24 November 2009

Snow berrries

I just noticed that I haven´t posted any of my own photos for ages - only other peoples work - which is quite strange since I started this blog as a place to share both photos, ideas and inspiration. I think it´s due to the Borrelia infection which I blame for a lot of other things too - like why I haven´t written thank-you-cards to friends and family after our wedding, and why I haven´t done any exercise before our Bikini-holiday in 3 weeks time.... So next time I stop taking photos for a longer period of time - I just might as well go to the doctor a.s.a.p because it means I´m not well... But I´m fine now - eventhough this is an old photo.

20 November 2009

Vidunderlivet T-shirt

I designed this t-shirt some months ago for The Danish Cancer Society as part of their campaign, Vidunderlivet, which aims to inform young girls about the HPN vaccine against cervial cancer.
And now that the t-shirts have been printed - I hope to see a lot of young girls and mothers wearing it!

Here´s some of my thoughts about the design in danish.
"Motivet til den nye kampagne-T-shirt er en collage, hvor det blå logo-hjerte 'invaderes' af symboler og motiver fra de unge pigers univers. Collage-stilen understreger, at der er mange ting, der spirer og vokser i pigernes liv i netop den periode. Og symbolerne i collagen antyder nogle af de emner og den udvikling, som er på banen.

Det kribler og krabler, der drømmes, tænkes og tales. Der kigges ud i verden og ind i sig selv. En skitse på fremtiden tegnes - og det feminine blandes med rå power i tidens (rock-chick) stil. Motivet signalerer til omverden, at der foregår meget både udenpå og indeni."

Kampagne-T-shirten koster 129 kr. og kan købes her i Vidunderlivets webshop.
Med dit køb støtter du kampen mod livmoderhalskræft.

19 November 2009


I´m slowly catching up on all the recent post around the Blogs - and here are 3 of my favorites.
(By the way - have you tried Bloglovin - It´s a great way to keep track of the blogs you follow)
  1. Lovely ABCcards to download here and personalize for friends and family - by Brooke Reynolds of Inchmark, for DesignSponge. I´ll start doing 3 sets now for Nanna and her 2 cousins who will celebrate Christmas in Thailand with us this year - the cards will fit perfectly in my backpack.
  2. Issue 2 of the childrens magazine Papier-mache - a great overview of the latest trends for childrens stuff - It´s like an Australian online version of the French magazine MILK.
  3. Christmas Creatures by Mibo - so cute - and we/I really loved making the owls last month - if you want to make your own sets with a child I recommend you print the files on A3 paper instead to make them easier to cut for little hands. Enjoy!

13 November 2009

All Is Well

Hello again and thanks for all your sweet comments - I´m happy to tell you that I´m now slowly getting back to normal - I´ve finished my treatment, I can type, I can spend time in front of my screen, I even went to a Magazine Design Conference - and the fatigue and headache has gone. I´m still tired and have given myself one more week to recover completely before I start working again - knowing that when I start working my clients will keep me busy right untill our Christmas Holidays (I´m already dreaming of beach-life and Thai-food).

The All Is Well design above can be downloaded here - it´s based on my wedding-pattern and one of my favorite affirmations from Louise Hay´s book You can Heal your Life.
Take care and have a healing and cozy weekend!

01 November 2009

Small update

It´s time for a small update - just to let you know that my Blogbreak will be a little longer than I first expected. It turned out last weekend that my Borrelia infection had spred to the central nervous system -so I´m now in treatment for Neuro borrelia which means that for the last week and the week to come - I´m a patient at the local hospital.

I check in every morning for a big dose of antibiotics - some coffee and lunch - and then I go home and relax on the sofa or in bed. I have a venous cannula inserted into my hand so theres not much else I can do - even typing is tricky. So no working or blogging these days. I´m doing fine and will get over this without problems - and I consider myself "lucky" that I´m in treatment already now - since it´s such a tricky dissease that can be hard to diagnose - but I´m not sure what to think of deer and bambiés after this experience.

take care.