30 March 2007

chicks and tricks

Easter is coming closer and so is friday - so here´s some great Friday Fun for you - Just upload any photo and your image is converted by the Image Mosaic Generator to a mosaic made of tiny photos from Flickr. Try it here! and see my original picture here . Found via the great blog Howaboutorange. Have a lovely weekend!

27 March 2007

The Softie Award Finals

Get ready to vote for your favorites in the Softie Award 2007 here - voting ends March 30th.
I´m happy to see that two of the finalists are my personal favorites, the Racoon and the Burger and Fries - but start voting now - there are so many great softies to vote for!

23 March 2007

Birthday girl nr. 2

Sorry for this unintended blog break - but my little girl has has just turned 3 and have started Kindergarten this week - so we´ve been busy! Inspired by Auntie Cookies vintage buntings I made my own paper buntings for her birthday since I don´t have a lot of vintage fabric laying around - but I do have a lot of great wrapping paper. The balloons with numbers are from Dublin - and yes we had a great time celebrating Skt Patricks Day and my B-day.

16 March 2007

Birthday girl

Ever since I was a little girl I´ve loved to celebrate my birthday - and here I am with my sister and cousin about 32 years ago, it´s me holding the Danish flag off course! Tomorrow I´ll celebrate it in Dublin and my birthday wishes are just that my loved ones are well and healty, my clients are happy and trusting, my creativity is blooming, my travels are safe and exotic - and that spring is here to stay and that there will be peace, love and understanding in the world - and maybe also a tiny Orla Kiely bag ...

14 March 2007

This is love forever

I´m a little late when it comes to introducing my Valentine Swap partner, Kayte from This is love forever. I got such wonderful stuff from her last month. And the funny thing is that a few days before I knew she was my swap partner I added her heart pincushion -top right -to my favorites at Flickr. The patchwork hearts are filled with lavender... and makes my paper at work smell yummy. Make sure to visit her great blog and Etsy shop, and don´t miss her post about this book shop, and see how she plays with food and fabric.

13 March 2007

Welcome Spring

A warm welcome to spring, which arrived here 2 days ago - I really really hope it´s here to stay! I love my new waterlily from Artetenica and all other 3D- objects made out of paper - I am a paper-nerd!. Spring has also found it´s way to my inspiration board at work - don´t you think it is a great color combo?

08 March 2007

night owl

I recently made a logo for B-samfundet, a community for B-persons and late risers, since I belong to that catagory. And when I discovered that the expression Nightowl was common too - then this little nightowl was quickly a reality and had to be added to the profile somehow. I hope that one day it will be printed on t-shirts, badges etc. - and soon it will be on their new website - but untill then I would like to share it with you - wishing you a great weekend with long nights and late rises.

07 March 2007

When in Dublin...

I´m going to Dublin next weekend with a group of 5 girlfriends to find out what Skt. Patricks Day is all about?!We plan to do a lot of shopping and pubbing and if you have any insider tips on what 5 crazy graphic designers, who likes design, books, crafts and beer should see and do - please leave a comment or send me an email. We would love tips on independent shops like these in London.

06 March 2007

Seahorse Softie

When I started this blog - exactly a year ago today! I meant to be posting some of my craft projects here - but sometimes things doesn´t turn out as planned - and so the last year has been very busy and very little crafty. But I used to be crafty and I will be again - and in the meantime I´ve just submitted this Seahorse for The Softie Award. I made this for Nanna 2 years ago. It´s is the second of two and so far the only softies I´ve ever made. I just cut the pattern looking at a seahorse and used a fleece blanket that was laying around. I love seahorses - and this one is really nice to wrap around your shoulders. Now Nanna also uses it to ride on - in true mermaid fashion. Find inspiration for future softie projects here at this amazing Flickr-pool.

05 March 2007

walk with me

I was working this sunday and was a little frustrated about not being outside enjoying the spring like weather. So I decided to make the most out of my short walk from the office to our flat, and pretended I was a tourist in my city and just took loads of pictures during the 3 minutes the walk took me. So here´s a glimpse of my sunday window shopping and daily surroundings. What does your walk look like?

02 March 2007

Desktop backgrounds

Yesterday spring arrived and I finally managed to update my website, so now you can see some of my latest designs and some new desktop backgrounds. If you rather make your own desktop picture - this Flickr slideshow shows a fun way to that.