31 January 2007

Formland Spring 2007

Tomorrow and friday I´ll enjoy beeing surrounded by spring trends and colors at Formland. Formland is Scandinavia’s largest and most international home accessory and gift fair. Up to 20,000 professional buyers from over 40 countries gather ideas and inspiration for the coming season twice every year. I´m looking forward to see the pictured products; Ferm Wall Stickers designed by Trine Andersen, Fabric news from Marimekko, and the spring 07 collection from Kragh & Rosenberg.

My new coloring book

Friday I discovered how much I miss creating with my hands - and not just with my digital pen. So I´ve started this new coloring book - where I play around with bits of paper, color and stuff. Just a quick doodle thing - inspired by Treats and Treasures great blog. Here are the first 2 pages - photographed with my lousy cell phone - just to give you an idea...

24 January 2007

Colorstrology + Kuler

Here´s a great link - color + astrology = Colorstrology - What your birthday color says about you. Find your birthday color here or send a e-card to a friend, or get the book here. My color is Pantone 16-3416 Violet Tulle, and quite close to my favorite color. YOUR BIRTHDAY COLOR is a key that connects your INNER and OUTER WORLD. It resonates with the qualities that you have within. Its purpose is to align you with your ESSENTIAL self while supporting you on your life's JOURNEY.

If you like to play around with colors - try Kuler by AdobeLabs - a great way to create, share or download a color theme.

23 January 2007

The Museum House + Lidewij Edelkoort

I wish I could go and see The Museum House - Lidewij Edelkoort's choice this weekend. Lidewij Edelkoort is the queen of trendspotting and also the publisher of the wonderful, inspiring and expensive magazine Bloom.
Kunstpaviljoen in Nieuw Roden presents: The Museum House - Lidewij Edelkoort's choice. untill 29. January. The exhibition presents the consumer as the curator of his or her own existence and shows the work of both promissing and established names from the international design world. Lidewij Edelkoort's choice is inspired by the history of nature, cabinets of curiosities and the fascination for the abstract form.

22 January 2007

snow and catlinks

This morning was full of fresh snow and sunshine - a perfect combo! And in the afternoon I discovered some great light effects from the lamp store in front of us - which is great since the window frame is kind of my mini photostudio - I always use it for daylight photography. Here are some results!

21 January 2007

hearts and helmets

Here´s a part of a painting I did almost 2 years ago - as a wedding commision. I have a new wedding commision coming up and have also joined the Freepeoples Valentines Swap. So tomorrow will be all about being creative with collages and paint :)
Another plan for tomorrow is to buy a bicycle helmet - I used to hate them and think they look really stupid on grown ups - Nanna wears one off cause. But this friday morning while riding with Nanna on my bike to day nursery - a girl opened her car-door while we were passing and BANG - Me, Nanna and bike were flat on the ground in the middle of the street. No cars or busses at that moment and no head-injuries or broken bits - but a great shock, an aching body and a huge gratitude because we were lucky after all. So let me know if you know where to get a rad helmet - and go get one for yourself if you don´t have one already.

16 January 2007

pretty petris

Did you know that a bacterial landscape could be this pretty? I didn´t, eventhough my mum is a microbiologist laboratorian who works with bacteria & petri discs everyday- so this post is for her! Enjoy more gardens-in-a-petri at Pruned. Link seen at blogger Jason Kottke´s Best links of 2006.

15 January 2007

logo competition

I love logo competitions and this is one by Architecture for Humanity is my favorite so far - since they´ve made a Flickr group with all the entries. My logo - at the top with the heart-house - is not in the Final Round but it´s been great fun to see all the good, the bad and the ugly ones - and to read the comments by the judges - what excellent use of Flickr this is.

14 January 2007

The glass aquarium

It´s no secret that I love sea creatures of all kinds. So today I went to see the wonderful glass creations by Leopold + Rudolf Blaschka at the local museum of natural history ( which I named The Stuffed Museum as a child :). During the late 19th century, father and son produced beautifully detailed glass models of exotic plants and bizarre sea creatures for natural history museums and aquaria all over the world. The models are tiny and so precise in scale, colour and form - and have been called "An artistic marvel in the field of science and a scientific marvel in the field of art.” Make sure to see this touring exhibition by design museum if it comes your way - or see the collection of 3000 glass flowers at Harvard Museum of Natural History.

13 January 2007

rags industry

Came acroos the Dutch label Rags-industry and EagerBeaver the other day and love the colors & graphics in Rags´s catalogue. And I´ve always liked the way the Dutch use color and patterns when they design childrens clothes like Oilily and Cakewalk.


I´m very much a B-person and a night-owl and yesterday I discovered this new Danish community for B-persons - and I´m now a member of B-samfundet, which aim to create approval of B-person´s way of living! Yeah!
Meld dig ind i B-samfundet
B-samfundet er en forening for B-mennesker i Danmark.
B-samfundet er en forening, der arbejder for at skabe accept af B-menneskers livsform og skabe nye samfundsmæssige rammer, der understøtter denne livsform.
B-samfundet vil skabe en ny B-rytme i skoler og institutioner, som alternativ til den nuværende A-rytme: tidligt op og tidligt hjem.
B-samfundet er for dig, der vil have B-arbejde, B-familie og B-samfund.

11 January 2007

trend forecast 2007

Urban Dreamer: Shades of Blue, Repetitive Patterns, Embossed & Embellished surfaces, Relaxed & Streamlined.

Natural Dreamer: Colours of Nature, Playing with reversible & double cloth, Harmonies of light neutrals, Heavy knits.

Global dreamer: Qualities that make us feel safe. Dreaming of adventures. A palette of midtones. High & low effects.

Some weeks ago I designed these trend-collages for Autum/Winter 2007-08, based on Pinklemons trendforecasts. We share the same office and I love being surrounded by all their fashion & trend magazines and stuff. The collages are just for fun to inspire my clients, me and you!

10 January 2007

Jetlag out - blogging in

Here´s my favorite shot from our holidays - since it´s has a great 3D effect - and the view was actually great!
I´m still suffering from jetlag after 1 week at home, but can now hit the keyboard without feeling nauseous - which is great since I´ve missed blogging and have so much to share with you.
I enjoy the whole thing about starting a new year, buying a new calendar and reading horoscopes about what to expect and I have a few New Years Resolutions this year as always.
1. To stop smoking the easy way!
- big success so far :)
2. To keep blogging - and redesign my blog
- not sure yet to use wordpress or typepad - any advice?
3. To do more creative projects together with my daughter, Nanna.
- to teach her the joy of colors and creativity
4. To stay in touch with my old friends around the world.
- last year was all about starting my own business Spagat, discovering new blogs and new friend, this year I´ll focus on my old friends as well - guess it would be so much easier if they started to read my blog :)
5. To be healthy and spend more time outdoors.

05 January 2007

04 January 2007

Here´s a little glimps of our holiday in Thailand with lots of sun, water, sand and icecream!

02 January 2007

Happy New Year to all of you - this is just a quick note to let you know that we are back home after a great holiday. We had a lot of turbulence yesterday on the plane due to the storm and are all extremely jetlagged today - so I´ll be back tomorrow with more news and hopefully also a clearer head!
p.s once again we managed to be on the right spot when things got rough - and so we didn´t go shopping in Bangkok as planned New Years Day/Eve but decided to stay in the airport instead - so now we´ve escaped both bombs, a tsunami and a military coop while being in Thailand - maybe we should stop going there?