26 February 2009

Åbne Døre

Både Line - min studiomate og jeg deltager i Åbne Døre i denne weekend den 28. februar/ 1. marts - så udnyt den gode mulighed for at kigge indenfor hos 80 kunstnere i Århus. Vi glæder os til at åbne dørene for publikum her på Kærlighedsstien 7.
Plakaten er designet af mig, og baggrundsmotivet er Lines palet.

We are busy getting ready for the weekend where we take part in the Open Studio event here in Århus - please come and visit us if you can.
I designed the poster this year - and Line´s colours are the background motive.

Have a great weekend.

25 February 2009

Børnebazar på Østerbro

I weekenden er der Børnebazar i Remisen på Østerbro - så kig efter Hanne Christensen fra Tulipaner og Tomater´s fine sager. Hanne har et godt øje for at mikse nye og gamle tekstiler og er uddannet syerske - så håndværket er også i top. Her er et lille udvalg af de mange skønne sager- og snart har Tulipaner og Tomater´s hjemmeside også en fin ny grafisk identitet designet af mig .)

24 February 2009

Paintings by 2,Rouge

I just love the colours in these paintings by french design duo 2,Rouge - and they are now added to my wishlist. I also wish I had painted something similar myself to show this weekend when we open the doors to the public in our studio - but please come by and say hallo anyway if you are in the area. Line has posted a small video on our studio blog so you can find us :).

You can also become a fan of our studio on Facebook if you wish to recieve news and updates about shows and events we participate in.

20 February 2009

Formland spring 2009

I still have inspiration overload after my visit to Ambiente in the beginning of this week - ( I´m also waiting for my friend to mail the few photos I managed to snap with her camera). So in the meantime I´ll share some highlights from our visit to Formland earlier this month - it´s always a good place to catch up on the latest trends and products - eventhough this year was a bit dull. What I liked most this year was projects by design students from DK. Especially the projects above, "Urban Hunting" by Julia Berger and "Min fars Have"- my fathers garden by textile designer Ellen Reitan . You can see more here or get a glimpse of Formland via Bree at Stylistdiva blog.

13 February 2009

Feels like spring

Today actually feels like the first day of spring - and there was even enough daylight in our living room to take some photos of my new spring-collages. In 2 weeks time the doors in our studio will be open for the public over the weekend - so I´m busy creating collages and new owls for this event. I´m also kind of nervous about the whole thing - since I´m not used to exhibit my stuff in public - but I know from experience that it´s important to challenge yourself now and then... so I´m doing it!

I´m also going to Frankfurt next week to visit Ambiente for the first time - and plan to return with lots of photos to share. Have a great weekend and a nice Valentines Day.

12 February 2009


All creative and genius readers - please please take a moment to watch Elizabeth Gilbert's funny and surprisingly moving talk from TED2009 about genius -who has it, how we manage it, and how we can connect with our own geniuses - and please spread her wonderful words.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author behind the bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love - which I highly recommend also.

Fundet via Eeze - min nye danske favorit blog - hvor jeg blandt andet bliver klog på hvordan man bruger sociale medier som facebook bedst.

11 February 2009


Can you tell how proud she was of her first handwritten birthday note -
for her cousins birthday. Just had to share - being a proud mother myself.

10 February 2009


I´m celebrating a lot of things these days - first of all I´m so happy that our family and friends have been blessed with 8 healthy babies during January. It´s time for a big welcome to Aksel, Luca, Anna, Lejla, Emil, Sophus, Selma + Louises´s babysister. I´m also celebrating that we have booked the restaurant for our summer/wedding party in August - which means I can start planning all the little details. I´m also celebrating that I drove our car all by myself last night while it snowed - there´s a first time for everything and I´ve decided that 2009 is the year I´ll start to enjoy driving - instead of dreading it.

What are you celebrating right now?
Photo by Etsy seller Bello Uccello

09 February 2009

Mariko Wada

I´m so curiuos to see Mariko Wada´s series of jars Software in real life one day since they have fascinated me for a while now. Mariko Wada is a Japanese Ceramist who has been living in Denmark since 1998 and received a degree from Designskolen Kolding in 2006. She mainly works with stoneware and uses various modelling techniques to focus on designs that appeal not only at the visual level but also have tactile attraction.
Don´t you just want to reach out and touch these jars?? I do!

05 February 2009

Add red - Fashion

It´s been a really interesting process for me to focus on the colour red - and the lack of it. And the result of my Add red week is that I´ve decided to buy the top to the left seen in Boligliv from Baum und Pferdgarten when it hit the stores - and also some more items in Coral colours - which seems to be really big this spring. It feels good to challenge one self now and then.

01 February 2009

Add red - Valentine cards

Eventhough I´m happily married now I have mixed feelings about the whole Valentines Day concept. But I do like the idea of sending love notes or loveletters - and these cards from Poppytalk´s Handmade wedding & valentine market made me smile. The different love messages are by Samantha Hahn, Lisa Congdon, Laurie Coyle, and roll and tumble press.

If you wish to make a sweet Valentine or Love statement for a special someone - these Iron-on Pillowcase Transfers by Creature Comforts are great!