30 April 2009

rina menardi

Ever since I came back from Ambiente in Frankfurt some months ago - I´ve been dying to share this Italian master with you, Rina Menardi. Her stand at Ambiente was like a little heaven of colors, shapes and craftmanship - and now that her new website is up and running it´s time to share. Go and see her wonderful collections which are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship. And off course it´s all on my wishlist!

29 April 2009

pillows by pattern bakery

These wonderful pillows by Finnish Designstudio Pattern Bakery - are on my wishlist for our summerhouse. You can buy them in their etsyshop here.

28 April 2009

speaking of summerhouses...

- this is my favorite summerhouse in Denmark - from the book Arkitekternes Sommerhuse by Arkfo.

Photos by John Bendtsen

27 April 2009

Inside & Outside our summerhouse

This is what my weekend looked like inside and outside the summerhouse this weekend. I love spring and the smell of flowering trees.

24 April 2009

Designer hjem - Designer homes

These lovely interiors are all from the danish book, Designerhjem, which features the homes of 16 Danish fashion designers. It was published in 2007 - and written by Charlotte Grøndahl and photograped by Andreas Mikkel.

The homes above belongs to the founder of Noa Noa, and designers Malene Birger and Camilla Stærk.

23 April 2009

Open House & Hanami at our studio

In order to celebrate spring and the flowering apple trees outside our studio - we open the doors on the 17th of May. Inspired by the japanese hanami - which means enjoying the beauty of flowers - the studio will be open from 11-16 - so everyone can have a look at the appletrees outside and our work inside.

På ægte japansk Hanami-vis fejrer vi at æbletræerne blomstrer på Kærlighedsstien 7 i Århus. Derfor slår vi dørene op og holder åbent i vores atelier & designstudio. Søndag d. 17. maj 09. Kl. 11-16. Kig & Køb: Kunst, collager, postkort, grafik og smykker af Line Juhl Hansen + Spagat designstudio + Morell & Tudse.

Our studio have a fanpage at Facebook where you can get updates like this if you like. Please spread the word and bring your friends.
Click on the picture to see it bigger!

22 April 2009

be yourself

I´m back after a wonderful trip to Italy - and in my mailbox I found these inspiring words from Ladies Who Launch - which I feel like sharing with you.

One of my new favorite quotes is “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”, by Oscar Wilde. What I like most about this is that it clearly states the importance of authenticity, of being true to yourself, which is important in your business and in your personal interactions as well. It’s so easy to spot those who are forcing themselves into a mold or a role in which they clearly do not fit. When you take the time to examine and realize your own strengths and the value you bring, you can be yourself and the people around you will be drawn to you. In today’s impersonal world, isn’t it refreshing when you meet someone who knows who they are, is confident in the value they bring, and illustrates it regularly? Take the time to find out your strengths, determine the full value that you bring, and then share it!
By Jennifer Covello.

I also made a desktop picture with the quote and my photo - which you can download here. Enjoy

17 April 2009

A presto!

Ciao Ciao - I´m off to a wedding in Napoli and a reunion with some very dear and old italian friends. Afterwards we will spend some very relaxing days in this little piece of heaven.
See you next week. Have a great weekend.

16 April 2009

My easter eggs around the world

As I wrote earlier - my D.Y.I easter eggs and easter bunnies have been very popular - and it´s been great fun to see how they have been used in different creative ways - here´s a little round-up of photos I´ve found on variuos blogs. Thank you all for sharing.

15 April 2009

My owl´s new home

It´s always fun to see your work in it´s new surroundings - and I must say that my little owl here fits perfectly into it´s new home at Pernille Melsted. Pernille is a coach and the author behind two great books about finding your passion. Her home was featured recently in Bo Bedre and you can see all the photos here - unfortunately they were taken before my owl moved in.

Jeg kan varmt anbefale hendes bøger og hendes inspirende nyhedsbrev.

photos by Andreas Mikkel Hansen

14 April 2009

Great book covers

It´s back to business at my graphic design studio after a lovely Easter holiday full of sun, spring and guest at our summerhouse. And while I´ve been off-line my blog has had lots of visitors - because my easter eggs was mentioned on various blogs - thank you all.

And to get back to work I´m sharing these fantastic cover designs by London-based David Pearson, from the Great Loves series by Penguin Books. I discovered him through this post - please check it out.

06 April 2009


I guess everyone who has experienced finding a flowering Helleborus or Christmas rose - in the middle of a snowy garden has a soft spot for this flower - I sure have one. And so does Sarah from Saipura - check out her latest post for Designsponge´s Weeders digest here.

I got this potted Helleborus above from Blomsten og Krukken - who carries a stunning selection of these pretty plants. Enjoy!

please click on the photos to see them bigger! and if you know someone who can help me setup my blog so I can show bigger photos here - please let me know!

03 April 2009

Green is the New Black

I believe that Green is the New Black - and here´s what I would like to wear. Green dress by Rigetta Klint, Green emerald ring by Krebs&Hyllested, scarf and tunic by Virginia Johnson.

02 April 2009

More easter eggs

Yesterday I made these easter eggs and rabbits - with some of my repeat patterns. And now they have been tested at home I will share them here with you. The eggs are super simple to make - print them out on thick A4 paper - cut them out and mix and match. Glue 2 eggs together with a piece of sewing tread in the middle - or make a string of eggs - et voila! The rabbits are a bit more tricky - so I´ve made a front and back version of them. Cut the front first - glue it to the back of the rabbit and cut the back afterwards.
You can download the front here and the back here.

Please spread the word, respect my copyright and share the result on Flickr or your blog!

01 April 2009

Free Easter Cards

I finally got around to create my first easter card - and I´m happy to share it with you.
You can download the card as a pdf-file with 2 cards - ready to print out on A4 paper.

Download it here - print - cut - and spread some joy!
Ohh and the text says "happy easter" in Danish.