26 June 2006

summerholiday and wanderlust

I´m going to Singapore and Thailand for a 3-weeks holiday tomorrow, so this is my last post for some time. I leave you with this collage by Troy M. Litten. I plan to take tons of photos with my digital camera and found his book Wanderlust very inspiring! I Wish you all a great summer!

22 June 2006

glyph trash

Glyph Trash is an experimental Flash-based environment created by Ben Rhodes which takes your installed fonts and typed characters, and launches them onto a virtual canvas. Superfun and addictive for graphic design geeks! Found it here

21 June 2006

add red week

Just a few touches of red from my home.

a little luck

What comes around goes around - lost my bikes but look what I got 2 days ago - a bunch of pretty letters from a Helly Hansen store that was closing down. I didn´t have time to wait for the guy to unscrew the last 2 letters, so I have H E L L Y H A N S , and I´m playing that lovely game now, where you try to create new words out of a word. Please play along with me, and no! - SAY HELL is no good, since I plan to put them up in my new studio, which I´ll share with you soon...

red car

Laura Porters has knitted this Ferrari for her final show at Bath Spa University. It consists of 250 squares, produced by Laura and her friends and family. I actually have a red car, and have decided that since my biggest personal belonging is red, it makes up for a lot of red stuff! As you can tell I´m not that crazy about my car, and I don´t drive it that often, since I don´t enjoy driving. My car is old, german, heavy and doesn´t have power steering. I normally walk or ride my bike - but have had 2 bikes stolen within a month - the last one was stolen after just 2 days this weekend!

17 June 2006

add red week-1

I started my "add red week" already by digging out my red shoes of the closet yesterday - much to my daughters delight - she has loved shoes already since she was only 1 year old! I wore them last night for my friends BD-party - and today I bought the first bunch of Danish strawberries - to detox a litte from last nights generous Mojitos...

16 June 2006

add red week

I´ve decided to challenge myself after yesterdays discovery on the lack of red in my life.
So next week is "Add Red Week" and I hope you will play along with me. From monday to Friday post a picture of how you add red to your life... - and if you join please leave a comment at this post.

15 June 2006

red - friday

Hmm - red is a tough one for me, I don´t use red that much it seems, and I have very few red items in my home, apart from in my daugthers room and her closet. I have never made a collage where red was the dominant color and my old piece above shows pretty well my use of red. I know red plays an important role in Feng Shui, and maybe I should focus on red for a while now - also I never buy red flowers for myself! hmm.

14 June 2006

blue - thursday

Another view from our living room

black/grey - wensday

This is the part of our view from the livingroom.

brown - tuesday

Another entry at color week, brown bark on Italian tree trunk.
monday - white, tuesday - brown, wednesday- black/grey (but not a b&w photo), thursday- blue, friday - red

13 June 2006

white - monday and color week

These delicate porcelain cups are made by Sidney based Nicole Lister. I just love them and the story behind how they ended in my home. Here goes... many years ago when I was living in Florence I went to Grece on a holiday on my own and met Grant, a very sympatic Australian guy - also travelling on his own. We spend a few days together cruising around Korfu - had a great time and became friends. We wrote real letters to each other for some years afterwards and then lost contact. Then 5 years ago before going to Sidney on a holiday, I googled him and found his name on some photo credits on Nicole´s website and wrote to ask her if she knew him and could give me his adress, because I thought he might be my lost friend. Her answer came straight away - indeed she could help - because it was her brother... I then met with Grant and his family in Sidney, where he delivered these lovely cups to me that I had fallen in love with on her website... Then 3 years ago I finally met Nicole in person, when she was in Denmark doing a summercourse here and travelling with her husband. The world is truely small and full of lovely people...
p.s in the meantime both Grant and I had become graphic designers and web designers :)

11 June 2006


I´ve been so busy the last weeks, designing and coding my new website, that I haven´t got time to join Illustration Friday - so here´s a late entry for "Cake" - which I really wanted to do... also since it has been quite some time since I´ve posted something created by me.

10 June 2006

telephone sheeps

jean-luc cornec's telephone sheeps - made of telephones & telephone cable at the museum for communications in frankfurt am main-seen at designboom are so great I just had to post them. Also I´m looking forward to join another week of colors here.

08 June 2006

Grainne Morton Contemporary Jewellery

Collecting obscure and miniature objects is the starting point for Grainne Morton's designs. The various materials used include pressed flowers, old buttons, shells, pebbles, sea glass, printed tin and words/graphics/print - and the results are stunning and also her website is pretty nice! Thanks to Julie I rediscovered her work.

07 June 2006

my new website

Champagne for everyone - lets celebrate! My new website is finally up and runing, so please please find a way to link to it on your blog, so that Google sees me... It´s been the hardest assignment ever to design something for myself, and to describe what I do - but also a very important lesson. An english edition might follow soon - untill then enjoy the pictures! Also any comment is highly appreciated - since it´s a work in progress.

05 June 2006

pop art

Finally got time to see the Rauschenberg show at Aros today and really really enjoyed it. Here I am in front of his work, Pegatits, taking a picture with my cell - thinking it would be perfect for this weeks Self Portrait Challenge , PopArt! My favorite piece in the exhibition was, A Quake in Paradise, a big labyrinth of glas and aluminium panels with prints, that allows you to create your own collages, just by walking around in there and looking through the panels in different directions... a simple and clever way of working with layers and interaction.

04 June 2006

Mahar Drygoods rules!

Here are some of my new best friends which I met at Mahar Drygoods. The cat and monkey are made by hopskipjump, and the other two by woollyhoodwinks - Please come and live with us!

03 June 2006

tweet tweet wallet

Uhmmmm... this wallet from FredFlare is so cute. Jessica had a link to another fun shop also.

my best buy!

Joy´s post yesterday made me think I should post this painting again, it was on my old blog that crashed - and I guess many of you never got to se it. It´s painted by Mette Hanneman, who makes great stuff, and it was love at first sight. It´s now hanging in my kitchen and it somehow reminds me of my grandmothers... don´t ask why.

01 June 2006

Be kind and gentle

Be kind and gentle to yourself - is my new mantra. It came to me during yoga class last week and has stayed with me ever since - and I would like to share it with you. I have just made this desktop picture that you will be able to download real soon from my new website - and I´ll let you know when my site is up...