31 July 2007

Hoi An

We loved Hoi An - the old center is so pretty and quiet, with little traffic and only 4 km to a great beach - one of the days we went to the beach where the locals go - and was the only tourists around - don´t think I´ve ever experienced that before. Nanna created quite a stir due to her blond hair and pale skin - everybody just had to sit and stare at her for a while - or stroke her hair - or take her photo with their cameraphones - she didn´t enjoy it at all! Anyway Hoi An stole our hearts.

Halong Bay

After Hanoi - we enjoyed a small cruise in the beautifull and quiet Halong Bay, and on board I learned how to make vietnamese spring rolls - which is now one of my favorite dishes...


Here are a few glimpses from our trip.
Hanoi was hectic, hot, humid and charming and the traffic seemed hazardous -the numbers of mopeds in the streets was unbelievable.

30 July 2007

back in business

We are well back after a great trip to Vietnam and today is my first day back in business, and I´m feeling relaxed and full of energy - so yeah for holidays, sunshine and travelling!
I´ll post more pictures soon, this one is from a boattrip in Bangkok.

02 July 2007

Happy Holidays

Mr. K is a great travel planner so I´ve done very little research myself on our trip - but the other night I did a quick Flickr search on our destinations in Vietnam; Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hoi Ann and Puh Quoc - and these pictures came up and now I´m really excited!
I have some quite busy days ahead before leaving on Thursday - so this is my last post for the next 3 weeks - wishing you all a great summer - take care!

Virginia Johnson

Discovered Virginia Johnson at decor8 - and now I wish I could pack one of these beauties in my travelbag for Vietnam.

Flickr favorites

Just had to share some of my Flickr faves - such a great way to keep track of things that inspires you...