31 March 2009

Photos from this weekend

We had a great group show with our GRiB 2.0 project this weekend. The opening this friday was very busy and everyone was very positive about the project and the final works. This year we also published a book with all the participants´ process - from their challenge to the final result - it´s in Danish - it looks great - and you can buy it here.

My "final work" was the pink moodboard above with my little superhero Super Sofie.
I went with this idea to show the universe of the target group and that the book isn´t finsihed yet. I also made a drawing of her for the children to color - and it was a big hit with the "target group" so I´m quite pleased and really looking forward to start working on my childrens book about Super Sofie.

25 March 2009

GRIB - event

GRiB!! er et netværk af 16 kreative mikrovirksomheder, som arbejder med visuel kommunikation i Århus. Vi har udfordret hinanden med forskellige kreative opgaver, det er blevet til 16 fantastiske grafiske/visuelle værker. Værkerne udstilles fra d. 27. – 30. marts hos Galleri Charlotte Fogh, Klostergade 32, 8000 Århus C.

Du er hermed inviteret til at kigge forbi til receptionen - eller lørdag imellem kl. 12-14 - hvor Line og jeg er til stede.
På gensyn!

Paper collages

Refreshing hand-painted and cut paper collages by artist Anna Kunz. She is an instructor at the Art Institute of Chicago, and has earned a reputation as a leader in color theory - and her work really radiates her colour-confidence. Seen via the always inspiring dear Ada

24 March 2009

flower styling

I love when photographs are styled just right with flowers.
Like these from Janne Peters and TineK.

23 March 2009

wabi sabi

I like how these interiors from Skona Hem´s article about Wabi Sabi show the Japanese philosophy of seeing beauty in simplicity, the ordinary, and imperfection.
Emma´s designblog also have a guide to Wabi Sabi here.

22 March 2009

Display me

I found this acrylic kabinet by Hay - during their sale - and it´s now my new favorite item at home. It´s perfect for displaying personal favorites like seahorses and shells from Thailand.

20 March 2009

5 years of joy

5 years ago today I became the mother of the most wonderful daughter in the world.

Nanna is a goddess in Norse mythology, the daughter of Nepr and wife of Baldr (Balder). She and Baldr are both Æsir and live together in the hall of Breidablik in Asgard. According to Gylfaginning, when Baldr was unintentionally slain by the blind god Höðr through the treachery of Loki, she was overcome with grief and died. She was placed on the funeral pyre alongside her husband on his ship Hringhorni which was then launched out to sea.

In Sumerian it means " The one that lights up"

Nanna var sumerernes månegud, og Enlils og Ninlils førstefødte søn. Han var gud for vækst og frugtbarhed, og bestemte over kalenderen og årstiderne. Nanna betyder på sumerisk "Den der lyser op".

18 March 2009

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday - and the sun was shining all day. But I woke up feeling really sad and sorry for myself - I´ll be 40 next year and that my dear makes you think! But the day turned out great - with breakfast in the sun outside our studio with Line who gave me the painting below, titled FLY. Nanna gave me the best present ever - a cushion she had embroidered and a homemade card with flowers and hearts. I gave myself the Gloriosa flower above - and the day ended with vietnamese take-away at home with a group of great girlfriends and a game on my new WII-fit.

Today I feel a lot better and the sun is still shining.

15 March 2009

Flower inspiration from Ambiente

I finally got the photos from our visit to Ambiente last month - photography wasn´t allowed in most places so instead I took pictures of all the lovely flower decorations everywhere - in my search for spring and inspiration. Enjoy!

The top picture is from the Think romantic trendzone - you can see the other trends here.
All trendzones were made by the germanbased Bora.Herke stilburo - who had done a great job putting together some very inspiring and well made trendzones and a short and clear trendtalk which I enjoyed.

13 March 2009

my wishlist

My blogging break is over - since my birthday is coming up next week, and friends and family wants to know my wishes!:

An organized home and The Dots by Muuto, relaxing hours in front of the fireplace and a rubberbasket for firewood, clean water and a carafe, purifying coal from Sort of Coal, ceramic vases to hold fresh flowers around my home, a nice cup of tea and mugs by Royal Copenhagen, ceramic jewellery and inner beauty, handmade liquorice by Johan Bulow and dinner mats by Ferm.

A colorful life and bracelets by Louise Kragh, clean laundry and a nice basket, travel guides and travels, fun cameras and great motives, soft squirrels and nice walks in the nature, world peace and vases by casalinga!

nåå ja og så alt det fornuftige som stegepander, en wok, gode knive, nye skærebrætter, en voksdug i hørkvalitet og en saftpresser.

Thank to everyone who has answered my survey - It´s still there - and I really enjoy reading your feedback. Have a great weekend.

06 March 2009

3 years of blogging

My blog and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. It´s been 3 wonderful years of sharing my inspirations here in a digital sketchbook - and also a personal record for keeping a "diary". It´s been so inspiring to connect with so many fellow bloggers and to experience all the eyecandy and inspiration out there.

When I was younger I travelled a lot and enjoyed meeting new places, people and cultures - and blogging has allowed me to keep doing this from my workdesk - and I truely love the internet for this.

Another highlight has been meeting other bloggers in real life. Everyone has been extremely open friendly and passionate about blogging - and I highly recommend that bloggers make sure to meet in real life whenever possible.

I have many new plans and dreams for the future - one is to improve my blog and to get to know my readers better - and I´ll be so thankful if you will spend 2 minutes to answer this survey.

There´s prizes to win! - I´ll make a draw in 2 weeks time and pick 2 lucky winners, who will recieve a creative goodie bag!

I´ll be back in a weeks time so that you have time to answer and see if you miss my postings :)

04 March 2009

Wanted: Old wooden chairs

Ever since I saw some old wooden office chairs in a funky bar in Barcelona this summer - I´ve been looking for something similar online. But so far I´ve only found them on photos - which have only made me want them even more... - so if you know where to find some please let me know.

Sorry I´ve been collecting these images for so long that I now can´t remember where they are from.

02 March 2009

Glimpses from the studio

Here are a few glimpses from my studio this weekend - we had lots of guest from near and far - and enjoyed showing our space to the public.