29 January 2010

Working from home

I´ve been working from home the last couple of days - and enjoy my view from the dinner table and the company of my little creative assistent now and then... she is already quite clever when it comes to working in Illustrator - but also a little messy and she talks a lot - so next week I´ll be back in my studio.

If you look at the second photo you can see the artwork I posted about here - we got it as a wedding present this summer - love it.

I´m going to Copenhagen on saturday to meet up with a lot of Danish bloggers - and I´m sooooo looking forward to this.

28 January 2010

Donna Wilson

The lovely blanket and Cloud cushions in the moodboard are by talented Donna Wilson.

27 January 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

Ha ha - let´s see how the search engines react to this title! Well the thing is that our bedroom needs some love when it comes to the interior design, so I created this moodboard for the new look. Right now it´s all white and clean - and only decorated by the big world map with lots of blue and brown tones. I wish to add more softness and darker colours to the room and still like the colour combo of brown and turquoise -I´m also wondering if we should paint one wall in a dark chocolate brown, or gold or wallpaper it. Any suggestions anyone?

25 January 2010

Walk & Talk

Today I spent most of my workday walking & talking with a new client on her land. And what a perfect day for spending the day outside with clear blue sky, sun and crisp snow. Walking and talking is a great way to start a new project - especially in this case when the job is all about branding this little piece of heaven and the unique business she has started here. I´ll tell you more later...

22 January 2010

Daily Drop Cap

Did you see the Daily Drop Cap blog yet? It´s an amazing project by typographer and illustrator Jessica Hische. Each day she posts a new hand-crafted decorative initial cap for your enjoyment and for the beautification of blog posts everywhere. To use a Daily Drop Cap on your site or blog - like I just did here, just follow the instructions under each post - and remember to check out her great portfolio too.
Have a happy weekend.!

I could not resist

Last night I went to the opening of Kunst for Alle, here in Århus - to say hi to my studiomate Line. I fell in love with this collage by Marianne Markvad - and quickly convinced myself that I needed a present. (I´m really good at that ). So now it has a new home in my dinning room - Love it!

21 January 2010

Inside & Outside the studio

When it looks so grey in grey outside the studio - you just need some colours inside (and a pair of warm boots). The orchids are from Singapore airport - and the big striped Omaggio vase is by Kahler.

20 January 2010

Trends 2010 by bora.herke stilbüro

Last year I went to the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt and really enjoyed the trendzones and the trendtalk by bora.herke stilbüro. I will not be going this year - so I was happy to find 4 new 2010 trend interpretations by them. They are titled.
  1. present + everlasting
  2. crafted + original
  3. progressive + sensitive
  4. genuine + sincere
- and you can read more about each trend here at Ambientes website.

The one that appeals to me and my scandinavian roots the most is off course number 4. genuine + sincere.

14 January 2010

Joy on Automatism

You can find my guest post about Joy  today at the lovely and always inspiring Automatism Blog, by canadian collage illustrator Lori Langille.

My photo over there is made via Poladroid, and now you can also create perfect Polaroids for your Iphone via this application, Shake it Photo.

Illustration by Automatism.

13 January 2010

What type are you?

I went to see a psychiatrist today via Pentagram. You, too, can drop by his office to learn What type are you?.  Answer 4 simple questions and find out your "type," complete with a history lesson on that font. I was diagnosed as Cooper Black Italic - The password is "character." Have fun!

12 January 2010

Learn something new everyday

I just came across Learn Something New Everyday - a self initiated daily project by UK based design studio Young. I love all the fun facts and the simple drawings. And if your New Year resolution is to learn something new everyday - here´s the perfect answer!

11 January 2010

Glimpses of Thailand - Blues

The last post with photos from our trip are The Blues. As you can tell it was a very quiet and peacefull trip - and just what I needed to recover completely. Back home in Denmark is so cold and crisp - with lots of snow - and it´s so hard to get back to work again.... Life IS a Beach!
Singapore - Koh Chang - Koh Mak - Koh Kood - Bangkok.

09 January 2010

Glimpses of Thailand - MUTED

Here´s some photos with muted colours - and YES that´s my arm around the elephant - and NO I would never share my Pringles with a monkey! and also I think Nanna´s smile says it all!

08 January 2010

Glimpses of Thailand - RED

I´ve started to go through my photo from our wonderful holiday in Thailand - and I´ve decided to post some according to colours - so I´ll start with RED - because of the New Year! have a great weekend.

05 January 2010

Happy new year 2010

I´m back from Thailand - after a very relaxing and warm holiday. And I´ll start to to share some photos and words soon again -  this is just a quick note to let you know we are back - and to wish you a wonderful and happy happy 2010.