31 August 2009

in the paper...

My contribution to the local Festuge this year - was in the newspaper yesterday. It is a part of a Grib project - where the members have teamed up to make an illustration each day for the local paper JP during the festival.

I went to my daughters kindergarden with photographer Pernille Holm Andersen - who is so clever when it comes to childrens portraits - and we asked the children what they think a Festuge/Festival is - and we got some very wise answers - some great portraits - and some self-portraits drawn by the kids - and afterwards I put it all together.

Here´s the final result - with the kids´ answers to the question - What is a Festival?
You play loud music- and dance...
Maybe there´ll be a timemachine!?
The men drink beer and eat sausages - and the women drink wine.

28 August 2009

Arty farty friday

The local Festuge here in Århus has started today -and it´s my lucky day with both the opening of an exhibition by my favorite local artist, Søren Behncke and the opening of Avantgarden´s group exhibition involving these two talented ladies. Maybe I´ll see you there!

26 August 2009

Flower girl

We had the most fantastic wedding-party this weekend - and I´m so happy and thankfull that we shared this day with our wonderful friends and family - and I still have sore feet from dancing untill 4 in the morning! Here´s a photo of the studio friday morning when I did all the flower arrangements - and a photo of how they looked in the restaurant this saturday. p.s the vases are from Ikea!
(having a small flower studio is an old dream that came through - at least for a day!)

18 August 2009

busy busy

I´m a very busy wedding bee these days - lots of small details to organize before our big party on Saturday - Here´s the pattern I designed for the party...

14 August 2009

Decor8 - Favorite Things

I´m guest-blogging on Decor8 today - where you can see some of my favorite things at home. I´m so honoured to be guest-blogging there since it´s such a great and well-written blog with tons of inspiration - I hope you´ll enjoy my little post and pictures.

And a warm welcome to all the Decor8 readers who are visiting here for the first time - and a happy weekend to you all!

An apple a day...

Outside the studio our apple trees and pear trees are now full of ripe pears and sour green apples. So I think it´s about time I get around to post some of the collages I made this spring, inspired by our Hanami-event and the flowering appletrees.

The collages measure 20 x20 cm and are sold in pairs for 180 $/900 ddk- and you can mix and match them as you like.

I´ve also made a new background image for your desktop which you can download here. Enjoy!

11 August 2009

My favorite things

The lovely and always inspiring Holly from Decor8 asked me to guestblog - while she is busy moving to Germany - what an honour! Holly has asked co-bloggers to share 5 of their favorite things in their home. My favorite things in my home will be shared one of the next days on Decor8 - I´ll let you know. But to be honest my favorite home right now is our summerhouse where we spend 3 wonderful and relaxing weeks in July. So as a little extra feature I´ve put together my 5 favorite things from our summerhouse also.
  1. My new Baby Deer pillow by Sharon Montrose -
    and the 2 little baby deer outside the summerhouse.
  2. Picking and arranging wild flowers.
  3. That the weather was perfect for painting the house black and white (instead of white & blue).
  4. Making my own ceramic bowls at a workshop with a local ceramist (both Nanna & I was very pleased with our results)
  5. Simple living and doors wide open to the outside.

10 August 2009

Copenhagen Sightseeing

We spend a day in Copenhagen this summer - looking at the various castles and sights - it´s always great to be a tourist in your own country.

Rosenborg, Amalienborg, Rundetårn.

09 August 2009

Hurvin Anderson

It seems like English painter Hurvin Anderson shares my love for brown and blue interiors - and how I love his works! Via Dear Ada.

07 August 2009

Favorite colour combo

This is one of my favorite colour combinations right now - brown and turquise. The images are from the new Day Home collection and the lastest issue of Boligliv (which has a great new website/blog) - the images are from the home of talented danish ceramist Susan Liebe.
Have a sunny weekend!

05 August 2009

Hello again

I´m just popping in again to let you know I´m back from my Holidays - and also back from my 3 week internet detox! The internet-detox was great and I highly recommend it - eventhough the first days were hard and with the same reactions like when you stop smoking... a bit scary actually to find out how much I love and am addicted to the Internet!

I have tons of deadlines in my studio and a wedding party to plan - but I´ll try to get back to the habit of posting on a regular basis - see you soon! p.s I missed you.