28 September 2006

rinko kawauchi

What wonderfull photos by the 34-year-old artist Rinko Kawauchi. She has become one of the most celebrated japanese photographers of her generation and if you are near the milanese gallery Carla Sozzani you can enjoy a selection of photographs from her latest series. And after a perfect risotto and vino I suggest you also visit studiolacitta to explore Jacob Hashimoto´s amazing works and installations. Both seen at designboom. Enjoy!

26 September 2006

my cousins wedding

My cousin got married this saturday, and they actually managed to organize their wedding in only a months time while being in DK on vacation - and everything turned out just the way they had hoped for! I´m so impressed by this fact also since she is the mother of 3, the youngest only 4 months old. She found her wedding outfit in 2 days - and looked stunning! I did all the flower arrangements late friday night and enjoyed it so much, eventhough last week was so stressfull in many ways.

selfportrait challenge - me+sister+cousin

I came across this picture this friday, while preparing a diasshow for my cousin´s wedding and I love it! but I just can´t believe how old it makes me look - it looks like it was taken centuries ago - and not "only" 35 years ago! But here we are - a great trio; me in the pram 1-year old, my sister 3-years old and my cousin on the bike 5 -years old. We grew up almost like sisters and have shared so many wonderfull moments together. Thought it was perfect for this months theme at SPC - with someone.

25 September 2006

Angie Lewin

Just revisited Angie Lewins website today and thought that these prints fit this september brilliantly. The weather has been so lovely all month with 20 degrees, clear blue sky and autum colours just slowly starting to show. Her printed work in linocut, wood engraving and collage, somehow reminds me of the patterns I saw in my grandmothers house on dresses and teatowels etc. and I feel very inspired to create some new patterns myself soon again and to buy some of her prints or some fabric .

20 September 2006

chrocheted hunting trophies

The past few days have been crazy, since Nanna´s day nursery is shut down due to a physical blockade formed by us parents because of huge spending cuts. On top of that I´ve been a grass widow for 10 days untill today where Klaus luckily returned back home from Bangkok !! So now he has actually experienced the country both during a Tsunami and a military coup - guess he deserves a trophy too. Just fell in love with these trophies today and had to share them with you, they are made by Hanne Grønlund and Anette Johns and are for sale here.

12 September 2006

selfportrait challenge - nanna & me as stock models

I was freelancing yesterday and they desperately searched for a stock photo of a person with a stroller. So this is how the search stopped - by taking a picture of Nanna and me in the afternoon at the parking lot + a little photoshop and then suddenly we are walking in a 3D visualization in front of a house and garden that doesn´t really exist! We will see if the client accepts us as stock models - but isn´t it amazing what we can create in this digital age?

Susanne Scherning´s new website is up - so now I can finally share her great pillows with you. I love her mix of colours, fabrics and prints. And here´s one of my crafty projects inspired by her style - pillows for Nanna´s room, with fabrics from IKEA and a piece of Tea tovel and some prints from my friends great laminating film printer.

And this pillow actually ended up as an illustration also, after I played with it in Photoshop.

10 September 2006

minnie and me - selfportrait challenge

Here´s my entry for Selfportrait Challenge´s September theme ‘with someone‘. So here I am with Minnie Mouse. Just got this balloon for my daugther - because I always wanted a balloon like this as a child - but never got one because they were too expensive! My 2 -year old daugther doesn´t have a clue who Minnie is yet - but we´ve had a lot of fun playing around with her today and I just love the way Minnie´s colours match mine...

08 September 2006

face recognition

Here´s some fun for your weekend! MyHeritage's face recognition compares facial traits in user-uploaded photos and spits out a chart of celebrity matches with whom you bear resemblance. Who would have known!

antony and the johnsons

Had a wonderfull experience yesterday in the company of Antony and the Johnsons, who performed a intimate and excellent concert here in Århus and their CD will be played non stop in my office today... Have a great weekend! Artwork by photographer Nick Knight

07 September 2006

nume - italian goodies

Just fell in love with this Build-it-yourself playhouse made of white cardboard that Nanna and I could easily decorate and customize. Made by nume that produce great stuff - and found through polkadot, one of my new favorite blogs because it combines my passion for design, blogging and the Italian language.

Here is another cardboard house option from kidsonroof

05 September 2006

welcome september

I welcome September - one of my favorite months. This September will be full of transformations - big and small - inside and outside. I´m so into Simple Living right now and have started to clear all my clutter again! I´m also getting some coaching, have had my hair cut short - and finally I´m joining the Gym! I´ll post some before and after photos of all my projects here. The pictures above are all from Trendkompagniet.