30 July 2006


Sen-Sen is based here in Århus, and the duo have been my favorite textile designers since I got this pillow 5 years ago. I love their use of colour and the quality of their fabrics, unfortunately their website is only in Danish but check out their Living collection anyway.

n.e.e.t Magazine

Just discovered this wonderfull grassroot magazine N.E.E.T. The brainchild behind it is UK based Stephanie J, and everything in the magazine is handpicked, designed and organised by her. N.E.E.T. began in December 2005 as a quarterly, online publication, laid out in a magazine format. It has direct links to homepages of the items, illustrations and photos shown and could be a great way for all you creative crafters to publish your work. Venus Magazine, March 2006: "N.E.E.T. is highly addictive.. you'll think you've stumbled upon NYLON's funkier, thrift-store chic little sister."

29 July 2006


I was eating soooo much wholesome food in Thailand and I´m trying to do the same back home - look what excellent and yummy designs I got at the market today...


The people behind Danefae, creates cool fashion with retro graphics inspired by friendly Danish stereotypes, such as vikings, little mermaids and herings - for tourist and residents. Their logo is so ugly that it must be meant as a joke - but somehow it works out because they carry out the retro style all the way.

28 July 2006

ferm wallpaper

More wallpaper again - I know - but I love the concept, the logo, the website and the name, ferm means clever/skilled in danish. ferm WALLPAPER originates from the graphic design agency, ferm, run by Trine Andersen. The first collection was launched in February 2006. The next Formland Fair is coming up from11-14 of August. It´s Scandinavia's largest Home Accessory and Gift Fair and I´ve decided to focus for the next weeks on some of my favorite Danish Designers that can be found there.

roommate - living with kids

Danish design duo RoomMate, alias Christine Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle, has created an innovative product line for children. The focus point is to create positive and stimulating settings for creative children's play. I heart their beanbag FatCat, and their new and very graphical dolls, Roomies. ( can only be found under the danish menu)

27 July 2006

banana graffitti

I´ve started to upload some of the photos from our summerholiday at my flickr page, so feel free to pop by!

26 July 2006


Here´s a glimpse of Singapore, we loved the Zoo, the Botanical Garden, Little India and the Kinokuniya Bookstore, which Imelda had recommended to me.

25 July 2006

more wallpaper -the collection

The Collection is a boutique that pushes luxury wall coverings closer to art. Wallpapers are hand-screened, embroidered and hand-coloured. One long, narrow piece shows huge piles of paperback novels another features a floor to ceiling stack of plates. I have a real stack of books in my livingroom, while we wait for the perfect storage solutions - any advice?

24 July 2006

back from Thailand

I´m back after a wonderfull holiday - and everything seems a bit blurred right now due to jetlag and travelling from one part of the world to another. I took more than 500 photos and will be sharing some of them with you soon.