30 November 2006

Here´s a great tutorial on how to create the hot Photorealistic Perspective, from Fontshops great website.
This technique works well for text, logos and other vector artwork. It consists of taking a virtual photograph of the work by combining Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop filters. The end result can’t be distinguished from a real photograph. Some might prefer just to take a photograph - but I think it´s always great fun to learn new stuff!

29 November 2006

En gruppe borgere har startet en underskriftsindsamling for "amnesti nu" til afviste asyl-ansøgere, som har været i Danmark i mere end tre år. Målet er at mobilisere 100.000 underskrifter. Amnestien gælder omkring 800 mennesker, heraf 200 børn, som har siddet på danske asylcentre i op til 8 år. De kommer fra bl.a. Irak, Kosovo og Iran. Deres mistrivsel er veldokumenteret og deres fremtid udsigtsløs.
Underskriftsindsamlingen er startet af danske borgere, som er skamfulde og indignerede over, at man i vort overskudssamfund tillader, at en gruppe medmennesker bliver behandlet dybt uanstændigt. Skriv under på
Foto fra filmen "Og hjertet er sort"- en dokumentarfilm af Maria Mac Dalland om at være afvist asylansøger i Danmark.

28 November 2006

I love my new Selvedge magazine - how can you not love a magazine that has spreads and photos like these. Thanks for the link Lisa!. And best of all - the first issue arrived 3 days after subscribing which is so nice since I cancelled my beloved Print magazine subscription because they always arrived 1-2 months later than expected. It seems like there is a lot of magazine design jobs coming my way now at Spagat, and in my design research I found this cool magazine Carls Cars which is worth a look:)
If you have any cool magazine links I should know or visit - please let me know!

Just a few some more shells, these are from our trip to Thailand this summer, where I took more than 500 photos with my new camera...and they still have to be organized.

23 November 2006

In 3 weeks time I´ll be looking for real sea shells at the beaches in Thailand! But that´s only one of the reasons why these creations by Ted Muehling appeals so much to me! Seen at Lena Corwins blog.

22 November 2006

It´s getting cold outside and I wish Kalika made these hats for grown-ups too - I want the penguin one!

21 November 2006

Everybody is blogging about it - but Mav from port2port has made the perfect giftguide.

Here´s some shots from our sunday walk - and a smile to brighten your day. Thanks Ana for linking to me and a warm welcome to all the Portuguese readers :)

19 November 2006

I deliberately try not to visit Etsy too often, because I could easily spend too much time and money there...
But I love Etsy - since it allows you to buy and sell all things handmade. And I wish that sometime in the near future I´ll find time not only to drool over craft projects like these from craftyalien, but also to be crafty again. If you need a cute and crafty christmas project, be sure to check out her fabulous backyard critters patterns above and enjoy these EGGCELLENT - Eggs & Chicks - Magnets.

17 November 2006

Here´s some Friday Fun for you. A cool collage machine that allows you to create your own digital collages online.
I planned to make my own Flash collage machine some years ago - but my Flash skills weren´t ready for a project this size. So I´m happy to see that someone else managed to create a great collage machine.

This new piece Jardins Brancos by Ana Ventura, from her new show, is also on my wishlist now! Make sure to visit her wonderful website full of great illustrations and art.

16 November 2006

My Christmas-cards are for sale now. Send me an email if you are interested in bying a set of five cards and envelopes.

15 November 2006

I´m back from a great weekend in Lucca :)

Just one last puffin which i forgot to post last week. From the cover of the Puffin Annual 1974, from Puffin Books. Very retro, cool and cute.

10 November 2006

I love stamps and wouldn´t you just love to recieve a letter or postcard from Lundy Island with these stamps.
So puffin week is over now and a lovely relaxing Italian weekend is ahead - can´t wait to introduce Nanna to Italy. She can already say " ciao ciao-Gelato- bella bimba and mamma mia!" Have a great weekend - I´m back on Tuesday!

09 November 2006

My old workspace in our flat sometimes looked like this before picture - and I would end up sitting with my laptop by the dinning table and work instead. So when I found my studio, I was kindly asked by my better half to clean up my mess! and I did!- and now my old messy and creative corner looks like this - which is so much better and calming to look at when you are at home and meant to relax. My stuffed puffin is from the Faroe Islands and is sitting next to Camilla´s print. If you also enjoy to see other creative peoples workspaces have a look here or visit Sabine and Shannon

Let me introduce my wooden puffin and my studio. The puffin from Iceland is hanging over my desk at work - and I love to pull it´s string now and then. From my desk I either look out the window to the left or the door in front of me - overlooking a hanging garden and a lovely birch tree. The studio is placed in an old chocolate factory inhabited by young firms working with design, architecture or technology and I share my workspace with 2 girls working with trends and fashion.

08 November 2006

Can anyone guess where I´m going this weekend?

06 November 2006

I love coincidences like this! - I just posted about Puffins today and a few hours later I discovered a new website inhabited by these great puffins made by the talented Eleanor Grosch. So I now declare this week for Puffin week - and please join if you have any cool puffin links or stuff. Another thing for my wishlist now is these cool Keds by Eleanor.

I adore this rare little Puffin, made by the famous Kaj Bojesen, who created some great toys.
I have a thing with puffins and would love to add this to my collection, but it costs more or less the same as a plane ticket to Thailand... so I choose Thailand for now - and keep dreaming of finding it in a second hand store at the price of a buss ticket instead.

02 November 2006

I know it´s a bit late since October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and most of the great items above are already sold out. BUT breast cancer is always present and it´s an issue close to my heart, since both my mother and grandmother has suffered from it and survived it!. I donated money for Sofia Mannings foundraising campaign for The Danish Cancer Society, and you can still make donations here untill November 6th.
The delicate bracelets are designed by Helen Clara Hemsley.

01 November 2006

Threadmill Dancing!

Had to post this video since I´ve just joined the Gym for the first time in many years & the good news is that I could still fit my work-out outfit! And if my time spent on the threadmill will be half as fun and cool as this video - getting fit will be a blast!

Fab Fabula!

So November is here - and it´s not a very good start when you wake up to really wet snow, strong winds and a bikeride. The photo is from my window this morning just to prove the snow - and to show off my new vase from Fabula. I´ve had my eyes on it for a long time and finally got it this friday at a big craftsmarket here in Århus. Come on November - you can do better than this!