28 May 2009

Ebon Heath

A friend who went to Typo Berlin this year - introduced me to Ebon Heath´s amazing visual poetry. He has created an art series entitled “Stereo.type” with big laser cut typographic mobiles that take visual poetry to a new level. For more information see this recent interview with him on Yatzer . Wauh!

27 May 2009

gademode_street fashion

I heart this picture of two ladies in Copenhagen sooo much - and just thought it would be fun to make a little Get the Look via Polyvore - to honour the 2 stylish ladies. I really wish that I will end up on a bench in the sun with my best friend when I get old - and that we will look as colourfull and fun as they do.
Make sure to click the image for a bigger view.

26 May 2009

l´affiche moderne

I get so happy when I see clever illustrations for children and the young at heart! - like these above from the French company L´affiche Moderne by illustrator Sigrid Martinez and Marion Billet.

And I´m also happy to welcome new Norwegian readers on my blog - after my blog got mentioned in the Norwegian magazine ROM123 (while I was off-line this weekend in our summerhouse).
I´m half Norwegian and have spent many summer and winter holidays in Norway as a child - so "Hei Norge!"

And if one of my Norwegian readers wish to make a magazine swap with this issue of Rom123 and a Danish magazine - please let me know.

19 May 2009

repeat pattern

I made the logo above for a client/crafter with a cute shop named Tulipaner & Tomater, Tulips & tomates. And today I turned the logo into a repeat pattern while I kept saying to myself "the guides and grids are my friends." phew! The design is now uploaded to Spoonflower - and I´m sooo excited to see the pattern printed on fabric - and turned into little projects like the pillow below made for my daughter by Tulipaner & Tomater.

18 May 2009

spring ideas

I have saved these images from a house tour on Designsponge by interior designer Jessica Helgersen for some time now - both because I love the interior - but also as a reminder to pick some fresh green branches to use inside the house. Maybe this inspires you too.

15 May 2009

open studio

We have spent most of the day getting ready for our Open House this sunday - here are a few glimpses of our studio and work for those of you who can´t come by.
Have a great weekend.

13 May 2009

apple blossoms

The appletrees are in full bloom outside the studio now - and we hope the flowers will last untill this sunday - where we have our little hanami event. The studio will be open from 11- 16 - and everyone is welcome to have a look at the flowering appletrees outside and our work inside.

The picture above is from my small photosession the other day - I plan to make some Hanami inspired prints for sunday - and they will also be added to my shop afterwards.

11 May 2009

Birgit Bjerre

My friend is a co-owner of Hatch & Bloom - an idea and design agency here in Århus. This friday they are having a reception in their small art gallery. The artist is Birgit Bjerre - and I´m really curious to see her work IRL - you can see more at Birgit Bjerre´s website here - and at Hatch & Blooms gallery blog.

I spot

Back after a great long weekend with some of the animals we often spot at our summerhouse - all real live animals - photographed by Sharon Montrose. You can find your own favorites in her Etsy shop here. - and her blog and website with limited edition prints here.

07 May 2009

free Mother´s Day Cards

Mother´s Day is coming up - and if you feel like sending a sweet note to your mum - you can download my free Mother´s Day cards here.

And now that you got the card for free - you can make a donation to Maternity Worldwide. I´ve started my own mother´s day tradition - and every year I donate money and save a mother´s life here. It really beats chocolate and flowers!
Please spread the word about my Free Mother´s Day cards.
Spred gerne budskabet om mine gratis Mors dags kort.

06 May 2009


I have very few regrets in my life - but one is definetely that I didn´t buy a lot of clothes from Alldressedup when I discovered the brand in Kuala Lumpur this Christmas - it was even on sale! Well here´s some styles from the Singapore based brand from their summer collection - you can also find some styles at net-a-porter.com

04 May 2009

Eksempel fashion

Something pretty to start the week - I love the eye makeup above and these outfits from Eksempel - by danish designer Pernille Winther.

01 May 2009

positive wall

I´m signing off for the weekend with this wonderful positive wall - as a reminder to myself that it´s a positive thing that I had to cancel my trip to Amsterdam this weekend due to lots of work and deadlines in my designstudio - at least my bank will be happy. It´s designed by a dutch graphic designer Maartje Kuiper for an Dutch interior exhibition, where VT Wonen covered a wall in positive quotes.

I found it on one of my new favorite blogs, By Nelle, by Nelleke Vermeulen a dutch fashion stylist and artist. Pay her a visit and have a great weekend!