16 December 2009

Happy Holidays

A lot of people ask how we celebrate Christmas when in Thailand - and the answer is that we almost don´t. But on the 24th there´s always some kind of plastic tree under which we can put our small presents - from the local touristshop. And if we travel with other children like this year - we might dance around the Christmas tree and sing a song or 2 - while all the other guests look bewildered at us (it´s a Danish thing). After unwrapping the presents we eat a nice Christmas dinner - often western inspired - prepared by the resort. Last year we enjoyed this sunset - and wore funny little paper hats while dinning... It´s not the traditional way for sure - but it´s the perfect way for us.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas - just the way YOU want it to be...
Take care - see you in 2010.

15 December 2009

Hi Santa - it´s me again

Dear Santa - if you are really busy and only want to pick up presents from one place - then please choose stuff from By Nord - because I love everything in their collection.
Here´s a recent interview in Danish with the women behind the brand.

14 December 2009

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa - this cosy Lugo sofa by BoConcept is the answer to a lot of my wishes! I wish to lay there with books & magazines, warm blankets & tons of pillows plus my family - in front of a fireplace or a good movie...
If it´s to large to transport then these pillows will do - thank you.

Striped pouf from bynord.dk
Striped pillows by Lisbeth Friis.
Pillows with dots by Margrethe Odgaard from Stilleben Shop

11 December 2009

Studio greetings

I´m busy at the Studio right now with lots of deadlines before we leave for Thailand - my brain is overheated and my to-do-list is long - but we still have time to light a candle, drink coffee and enjoy some Smooth Jazz
Hope you´ll have a great weekend too.

10 December 2009

Cop15 - from a graphic point of view

Untill the 18th of December COP15 is taking place in Copenhagen - so let us hope The United Nations Climate Conference will result in a global agreement to protect the Earth.

Looking at it all through my graphic design eyes - I like the blue COP15 logo - eventhough the one to the right was my favorite when I first saw the other winners last year. But I have no idea why a professional jury selected the last 2.prize logo - since it´s everything a logo shouldn´t be - maybe they just wanted an icebear! Anyway I always like to see the runner ups in such logo competitions.

My small contribution to COP15 was to design this magazine about Danish and Greenlandic climate research for a client - I always end up reading the articles while I design because I like science and love Greenland - and if you wish to read about The Melting Ice you can do it here and in Danish here, Isen smelter.

And if you are confused and don´t know what to think about the whole climate debate here´s a wonderful Climate Change visualization from Informationisbeautiful.

07 December 2009

Belli Bellucci!

These rings and broches made from coloured pencils, by Italian designer, Maria Christine Bellucci - are so belli belli! that they have been added to my wishlist immediately.

Seen via Designboom - who also has a great article about Poor Jewellery - a big trend with creative jewellery made with non-precious materials.

Angel by Nanna

The proud mother in me just wish to share this adorable drawing with my dear readers. Also because I really can´t fathom that my "little daughter" is so big now that she can draw angels - and will turn 6 years old soon...

04 December 2009

Manos - perfect gifts

Some time ago I had to find the perfect gift - for a perfect friend with a really exquiste taste!  I decided to buy a yellow log bowl for her from Karin Eriksson´s  webshop Manos - which has such a wonderful collection of stuff. The service was great and when the things arrived I just had to take a photo of how delicate the packaging was. Truely a great shopping experience!

03 December 2009

Fashion Note to myself

Just a note to myself! I´m  clearing the clutter in my closet - and here are some new looks I would like to add. Especially the knit vest with multi-colored sequin detalils by Vanessa Bruno Athé, via YouHeShe, which would be perfect to wear in my studio.

I´m wondering though what the outfits will look like with 2 normal sized legs sticking out instead!?

02 December 2009

Short december

We actually started to decorate for Christmas 2 weeks ago - because Nanna couldn´t wait any longer... and since we are leaving for Thailand in 2 weeks time - I guess it´s ok with an early start. I´m not really in the mood for decorating a lot this year - so it´s mainly little things like these branches and birds you´ll find in our home.

01 December 2009

lumimarja - finnish snowberries

I´m quite smitten with the Lumimarja pattern - since I saw it in a shop this weekend - and I thought it was a perfect match to my photo below. The patterne comes in various colours and is designed by finnish designer Erja Hirvi, for Marimekko.