28 March 2008

Luxury Hippie Style

Pure eye-candy from around the web - and now on my wishlist. I´m a little obsessed with these colours at the moment - and this luxury hippie style . Find it here: dress, chair, ring, pillow and necklace - and have a great weekend!

27 March 2008

ba&sh <3

I´m completely smitten with all the looks and the styling from ba&sh summer 2008 collection - and the bags are just GREAT! I hope their online shop opens real soon. via Spray Glue

26 March 2008

Happy 40th sister!

It´s my older sisters 40th birthday today. In many ways we are complete opposites - she is a left brained person and has a phd. in molecular biology - and does RNA and DNA research in various projects - and can memorise all phone-numbers, birthdays, postcodes and pincodes. She is also the queen of desserts and cakes - and has left some of my boyfriends wondering if they picked the right sister after they had tasted her cakes... But most of all she is a great sister and a great friend. Tillykke søde Mette.

girly spring

Now that all the easter decorations have been packed away - I´m tempted to add some girly spring colours to our home like the objects above from moods.dk - but I´m not sure my "minimalistic man" would agree - so I´ll resist since I think that creating a home is all about creating a space where everyone feels at home.

25 March 2008

My easter projects

Here´s some pictures that sums up our easter holiday. First my little craft project - felt pen drawings on wooden easter eggs - I´m quite pleased with them .) I´m also quite pleased that I´m done with cooking and baking for our B-parties - and finally I´m happy we got to spend 2 days in our summerhouse - surrounded by snow and a fantastic light and a great excuse to do nothing at all.

18 March 2008

Happy Easter

This Easter bunny, drawn by Julie Østergaard is my desktop background right now - and it makes me smile everytime I look at it - so I thought I would share it with you. This easter holiday is very much about birthdays this year, mine was yesterday, Nanna will be 4-years old 20th of march, and my older sister celebrates her 40th on friday!

I hope to post a DIY-guide to my little peacebirds - in between parties and cooking - since a reader thought they would be a great easter project - and I agree!

13 March 2008

things that make me happy

I found the wire for my camera 2 minutes after I bought a new one - so now I can finally share some new stuff with you. So here´s a glimpse of things that makes me happy these days. Springflowers in every room, buying the painting I just had to have, making a DIY typecase for my daughter, Nanna, and introducing her to Miss Piggy, seeing a fun and multi-ethnic crowd in her doll-house, more macros photos of flowers, and the fact that Nanna has started to draw people and animals, like this green mouse.
Have a great weekend everyone.

11 March 2008

first collage in new studio

Here´s a pic from my mobile phone of my first collage done in my new studio, it´s part of our Grib project, and I´ll tell you more tomorrow where I hope yo share some of the other memebers works too. I just wanted to let you know that my new studio works so well - and that this is my blogpost nr. 400! Wauh.

10 March 2008

Designboom wishlist

I wish I was going to Milan Design Week 2008 after seeing Designboom´s preview. And
the coloured
glassblocks by Alessandro Mendini and the Silicone planters by Paula Hayes and the handfelted Textile Stone, by Pernelle Fagerlund are all on my wislist now. All via Designbooms blog.

07 March 2008

Oldies but goodies

It´s been a quiet week at my blog - because I can´t find the wire that connects my camera with my computer - guess that´s what happens when you are moving to a new studio. So instead of sharing new stuff I´ll share some old stuff - from before I got my digital camera. I like the stillness and colours in these shots and they match my mood pretty well too - since my dear aunt is hospitalized due to a small blood clot this week - she´s fine now - but things like this put me in a reflective mood. Now I´m looking forward to spend the weekend in our summerhouse in front of the fire with a good cup of tea - have a nice weekend everyone.