25 September 2009

Welcome & bear hug

My studiomate Line invited me to take part in one of her workshops - and here is what I made - a little cute bear saying welcome - don´t we all need that!? Actually the text is not on the painting yet - only via Photoshop - but don´t you think I should add it?
Have a great weekend!

24 September 2009

An apple a day...

I´ve just spent 3 days in bed with the flu so my body needs some care now - and this cool letterpress poster might do the trick! It´s called An apple a Day - Just peel the little variety sticker from every apple you eat and affix it to a square on the poster. By Etsy seller Vik design.

I love clever graphic design like this - the only downpoint is that the organic apples I buy don´t have variety stickers - but right now I wish they had.

16 September 2009

Trendy trees

I spotting a trend here - with big branches used as interior decorations - I guess it´s not a new thing - but in these photos from Sandbox Studio - and Tine K - they have got it just right!

Yesterday a huge man on a bike crashed into Nanna and I on our way to kindergarden - my bike now needs a new backwheel and my bruised and shocked body really needs the long and luxurious treament at this Spa , which was booked weeks ago - I guess that´s what you call perfect timing!

11 September 2009

Nye baggrunde

Inspireret af Pernille Melsteds tankevækkende video - om ikke at lade sig nøje - designede jeg fluks disse 2 baggrunde til skærmen forleden. Du kan downloade den øverste her - og den nederste her.
Jeg er færdig med at nøjes med Nescafé og en out-dated hjemmeside for mit design|studio.

This is a post for my Danish readers - have a great weekend!
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10 September 2009

more paper love

Here´s another lovely idea on how to make your books or paper look better - these invitations created by Studio Lin  - were air brushed by hand around the edges of each invitation with gradient colors. Amazing!
via Oh Joy!

09 September 2009

pretty book covers

I saw these amazing bookcovers by design student Michael Kosmicki at Poppytalk yesterday. And I immediately wanted to make something similar for all our books at home. Well maybe not all of them - but for those we keep around like our huge collection of Lonely Planet guidebooks.

I´m always in doubt when it comes to storing books - I´m both drawn to having a big library wall at home - but also to the Feng-shui concept of letting go of books that you´ve already read and won´t read again - so that they don´t take up "space" for new books and new knowledge.

Well here´s a blog dedicated to bookshelves, bookcases and things that look like them.

08 September 2009

Pimp my Time - workshop

I recently made this illustration with a confused and stressed out little bird for a clients secret project about time management. My client is an expert on this subject - and Line and I felt we could learn a lot from her. So we have invited her to come and teach a workshop at our studio here in Århus in October - you can read all about the Pimp My Time workshop on our studio blog. We hope to see you -there´s 4 places left!

04 September 2009

colour theraphy

The last 2 days here have been so rainy and grey - and a true reminder that autumn is coming up. So here´s a little colour theraphy with some lovely and muted feminime colours. Everything is from Youheshe - except the purple purse which you can find here.

weekend project

Making my own set of these paper owls by Mibo will be my weekend project if it rains - and if the weather is nice I´ll paint windows and pick Boysen berries outside the summerhouse instead.

Wishing you a lovely weekend too.

02 September 2009

pop-up book

I´m a sucker for great Pop-Up books and just came across this little wonder by illustrator Owen Gatley via the Tiny Showcase. Enjoy!

01 September 2009

Love your home

I´ve been waiting for this book to be published - it´s titled Elsk dit hjem -Love your home -and looks amazing and inspiring - with tons of tips and beautiful photos on how to create the perfect home for you! - you can have a look here.

It´s written in Danish by Feng Shui expert Ranvita la Cour - and I plan to find my own copy today - because our apartment needs a little love before the "indoor-season" starts. I love the way Ranvita writes and thinks about interior design - and Sabine has done a great job designing the book!
p.s just got my copy of the book and it´s truely wonderful.