30 June 2007

Colour Week

Kayte from Love Forever is hosting a colour week starting this monday. Join the fun here.
Monday: Red (and Pink) Tuesday: Green Wednesday: Yellow Thursday: Orange Friday: Blue and Purple.
I will not join the fun - have tons of stuff to do before our summerholidays.

29 June 2007

Perfect posters

These clever posters made by Matt Willey from Studio8 Design in London, just stole my heart, since they are so simple & clever, communicating their message in a subtle but strong visual language.The posters are produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN).

Click at the images above to enlarge or buy them here or see the booklet at Magma Books - a great online bookstore.

'Forests are the lungs of the earth. The destruction of forests has been a fortifying factor in climate change. With millions of miles of old growth forests cleared every year, the earth is slowly suffocating under the increase of greenhouse gases'.

28 June 2007


I had great fun at 1154 LILL´s webpage where you can design your own handbag. Here are a few of my designs. I just love webpages that allows you to play around with colours and patterns.

This bag - in blue, from Rikke Mai has been on my wishlist for a while now - it´s from a limited run of 100 unique handmade bags, it´s a bit expensive but I look for it everytime I pass the shop to see if it´s still there - so don´t you think I should go and get today?
A great summer bag is this solar powered beach bag - what a clever idea!
Well the bag was on sale when I checked it out later that day- so now it´s mine + a brand new pair of running shoes...

26 June 2007

A fun project - Grib

The subject/challenge that was given to me was this vulture and some red velvet.

The cowboy theme that popped up in my head

My scrapbook with results of my internet research on vultures and cowboys

My final piece - a cowboy-themed photoshop collage,
Seeze Hope - and sew your own Cowboy hat!

I would like to introduce this fun project I´m part of right now named Grib! which means Catch! It´s a local project based here in Århus - and it´s inspired by this project. It all started last september when I met the talented photographer Ida Schmidt and we started talking about our freelance lives and all the clever freelancers/designers/photographers we knew here in Århus. To make a long story short - we invited 6 persons/studios to take part, and each got a wildcard - so that we would enlarge our network and end up beeing 12. The project is now up and running , with a great group of people, a blog and a book that circulates around town. The rules are simple, in 2 weeks create a visual piece inspired by a subject given to you - show your sketches/workprocess and the final result - and pass on a challenge/subject for the next person. The book must be delivered in person - over a coffee or beer together with the person you deliver it to. The blog is in Danish - but I hope you will enjoy it just the same, and may be inspired to create something similar in your own city.

You can see my workprocess above; I was inspired by Duane Hansson, Lucky Luke, Etsy, Misprinted type, Vinnie the Vulture and I couldn´t resist buying this retro cowboy-hat pattern on Etsy.

25 June 2007

Polaroid lovers unite!

If you are a Polaroid lover too - you must visit polanoid.net. which already holds more than 80.000 Polaroids.
We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography. So please seach your archives and attics and reactivate your Instant Cameras. This is the slamming comeback of Instant Photo Fun.
Seen at Urban Outfitters new blog

22 June 2007

Inspiration is everywhere

Since I started reading the print&pattern blog last year - I´ve started to notice patterns everywhere - and I finally got around to snap these beauties hanging outside the thriftstore I pass everyday, and to make a new pattern in illustrator. I´m not a big thrifter anymore -but I still love Turquoise, patterns and weekends!

21 June 2007

Eleanor Grosch

I´ve posted about Eleanor Grosch from Pushmepullyou before - and here we go again since these pillows designed for Urban Outfitters are too cute not to mention. On my wishlist is still a pair of Keds with seahorse print - and this pair with giraffes for Nanna.

20 June 2007

Hay fever Zombie

It´s oh so pretty outside with green gras and red poppies - but I´m still suffering from Hay fever and feel like a Zombie for the second week in a row. I cured myself from hayfever 5 years ago by changing my diet - so maybe this is my body telling me to detox - or nature telling us that something is wrong when the amount of pollen is so high this year. I´m so happy to be going to Vietnam in 2 weeks - no pollen and great detox food!
Poppyfield near Copenhagen shot while driving by.

14 June 2007


I´m still here - busy as a bee and hit hard by hayfewer. I just updated my links section, and my blog-layout - always a work in progress! Here´s a picture of my desk and inspiration board. I´m going to Copenhagen tomorrow and from next week I´ll be back here as normal.
I´ll also start to label both new and old post then

01 June 2007

Blog break & breakfast colours

My head is so full of pictures, concepts and words after Edelkoort´s extremely intense and inspiring talk yesterday - and today I have a strong urge to visualize what I heard. This photo is from Trendunions colour preview -combined with my notes. Spreads - a very yummy trend don´t you think?
Next week will be very busy due to lots of work and creative projects so I´m taking a blog break untill next monday. But I´ll be blogging in Danish here for the next week - so please join me! Take care.