29 May 2007

Typo Highlight -Stupid Studio

To finish off the posts about highlights from Typoberlin, Stupid Studio is the perfect choice - since they delivered the best performance and a great combo of picture and music. They have just been voted into the top 3 of “best speakers” at this years TYPO Berlin at Fontblog - and you can see a part of their presentation here. So congrats to the super friendly and not so stupid guys!
I also enjoyed the works by
Mario Lombardo and Kim Hjorthøy.

Queen of Trends

Tomorrow I´m going to Arken near Copenhagen to hear a talk by the Queen of Trend -Lidewij Edelkoort, called COVERING Fashion and Interiors for 2009. I´ve been a great admirer of her work ever since I picked up a number of her magazine Bloom, about 7 years ago - so I´m really looking forward to this.

24 May 2007

free vectors and brushes

Yesterday Swissmiss posted about vecteezy stupid name. cool vectors - an index of Free Vectors and Brushes available for download. There´s so much good stuff - and I´ve been playing around with my new brushes today, making an Asian inspired collage because we have finally decided on going to Vietnam in July.

23 May 2007

More music

Since this week is all about music here at my blog - I have to share this song with you. It´s played non-stop in DK right now and if you click at this link I´ll kill her - by Soko, you can hear it. For some reason I can´t post directly from youtube to my blog lately - sorry. Anyway she reminds my of a young french version of Bjork - and her accent is so cute and the lyrics are great. Soko´s myspace.

I´m also listening to August & The Red Apples new album right now. Don´t miss their very hand-held video that truely captures the spirit of Copenhagen in the summer. Biking around the city in the sun - and hanging out with friends and beer!

Typoberlin- phlow

Another highlight at Typoberlin was the talk by Moritz MO Sauer, from phlow. His talk was a great introduction to netlabels, creative commons, and Flash cover artworks. All of these topics were new to me and I love that he actually played some great music during his talk - and that he created 3 Netaudio-Compilations with all kinds of eletronic music from different netlabels that you can download here for free :)
The lovely cover-artwork above was made by his friend Jeannette Corneille. And we did see a lot of sewn typography everywhere - so get ready to sew your next headline.

22 May 2007

Highlight from Typo - psyop

I´m back after a great and inspiring trip to Berlin, and eventhough this years Typo Berlin wasn´t as good as usual, there was still some great stuff around like this Tv-spot by Psyop which is still on my mind. I´ll post about the highlights this week- mixed with some music stuff.

16 May 2007

I´m a Berliner

I´m going to Berlin tomorrow for this years Typo Berlin -the theme is music - and I´m looking forward to be kicking back and seeing a lot of inspirational powerpoints, motion graphics, and hear some great music and speakers. Auf wiedersehen bis Montag!
And I have to say that Power Point Presentations can actually work well when designed with care and talent.

15 May 2007

citrus - Illustration Friday

These guys - The squeezers - are my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday. And If I´m lucky they will also be part of a bigger project for kids here in DK - I´ll let you know.

11 May 2007

The face transformer

Here´s some Friday Fun for you - if you ever wondered what you might look like if you were black? or white? or the subject of a Botticelli? or half chimp? The Face Transformer gives you a glimpse of how you might look. Me as half chimp with shades and earings is my favorite - have fun and have a great weekend! Link from Photojojo

10 May 2007

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift

I believe this is the perfect gift for any mother - for Mothers Day - A donation to Maternity Worldwide. Help save a mother’s life and they will send a personalized certificate of sponsorship directly to your mom! Every minute of every day, a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.
I gave birth to Nanna by a caesarean section - not planned nor pretty! - so I donated the amount of a caeserean section for my own Mothers Day gift - being grateful that I live in a developed country and have a healthy daughter. Link to Maternity Worldwide in Denmark.

Here she is - 9 months old - for our christmas cards 2004 - my favorite gift!

09 May 2007

Complimenti gentlepeople

I recently discovered Barbara Calzolari of Gentlepeople ´s work through La Perla´s magazine, and just loved her illustrations/collages and exquisite calligraphy. Make sure to visit her website here.
Complimenti Barbara!

08 May 2007

My grandparents

I love this picture of my grandparents in Norway, holding young foxes at their mink farm.
I took a photo af this hand-colored black and white photo in my grandmothers livingroom - hooping to incoporate in a collage real soon.

07 May 2007

Diesel Wall

Diesel Wall 2007 gives you a big opportunity to showcase your art work - BIG TIME - On walls in Copenhagen, Milano, Toronto or Beijing. Read more here

back from Norway

Well back home from a lovely visit. This is Denmark from above in May - I love the bright yellow rape fields!

02 May 2007

Norvegian Mini Break

My grandmother on my fathers side is the only grandparent I have left - and she will be 90 years old on Friday. So we are flying to Norway tomorrow to celebrate her. I haven´t seen her for 5 years - and in that period of time she has lost both a daughter and a husband - while I´ve been blessed with both a daughter and a "husband" - so it´s about time we get to sit down and talk - and to introduce her to Mr.K and Nanna. She loves flowers and lilac and this photo is to celebrate her good spirit and love. I hope that my grandchildern will live close to me when I grow old!
I´ll be back on monday! take care.

go for a walk in the forest

I recently discovered this wonderful website, Forests Forever . So here are some pictures of my own favorite forests. The top picture is how my local forest here in Aarhus looks right now - it´s so bright and lush that photos don´t do it justice. The bottom picture is fern trees from New Zealand - another of my favorites after a hike in NZ many years ago. So go for a walk in your local forest or explore the website here.

01 May 2007

peppa pig & pancakes

Inspired by Nanna´s favorite tv-show Peppa Pig - or Gurli Gris in Danish, we are going to bake pancakes today to see if we can flip them in the air - just like Peppa Pig´s Daddy! I truely admire people who can create stories, books and illustrations that inspire children - and their parents - and I wish so much that I will be able to create my own childrens book one day... I love childrens books and enjoyed this piece about Illustrators of Children’s Books by Bloesem so much.