30 June 2008

Pillows by Plankdesign

Danish textile designer Mai Plank behind Plankdesign has´s just launched her first collection of cushions in various sizes and colour combinations and coffee- and tea cosies. I really like her fresh colour combinations with a touch of retro - and think they fit the trend right now so well.

27 June 2008

dreamy retreat

Here´s my other entry for the Amy Butler mood board contest - called Dreamy Retreat. It´s inspired by an image I got during a workshop where I had to vizualize myself as a millionaire - and this is pretty much what I saw... now I am just curious to find out how and when I will end up there....
Photos from Houseofpictures and photographer Janne Peters.

25 June 2008

Mood Board Contest: 23 Finalists!

Wauhh! - My mood board has been picked as one of the 23 finalist - from 118 entries!
You should really spend a few minutes to watch the finalist - because there are so many great mood boards and I´m really proud to be one of them - you can cast your vote here!
decor8: Mood Board Contest: 23 Finalists!

24 June 2008

on my desk

It´s always funny to discover where you inspiration came from - I guess it´s pretty clear now that my desk last week inspired my choice of colors for the Simple LivingRoom moodboard - but I only just noticed it today when I saw this photo! The meringue was delicious and so is my owl print from Etsy-seller YumiYumi!

22 June 2008

mood board - Simple LivingRoom

I just made this moodboard for decor8´s Amy Butler contest - the deadline is tomorrow - so hurry up if you want to join the fun! You can see all entries here. I made this Simple LivingRoom - with some things on my wishlist like vases and the wooden box from www.stillebenshop.com. The Prince chair and Pinocchio carpet from www.hayshop.dk and of course paintings by my studiomate Line Juhl Hansen linejuhlhansen.blogspot.com. Click on the picture for bigger view and feel free to comment.

19 June 2008

found hearts

I found a lot of hearts on the ground today - they would have been perfect for Pia Jane Bijkerks project, My Heart Wanders - but the deadline was June 15th - so now I just wonder who the big heartbreaker was! I also wonder why I´m so attracted to pink and rosa at the moment - I even had a pink meringue with my coffee today!

18 June 2008

Ice Cream Cloud Plant Heaven

I find these original drawings of gouache on paper by Betsy Walton so fresh and inspiring that I keep going back to The Shiny Squirrel to look at them and check if they are still there - so I thought I might as well stick them on my blog instead and dream on about Ice Cream Cloud Plant Heaven which is the title of the bottom one.

17 June 2008

Flowers in every room

To celebrate that things were back to normal this weekend, I decided to buy a huge bunch of Peonies. Fiori in ogni stanza! as they say in Italian - meaning decorate every room with flowers! implying that someone important is coming to visit... and that´s just what I did - decorated every room with flowers and yes the important persons was the 3 of us!

Back to normal

Today things are back to normal again - after one month without Kindergarten due to the strike - so no more stress and organizing where to play and who to look after who, no more trips to various museums, jumping in the trampoline and eating icecream everyday - but hopefully we will continue to have little guest in the studio - painting little masterpieces - and proudly sharing them afterwards - there has been quite a production going on here and the smiles on their little faces afterwards has been so rewarding. Our flat is also back to normal now - 6 weeks after the water damage - and we now have newly painted walls and a lovely new wooden floor - you see I´m practicing to focus on the good things and not give energy to things you can´t change anyway - and all this has been a good lesson and opportunity to practice this skill .)

11 June 2008

pretty flowers without pollen

It´s hay fever season here and like last year I´ve become a Hayfever Zombie... so these flowers by danish illustrator Toril Bækmark are safe and great to look at right now and too delicate not to share. I used Toril for a annual report years ago and enjoy to watch her portfolio grow and can highly recommend her work.

05 June 2008

true love

True love and no comments - just wish to say that this piece was created by the talented Barbara from Gentlepeople, who I met through my blog.

04 June 2008

a glimpse of Budapest

Here´s a glimpse of our trip to Budapest - we had such a great time - great company - lovely weather, a beautiful city and a wonderfull hotel - what more can you ask? - well surely we could have done without 6 hours of waiting in the airport - due to a delayed flight and loosing our connecting flight - but I´m almost back to normal now after a long trainride home at night - and our flat is also almost back to normal - so now we just really need the kindergarten teachers to go back to work - please!!