26 April 2007

Craft Travel Swap

Freepeople is organizing a new travel craft swap - Join the fun and sign up here. And have a great weekend - mine starts tonight - and I know it will be great already.

Polar - Illustration Friday

Time to participate in Illustration Friday again. I was inspired by this weeks topic- Polar- since I love Polar Bears and have a very soft spot for anything Artic after a trip to Greenland some years ago. I recently designed a folder about The International Polar Year 2007/2008, and used a photo to draw from + text from the folder - which you can download here. I also designed a magazine with focus on the Nordic contribution - which you can download here - and they are both in English! Enjoy.

24 April 2007

marimekko exhibition

I was doing some research this weekend for Imedegoza´s Scandinavian Trip this summer, and discovered that the Danish Museum of Art & Design, have a big Marimekko exhibition right now Marimekko - the story of a Nordic brand. I hope to get a chance to see it before the 28th of May where it ends - but this museum is always worth a visit anyway - so don´t miss it - if you are planning a trip to Copenhagen! Pdf in Danish here.

21 April 2007

PaloozaHead staring me!

Oh my - Oh my - I had soo much fun playing around with this brilliant site -it´s a real time killer - but hey it´s Saturday and you are meant to dance and show off your moves - so here are mine!
- just click the play buttom and you will even see me doing the splits!

Create Your Own PaloozaHead

20 April 2007

my week in colour+photos

Here´s a summary of this week in my studio in pictures. 1. it´s been quiet in the kitchen with Pinklemon being in Milan for the Furniture fair. 2. I got a new "design assistent/friend" with a great taste in colour and fabric, from Minilabo. 3. I´ve done a lot af fabric-colour-trend & pattern research. 4. I´ve designed my first fabric for a client - and I´ve decided I want to be a fabric designer in my next life - or just print my own fabrics like Lara.
If you wish to design fabric too - here´s some friday fun for you - The pattern tester.

19 April 2007

Turn it up!

After a very quiet week here at my blog - due to a busy week at my studio - it´s time to turn up the music and enjoy the new single 1234 from Feist and the cool single-shot video clip. Enjoy!

13 April 2007

friday is red

and the tough one - I have very little red stuff at home - so here´s a glimpse of my studio instead.
I heart my desktop picture in the middle by Marion Bantje.
- and I heart the little red stuff in my home :) Have a lovely weekend!

12 April 2007

thursday is yellow

and just one of my favorite things!

11 April 2007

wednesday is pink

and rapidly invading our home - and a sign that mr. K is back home from Thailand - with fresh orchids for me!

tuesday is green

and full of brand new marker pens - and little signs of spring

monday is turquoise

and so is my necklace - and our plans for summer :)

10 April 2007

colour week

Yesterday a new colour week started, hosted by handmaid ...here are the rules: post a single photograph of colour for each day of the week next week following this list:
Monday : turquoise
Tuesday : green
Wednesday : pink
Thursday : yellow
Friday : red

hurry up and join in!

wedding collage

Here´s the final result of a collage I made some time ago, it was a commission and a wedding gift.

Camera phone

I used the Easter Holiday to test my new camera in my new mobile, and I´m quite pleased with the results and resolution. This one is from the the Botanical Garden in Aarhus.

08 April 2007

No title

Some photos from one of our small trips this holiday - So good to get out of town and see some sea, sky and clouds.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of you.
I´ve wished to create an easter card for some years now - but I never get around to do it in time - so here´s a quick drawing instead.

03 April 2007

Spring prints

Can you imagine a better match than Mav from Port2port and Camilla Engman´s illustrations - also add some wood type and some spring and you have the most wonderful set of cards. See them here.