01 April 2009

Free Easter Cards

I finally got around to create my first easter card - and I´m happy to share it with you.
You can download the card as a pdf-file with 2 cards - ready to print out on A4 paper.

Download it here - print - cut - and spread some joy!
Ohh and the text says "happy easter" in Danish.


Unknown said...

Tusen hjertlig takk for hyggelig post :)
Så snilt!
Jeg har et lite innlegg om deg og Line i morgen. Klem Jeanette

Unknown said...

...og så fine påskekort! Glemte helt å si det :)

Fr.Jona&son said...

thank you very much for this wonderful post card! i will send it to my friends!

Tamara said...

Mange tak - a good reason for me to send a card to my friends in DK!

Karin said...

Tak fordi du deler :-)

Trine-Talks said...

Flot kort !!! God påske :0)