world actually need??" But then again -pillows are such a great and cheap way to refresh a room - and I´m already in love with these darlings above designed by the Norvegian design duo Darling Clementine for Ferm Living.

03 February 2010

Wishing for...

I´m wishing for spring now - eventhough I enjoy working from home due to all the snow and the low temperatures at the studio. Today my little shy assistent drew this wishlist for her upcoming 6-years birthday - and as a surprise to her (and a help to our guest) I turned her drawing into real photos. Nothing pink - and no mice please!

02 February 2010

Old car repair shop - New home

I saw this charming home in the latest issue of Mad & Bolig - and love how the couple has transformed this old car repair shop into a charming home - filled with thrift finds and nice details.
More photos here - And more homes here. Photos & styling by Indenfor.com