30 August 2006

danish fashion

www.style.com features a story about Copenhagen´s fashion week, covering magazines like DANSK and fashion designers baum und pferdgarten and Henrik Vibskov.

28 August 2006

blogpost nr. 100

This is my post number 100. So lets celebrate, please enjoy these cakes made by my sister, and leave me a comment so I know who is reading this - I´m so curious to know who´s actually reading my blog.

23 August 2006

handmade pretties

Seeing these handmade pretties makes me long for Autumm, because for me it´s the season of craft, candles and feeling cosy - and I have so much more energy when the weather is cold - not rainy - but crisp and fresh!

18 August 2006

urban outfitters

Great news that Urban Outfitters now ships to Europe via ther English site - and that that they have their first store opening in Copenhagen this fall.

17 August 2006

Crafts Market at Copenhagen

If you are anywhere near Copenhagen from 17th - 19th of August - this is the place to be. The Crafts Markets is an annual event arranged by the Danish Arts and Crafts association. 125 members/crafters are presented at Frue Plads - a lovely square in the center of Copenhagen. Love the bags by Signe Lybeck.
P.S At the website click on udstillere to explore the crafters involved.

15 August 2006


From Wooster Collective today "did these sunflowers for an installation up at cirque du soleil here in Montreal. The idea is that they move from east to west i.e. they follow the sun". Roadsworth
I wish someone would do the same to the streets of Århus - how wonderfull to rollerblade on sunflowers.

14 August 2006

Queen of cards - and mugs!

I saw a lot of Swedish designer Hanna Wernings cards yesterday at Formland, and she is truely the queen of cards! There was so much other great stuff on her website too - like this mug. And off course she has designed wallpaper too.

10 August 2006

not for sale!

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

So this is the value of my blog but it´s not for sale because to me it´s much more precious than that. I really enjoy sharing and posting here, and to have a place to put all the stuff I find and dig on the Internet, instead of having 1000000 bookmarks in my favorites folder. Digital scrapbooking rules!

kragh & rosenberg

Yesterday Designsponge wrote about Kragh Rosenberg´s autumm Home collection, but I think that their childrens collection deserves some words too - it´s just great and I can´t wait to see it for real at Formland this weekend. Since this is a blog about things I like - and what makes me happy, I will not comment on todays news of the disrupted terror plot - just say MAKE PEACE NOT WAR and that my plans for tonight are Sushi and Coaching!

Rockin’ Sock Monkey

This guy just made my day - can´t belive how cool this sock monkey is. I saw him here

08 August 2006

my first patterns

Time to show some of my own designs - this is what has kept me busy this weekend. I designed these patterns/illustrations for some postcards I´m having printed to send out to my clients at Spagat. It´s all done in Indesign and Illustrator - and I had so much fun doing them, and think you will see more patterns from me soon. Please let me know what you think - and make sure to visit Aunty Cookie who has made some great patterns, and has a crazy dog. Reading her post always makes me laugh and wish I was writing in my motherlanguage - not that I would be half as funny as she is.
p.s Nanna is fine again

broste copenhagen

More on danish design, Broste Copenhagen is a Danish family owned home furnishing company. Twice a year their inhouse team of creative designers launches a new collection. This new autumm collection - Living, inspired by Morocco, has one of my favorite colour combinations, browns and greenish-blue.

04 August 2006

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is an amazing artist - and we are lucky to have his Boy sculpture at the Aros Art museum here in Århus. Some of his amazing photorealistic sculptures are part of a major exhibition at the National Gallery of Scotland right now. See photos on the NGS site, Google; or read a good article on his process. And have a lovely weekend.
I´ll be back on monday! Nanna has pneumonia and I have loads of design work to take care off also...

02 August 2006

magical laundry labels - SD

More kids stuff - this time from Sweden, where Pia Eriksson, has designed The Thilde Pillow. When her daugther, Thilde, got her first cuddly toy the first thing that brought her attention was the laundry label !. Her daughter sucked, bit, and carefully studied these magical labels, and that was when the idea of "The Thilde Pillow" was born. I think it´s a great product design - cut the crap and the fluffy bunny and give kids more of what they really want - MAGICAL LAUNDRY LABELs RULE!

01 August 2006

franck & fischer - DD

The underlying aim for Franck & Fischer is to create a unique design for children and the home, inspired by tradition but with the expression of a modern and creative design. The products are characterized by simplicity and a subtle humour and the quality in production has high priority. I especially like their kids items - so nice to see something for kids that isn´t pink or rosa!