28 August 2008

colour match

In the studio today while drinking coffee - I noticed that Line had given us cups that match our outfits - I guess it´s a work-related "injury" from working with colours and paint all day. I´m pantone 2583C and Line is Pantone 388C. I´m also wearing my new bracelet from the Craft Market last wekend.

27 August 2008

Studio in August

Remember the photos from the studio from back in May -with all the appletrees in flower - well now the apples are just perfect... and inside the studio looks like this.

21 August 2008

Crafts market in Aarhus

It´s time for another Crafts Market - this time in Århus at the charming
Kloster Torv on Saturday 23. august - from 10-15. I´m going there to pick up a cushion like the one to the left made by Tulipaner og Tomater. I´m not sure who else will be there, the pictures are from previous markets - but you can see more here.

20 August 2008


With a 4 year old princess in the house we read a lot of fairytales - and I dream of a whole book illustrated by Eugenio Recuenco´s fantastic photographs.

Colour Inspiration

Line - my studio-mate asked me the other day to make a little colourboard for her next paintings - and this is what I quickly whipped together for her. Hope it will inspire you too - and if you know who made the cute rabbit let me know ´cause I completely forgot.

19 August 2008

I heart Barcelona

I could definetely live in Barcelona someday - here´s a few photos of what I saw.

12 August 2008

Crafts Market in Copenhagen

It´s time again for the annual Crafts Market at Frue Plads in Copenhagen - from 14th - 16th of August. With more than 130 danish crafters showing their products - it´s a great way to get an idea of whats going on in Danish Crafts. Above is a few items I would love to hold in my hands - but I´m going to Costa Brava in Spain to celebrate my mother in law´s 75th birthday - so I´ll hold a map of Barcelona, books and a Shangria in my hands instead - see you next week.

07 August 2008

Summer in Denmark

Maybe I should show you a few glimpses from our lovely holiday in our summerhouse here in Denmark. It was the first time we spent a holiday there and we loved it! p.s the black and white house is a restaurant - not our house.

06 August 2008

Colour Candy from Day Home

I now it´s still August but after 2 weeks of fabulous summer weather, - it´s now rainy and grey and I´m in a pre-autumn mood after seeing all the new Autumn/Winter collections in the stores. So here´s some colour candy from the new Day Home collection - ahh wouldn´t you just love to cuddle up in these rooms with a cup of tea and a glossy magazine?

05 August 2008

Back again

Hello there - I´m a back from a very relaxing holiday - and I want more... so now I´m reading this book !