29 May 2008


I´m off to Budapest tomorrow with a group of 12 fun and crazy women - so I´ve been detoxing for the last 2 weeks - ( no wheat and sugar) to get in shape for Spa-treatments and too many drinks and cigarettes - hope you will have a fun weekend too... - see you next week.

27 May 2008

Afternoon in Aarhus

My post about Aarhus is featured on Bloesems World Tour today - so Friday afternoon I took some snapshots on the way home from my studio to our flat - to give you a little glimpse of "the Latin Quarter" which is my beloved neighborhood. Enjoy - and welcome to my blog and my city.

23 May 2008

Bloesen world tour in Aarhus

Last month I put together 2 posts about my favorite spot - and my favorite artist here in Aarhus, Denmark - for Bloesem´s wonderful world tour - and you can find them real soon at Bloesem´s blog. Hope you will enjoy them! - and a big thanks to lovely Irene for inviting me to be part of her world tour - it´s such a great idea and I´ve enjoyed visiting all the places so far. Other favorites of mine - are the spots we put up on the wall in the studio - it´s such a great and easy way to add a little colour - and please try this at home! We just painted some paper with acrylics, cut the circles out and stuck them on the wall with spray-glue. Happy weekend!

22 May 2008


I´m a citygirl - but for the last 3 weeks now we have been staying in our summerhouse due to the water leak in our apartment - and 2 nights ago we experienced some full-on-countryside -action! The area around the summerhouse is full of deer - and right now they have little Bambi-fawns. I have always wanted to see a fawn - so when we suddenly saw 2 deers and a tiny fawn outside the house I couldn´t believe my luck - I lifted my daughter up to show her the bambi - a true Kodak-moment! - and then seconds after the deers went nuts and started screaming/barking and tried to attack a huge fox that came out of nowhere and grabbed the fawn, standing between it´s mothers legs - and ran of with it - OMG!!!! - it was like something from National Geographics and the screams from the mother and the other deer was just so heartbreaking! We could hear them calling/barking for hours afterwards and so for the last 2 evenings I´ve been sneaking around the area like some kind of Pochahontas in search of the fawn! I haven´t found it yet - but saw a huge badger while searching - and I think our trip to Copenhagen this weekend will do me good - since Country living is too action packed right now!

To get the experience out of my system I created this collage yesterday - using images from Etsy - I hope the sellers don´t mind and their products are great so have a look here.
Fox by John W Golden, Fawn by Anomaly Jewelry, Victorian deer lady by therunnybunny.

21 May 2008

Enfant terrible

Just stopped by Enfant Terrible via Bloesem - and fell in love with the birdhouses by Tamar Morgendorff and the wallpaper birds and tree by Inke. Here in our city the streets are full of all kinds of children - both terrible and well-behaved with their grandparents since the Kindergarten teachers are on strike - and all the parents are pretty stressed out not knowing how long this strike will last...

19 May 2008

Line in Copenhagen

My studio-mate Line is having a solo-show in Copenhagen - and you are hereby invited!
You can also visit her new blog here.

Vandkunsten 13 - 1467 København K
Fredag den 23. maj kl. 16-19
Galleriet byder på et glas tempereret eller kølig fransk landvin,
og Line vil naturligvis være til stede og bidrage til den gode stemning.
Sidste dag tirsdag den 17. juni 2008.

15 May 2008

I like

All clothes from my favorite webshop Youheshe.com - t-shirt with print by Stine Goya.

the colour yellow

2 weeks ago we had a big water damage in our apartment - and relocated to our summerhouse right away - due to a foul smell and all the repairs going on. Luckily we rent the apartment and the weather has been perfect for some countryside living. Each day we pass these yellow rapeseed fields - and I believe you can't find a more pure yellow than this - the photos don´t do the colour or the smell justice - nor the sound of the tree cousins playing in the bunk beds.

09 May 2008

Inside & Outside the studio

Here´s some fresh photos from the studio - outside the appletrees are in full bloom now - and inside my inspiration board looks like this - and collages are in the making. Have a great weekend!

Mothers day card

I designed this card for Tigerprint´s competition last month - and with Mothers Day coming up it´s time to share... You can download an english version here - and a danish version here - just print, fold and cut - and you are all set! - and now that you got the card for free - you can make a donation to Maternity Worldwide - and save a mothers life here.

08 May 2008

White Lines

I just saw this idea at Springwise´s newsletter this morning - and it´s so genius and simple that you can´t help thinking "why did´t anyone think of this before?". Well - it took until the designer Olof Hansson was irritated because the lines on the copy made a mess of his sketch. "It was then that the idea of having white lines hit me. White lines would not be visable on a photocopy, but the dark lines that I had written would." Read more about White Lines great concept here.

05 May 2008

Studio in May

Spring has sprung - it almost feels like summer and the pear trees outside the studio are in full bloom - it´s very tempting to go outside - and just sit and watch Line paint -through the door.