16 December 2008

Wishing you a merry Christmas

I´m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We are ready now to go to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi Island and Koh Lipe in Thailand - and will be back in the new year after a long and warm holiday full of rest and new inspiration. Take care and take it easy.

Advent decoration by Ferm

I just discovered this beautiful advent decoration in Alt for Damerne, created by Trine from Ferm Living, who is also the women behind the wallpaper in the background. It´s a branch decorated with misteltoe and some homemade birds, made from this pattern, by Spoolsewing. So pretty.

15 December 2008

A little more Christmas

so here´s a glimpse of some of our decorations at home. As you can tell I just love snowflakes so off course I have to mention this snowflake design project by one of my favorite designers Marian Bantjes. We are busy packing - but I´ll be back tomorrow to say Goodbye and Happy Holidays.

11 December 2008

Handmade Holiday decorations

I´m todays guest at Bloesem - where I´ve written a small post and how-to guide about my handmade holiday decorations this year. I was inspired by some capice shells I had bought in Asia – but I think you can get hold of them almost everywhere – and I tried to transfer some of my photos and prints onto them – and really liked the combination of the delicate shell and the graphic prints. You can read more here.

10 December 2008

Simple & delicate ways to decorate

I´ve finished decorating our house for Christmas now - keeping it simple with lots of candles, snowflakes and cones - and I hope I´ll get a chance to take some photos soon. In the meantime I´ll just share these 2 wonderful ways to decorate your table, from Boligliv - and your white walls - source unknown. I´m thinking of doing something similar with our wall in the dinning room - since our painting will be part of this exhibition at Vejle Kunstmuseum untill April 09.

08 December 2008

New owls in my shop

I´ve just uploaded some new owls in my shop, there´s a Science owl, a Hippie owl, a Girly owl, and a Craft Room Owl which I would like you to meet. It´s not easy to take good photos with natural lightning at this time of year - but I did the best I could.

Our Christmas market this weekend went really well - we had about 400 guest in our little studio and we will do it again next year I think - you can get a glimpse of the market at our new studio blog.

04 December 2008

By Nord

This home above caught my eye in the november issue of Bo Bedre - because I really liked the scandinavian simplicity and the arrangment with the quince. When I read the article I discovered that this home belongs to one of my former co-workers a long time ago - and that she and a friend have started a new danish company named By Nord . They design and produce timeless home accessories of high quality and the bedlinen above is part of their first collection - needless to say I´m in love with the Squirrel print -arent you? Check out their collection here and see more photos from her home here.

03 December 2008

December is lovely

Here´s a glimpse of my little christmas decorations in the studio. The Snowman is by Medusa and the collage is by me and from the Chrismas Cards I´ll be selling this weekend at our Christmas Market here in Århus. The rest will be for sale in my shop after the weekend.

02 December 2008

Hand drawn furniture

My heart literally skipped a beat when I first saw this "hand drawn" carpet by the Swedish design group Front, made for an exhibition earlier this year at Spazio Rossanna Orlandi, photo nr.2.

But the price was way out of my reach - so I was so happy when I saw these "hand drawn" pillows yesterday from the new home collection by H&M - which will be launching soon and be online in february 2009. I think they will be more affordable and are now on my wishlist... I wonder if Front designed them?
You can see more from the new collection on Husmusen, or here.

01 December 2008

I like contrast

I like this mix of the GUBI-Chairs and the old table - and all the contrast in colours and shapes in both photos - both from the new issue of Rum magazine.

27 November 2008

I´m not dreaming of a white christmas...

I´m having one of those days today - so I just had to make a little reminder for myself of where I´ll be within 3 weeks time - so here´s a little sea and sun if you need some too... I sure do - and will stop complaining right away now - and start looking forward to our Christmas Holiday instead...

The Gift

Let me introduce you to the amazing glass-works by Karen Lise Krabbe. I went to the opening of her show, The Gift, this weekend, which is the first in a new STUDY series - organized by Glasmuseet in Ebeltoft. The titel The Gift refers both to her gratefulness for working with glass -but also to the way she has documented her working-process so carefully and specific that other glass-artist can use her experiments with different materials and continue from there...
I love the final result and the whole idea about sharing your knowledge - and I can highly recommend this exhibition that runs untill february. The top picture is of what the artist calls
" My 3D sketchbook" - it´s all the bits and pieces that didn´t make it through her critical process - but in my eyes they are all little treasures...

24 November 2008

Our little Christmas Market

It´s been quiet on my blog which means that I´ve been busy IRL. Busy making posters and invitations for our little Christmas Market in our studio - and you´re more than welcome!
Busy making a studio blog - about what goes on in & outside our studio - you can read it in Danish here. And busy making a facebook group about the the same subject - which you can join here.

And busy designing logo´s and Christmas cards, and busy trying to develop my little design studio, busy cleaning after we had a new wall put up in the studio, busy decorating for Christmas at home since Nanna couldn´t wait any longer - and busy getting all my projects ready before the 17.th of december where we are off for a long and warm holiday in Malaysia and Thailand full of rest!

16 November 2008

Visit to Aros

Today we finally got to visit our local art museum and to say hello to our painting! It´s was in great company and hung just opposite the Ferguson tractor made entirely from cardboard - so I´m sure it´s having a great time - while we miss it! Can you spot it?

There was a lot of cool stuff going on right now at Aros - and I really fell in love with the colours on this huge tiled floor... you should really go and have a look at it all yourself!
Sorry for spamming you if you read my blog through rrs-feeds - I´m still learning to post directly from my "new" mobile to my blog - and it´s not quite working yet...
P.s feet belongs to my daughter and my Mr.K

13 November 2008

Christmas market

I´ve been busy packing Christmas cards and making stuff the last weeks - to get ready for the Christmas Market at Bredallund this weekend - so if you are anywhere near Vejle please come by on saturday or sunday between 11- 17. (I´ll only be there saturday).
We are also having a Christmas Market at our studio the 6-7 th december but more on that later.

Sorry about the poor photo quality - but I´ve made some pretty shells with print this year and some snow crystal with Hama-beads - I make them with my daugther and it´s such a cosy thing to sit and do together - because eventually she will start talking about her day, her friends and share her thoughts while our hands are busy...
Kom og kig, køb - og sig hej på lørdag, hvor jeg deltager i julemarkedet på Bredallund ved Vejle. Jeg sælger mine julekort, uglecollager, til & fra kort, smukke skaller med print og snekrystaller der lyser i mørket... og der er mange andre lækre sager at finde.

Der er åbent 11-17 lørdag og søndag - men jeg er der kun lørdag - så kom og sig hej!
Og sæt X i kalenderen den 6-7. december hvor vi holder Julebazar på Kærlighedsstien - mere om det senere...

09 November 2008

Pattern design 2008

Like last year - I was asked to design the pattern for a silk scarf sold by the Danish Cancer Society. It´s 65x65 cm - in 100% silk and the price is 129 dkr, and now you can buy it in their webshop here. It´s always a litlle nerve-wrecking to see the final result - but I love how the colours came out in the final print.

My friend came by the studio the other day for some coffee and I snapped this photo of the scarf on her - since her outfit was a perfect match - and I also put together some items from the YouHeShe webshop which I would love to style it with.

I´m in Copenhagen untill wensday - for a magazine design conference - so see you later.

06 November 2008

Cones by Cori Kindred

I´m also inspired by the artwork and photos from artist Cori Kindred - I guess she has a soft spot for cones too - make sure to check out her website and Flickr.

05 November 2008

Norwegian Cones

I´m also inspired by these lovely cones, made by the Jeanette, from the Norwegian blog Fryd+Design, which I´ve recently added to my blogroll. I think she did a great job and love her photos too. I´m actually half-norwegian - which explains my crazy last name which no one can spell or pronounce - and in case you wonder my first name is danish/norwegian and pronounced like the english word "Sizzle".

04 November 2008

Soap Cones

How cute are these soap-cones by Giannarose - seen via Poppytalks great newsletter.
I first thought these soaps were made of white chocolate - yum- imagine that!

Cones inspiration

We have so many cones around our summerhouse - so last year I was looking for some ideas about how to decorate with cones and I couldn´t find any I liked. This year however I spot pretty cone-decorations everywhere - these above are from Rum and Bobedre.
I know it´s early for Christmas stuff - but I´ve got my hands full of christmas projects already - and the first Christmas market coming up this weekend at Bredallund near Vejle.

31 October 2008

My pink painting

My last post for Pink October - is about my favorite artist and my favorite painting by Søren Benhcke. I wrote about how much I wanted it here - 11 months ago - and then again here for Bloesem´s World Tour, saying "Inside my dinning room you will see this painting by Søren Benhcke, called Team Amour, from 2007, which I bought in the beginning of this year – it was love at first sight and I just had to own it eventhough I had never spend that much before on one single piece…"

Right now the painting is part of a solo-exhibition at our local art museum Aros - and if you live near Århus I highly recommend that you go and see his exhibition, CANDLE WITH HARE – in the West Gallery, 18. october – 07.december 2008.

Well right now the wall in our dinning room is a little bare - it´s amazing how much energy a painting can give to a room - and we all miss it. But I´m also extremely proud and happy to be able to share it with a larger audience. The painting means a lot to me on many levels -and I can only recommend to by art with your heart! - and share it. Also I wish to say that I bought it with my hard-earned money - not as an investment - simply because I had to own it. I also wish to say that our dinning room is only this clean and organized when a pro-photosession is beeing done...
Have a great weekend!

30 October 2008

James Gulliver Hancock

I´m not sure how I found the website of illustrator/artist James Gulliver Hancock - but I´m glad I did. Here´s some pink illustrations - but please check out his portfolio for more great stuff.
I can´t believe that October is almost over - is been so much fun to create posts about a special theme - that I´m already trying to think of my next theme - if you have any suggestions let me know - I´m thinking either Books/bookdesign or Squirrels & deers or Scandinavian design - what would you like?

29 October 2008

Pink Poladroid

Ohhh I´m in love with Poladroid - it´s a polaroid image maker - and look what magic it did to my photo of some dried "Beach Cabbage" (not sure if it´s the right word in english).

1. Download the free POLADROID application and launch it. (works only on Mac´s so far)
2. Drag & Drop your photos (in RGB)
3. Wait... wait.... wait again... or shake the picture.
Then look at or print your POLADROID picture - and post it on your blog or at the Poladroid Flickr-group.
Seen via Swissmiss

28 October 2008

Eyecandy from Amy Atlas

Here´s some wonderful Pink Eye Candy to drool over - all from Amy Atlas Events.