30 January 2008

cool squirrel video

It´s a crazy week at my studio with lots of deadlines, so while I take a break from blogging please enjoy this little fellow that makes me smile a lot. Just click here - since I still can´t post directly form youtube.

28 January 2008

Tide chandelier

Stuart Haygarths work has been been all over blogland lately - and I have to post about it too - because it´s so unique. The Tide chandelier is created from clear and translucent objects, primarily made of plastic -all found by Stuart Haygarth at the coastline of Kent.

DUNGENESS ( work in progress)

I have been collecting man-made debris from the Dungeness coastline in Kent over many years. I am sorting and categorizing the mass of objects and from each grouping creating a piece of work. The finished pieces take different forms such as sculptural & functional objects and photographic documentation.
So far I have completed two works. The first being ‘Tide Mark’ (2004) which is both an installation piece and a photographic work. Tide Mark is a collection of primarily plastic objects categorized by colour. Starting with white objects and ending with black, a kind of tide mark through the colour spectrum is produced.

The second work is the ‘Tide’ Chandelier (2005) which is created from a collection of clear and translucent plastic objects.

27 January 2008

Kitchen revolution

I love this cover and the book promises fabulous recipes for busy women, wishing to eat healthy food. Well I´m definitely in that target group and with my birthday coming up it´s now on my wishlist - and you can buy it here! or read more from the author here at his blog.

26 January 2008

Cammeo - by Campbell

Just love these new porcelain jars by multitalented Louise Campbell, produced by Kahler - they come in different sizes and each jar comes with a set of 6 coloured elastics. What a great combo - ceramics and elastics/rubberbands.

25 January 2008


Sprinkleman, originally uploaded by Ben Pearce.
Don´t you just love this photo found at Flickr. Carneval/fastelavn is coming up and who wants to be dressed up like a pirate or princess when you can be a Sprinkleman!

Have a great weekend!

24 January 2008

Nightjobs from my dinning table

Here are some more results from my dinning table this week - I got a commision for 2 collages and made the owl just for fun, since I´m trying to develope my style, so I can start making series when I get my new studio space soon. Since I plan to do a lot more collages and maybe open a web-shop please let me know what you think - and don´t worry I´m not quitting my dayjob... I just need to get away from the screen more often and play around and get paint on my hands.
The photos are taken last night at the kitchen table - sorry about the lack of light.

Thanks - and the final result...

Thank you for all your comments and emails - 3 was pro and 8 were against the type - and the final collage got type on it!!!! Well, who am I to ask advice and then act against it you may ask - but in this case the person who ordered the collage wished some type on it - but in the future I´ll resist from adding type and maybe just give the collages some titles that includes my little stories. And yes I´m planning to create series real soon.

23 January 2008

Small survey

Here´s my most recent collage - and a quick question for you. If you were to recieve it or buy it would you prefer it with or without the text? And does the text makes sense to you at all?
Please leave a comment today - because I have to finish it tonight!
When I make these collages I can´t help creating little stories as well, and so this is the cat that dreams of being the first cat in space. And being a type fan it´s hard for me not to add type to my collages - let me know what you think, please!

Kunst For Alle

Tomorrow the local Art exhibition Kunst For Alle starts, and it´s always worth a visit due to it´s mix of artists - and one person worth looking out for is definetly Line Juhl Hansen, who made the painting above - I really like her big collage paintings, 80 x100 cm - and the fact that I will soon be sharing a studio space with her - I´ll tell you more soon...

22 January 2008

GRIB - the crowd

Here´s a few pictures from the opening night - it was a great and curious crowd, and the gallery had the perfect location and size for the event. More pictures here

GRIB- the show

Here´s a few pictures from the exhibition- before it all started - I´m trying to get hold of some pictures of how packed the space was during the reception - we estimate that more than 400 people showed up and we were all quite overwhelmed with the response - it was such a great day!

18 January 2008

You are invited!

If you are anywhere near my city, Aarhus in Dennark, you are hereby invited to the opening of our small group show, GRIB! - and if you decide to pop by, please come and say hello!

In short GRIB, which means catch, is a local project inspired by this project. It all started last september when I met the talented photographer Ida Schmidt and we started talking about our freelance lives and all the clever freelancers/designers/photographers we knew here in Århus. To make a long story short - we invited 6 persons/studios to take part, and each got a wildcard - so that we would enlarge our network and end up beeing 12. The project is now over and the result is a great group of people, a book that is now full of ideas and very diverse projects - and a great calender with all the final results displayed. You can read more about the idea behind the project in my blogpost here.

There´s also a blog in Danish - but I hope you will enjoy it just the same. I´ll post some pictures of the calender soon just because I´m so pleased with how it came out. It will be for sale at the group show - and I´m planning to organize a little give-away also...
And at this period of time, where everybody is focused on new year resolutions, I think it´s very important to celebrate all the things that one succeed in during 2007. And this project has been a succes and a wonderful experience, seeing how our first idea has grown and developed into something much bigger than expected. I think this is what happens when you start sharing ideas, dreams and passions.

17 January 2008

Blog Local Week - childrens drawings

My daughter´s kindergarden is another local spot where I get inspired! It looks very fancy from the outside - and inside it´s full of great childrens drawings that makes you smile. Nanna is more a painter than a drawer so I enjoy to snap mobile pics of the others drawings. Notice the cribs at the top floor it´s open air - since in DK most kids are napping outside in their cribs or prams.

16 January 2008

Blog Local Week - Old Books

I´m not sure how local these patterns are - but they are from some covers of old books found in a local thriftshop - and I´m inspired by their texture and colour palette.

14 January 2008

Blog Local Week - Windows

Here´s a glimpse of one of my local inspirations - window shopping. I often snap a photo with my cell phone when I see something interesting, like this wall at a local hairdresser, a Diesel dress, a vintage print and these wonderful glass shapes from the local museum of natural history. What´s your local inspiration??

13 January 2008

Blog Local Week -please join in!

Due to the local GRIB-project and because I´m always curious to get a glimpse of other people´s lifes, I dedicate next week to be Blog Local Week. A week with focus on what or who inspires you in your local enviroment - like what does your favorite shop, bakery, dish, person, park, building, coffee, cake, libary, transport, book shop, museum, beach or neighboorhood look like. All the stuff that inspires you when you are offline! Grab a camera and give us a glimpse of your world and hood and local inspirations!
Join the fun - leave a comment, spread the word and add your pictures to the BLOG LOCAL flickr group.
The first person to join in and spread the word at their blog will recieve a Grib Calender 2008. So join the fun - I´m looking forward to get a glimpse of your world.

10 January 2008

Happy raincoat

On a grey and rainy winter morning this raincoat, Pink Bird by Danefæ made me happy. Raincoats with prints are very popular here right now - and it somehows makes sense to wear something bright when the weather is grey. I´m wearing this today.

09 January 2008

Pinocchio carpet

I´m not sure how much longer I can resist from buying this Pinocchio carpet from Hay for Nanna´s room - since I pass it in a shop window almost every day. But as they say in Pinocchio "Money doesn´t grow on trees" - but the colours and the texture is just sooooo yummy!
I´ve never seen the Disney version of Pinocchio but "Le avventure di Pinocchio" (1972), an TV mini-series by Italian director Luigi Comencini, starring Andrea Balestri as Pinocchio, Nino Manfredi as Geppetto & Gina Lollobrigida as the Fairy - is probably the movie that has stuck with me for the longest time since I saw it as a child - and I´m sure it´s still worth seeing if you can find it.

08 January 2008

Airport Flowers

We had some waiting time on the way home from Thailand in Trat airport - so I grabbed my macro lense and wandered around the tiny airport to capture these beauties.

My favorite picture

Here´s my favorite picture from our holiday - Nanna and I on the boat to Koh Mak. I love her little hand on my shoulder...and how relaxed I look - my New Year Resolution nr. 1 this year is to relax!