28 February 2007


Here´s an update on my magical beanstalk which is truely magical, it not only grows so rapidly - it also says Knus & Kram - just as promised. I wonder how they printed these words onto a bean - I love magic like this!
I´m also busy updating my website with all the magazine- and logo designs I´ve done recently, and some new backgrounds for your desktop.

27 February 2007

minilabo wallstickers

I can´t decide which one of these designs I heart the most - the new moveable wallstickers from Minilabo made me smile :) For Danish distributor contact Waterquest.

26 February 2007

Proud mother

Is it just me, the proud mother, that sees an exquisite talent for color and composition here?!!! My almost 3-years-old daughter made these painting this weekend - as a present for her nursery teachers, since she is going to Kindergarden real soon! She made the first painting like this when she was about 16 months old - I always give the canvas a colored base and then put out some colors for her to play with. Here she overpainted my base color and painted with pens afterwards.

a little more fashion

Hmm.. coming to think of it I also read a Danish fashion blog, Cover - by the great fashion magazine by the same name. They recently wrote about SWASH, an English design duo, graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001 - I fell in love with their multicolor print to the right and also their website that´s so simple fun and fresh.

21 February 2007

Meet Miff

I don´t read that many fashion blogs apart from Shiny Shirrel, who does a great job on keeping up-to-date with the latest looks. But yesterday I discovered Miff - the most stylish rabbit on the blog - and her fashion blog will be a regular read from now - see why here.

20 February 2007

My spring garden

Since we don´t have a garden, I try to create a small one in my window sill at my design studio - Spagat. I always have fresh flowers there , and my new "project" is a magical beanstalk which I´m very curious about. My favorite card with a quote by Thoreau has been decorated with pink color by Nanna, which makes it even more wonderful - Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you´ve imagined.

19 February 2007

Mermaid missing

Yesterday and today is Fastelavn - Carnaval time in DK. Nanna made these decorated branches at the day nursery, and children are meant to wake up their parents sunday morning, by hitting the branches on the bed - well we forgot and she didn´t know! But what she knew already a month ago - was that she wanted to be dressed up as Ariel for Carnaval. I borrowed a wonderful mermaid costume for her, and today she left for the big dress-up party - in her normal clothes without even trying the costume... Well - I had seen it coming and know I was lucky last year when she had a favorite leopard sweater and I managed to smear a little long-lasting lipstick on her nose which lasted for almost 2 days!

17 February 2007

piece af art

This vintage cross stitched Calorie Chart was on a short visit in my studio - It´s so delicate and sweet I just had to share it - I also can´t believe someone actually took the time to embroider dietary guidelines - but maybe it was a very popular diet back then - keeping your hands busy. Here´s another great way to cross stitch your world.

14 February 2007

13 February 2007

blogtjek & post nr. 201

Nogle venlige sjæle fra Blogforum har gjort det muligt for danske bloggere at tilmelde sin blog til en lille læserundersøgelse - for at finde ud af hvem der læser med og hvorfor. Jeg vil blive rigtigt glad hvis du brugte 1 minut på at udfylde det lille spørgeskema, om hvorfor du læser min blog - så jeg bliver klogere og bloggen udvikler sig i den rigtige retning.
Gå til spørgeskema

Above is a link to a reader survey about my blog - it´s in Danish but you are welcome to give it a try!

Ferm Wall stickers

Yesterday I got an email with pictures of some of the new wall stickers by Ferm Living - and they are well worth sharing - you can see more stickers by Ferm here. I think they would work really well as window decorations also.

la marelle

This is the last post about my favorite finds at Formland - and La Marelle is a favorite. I love their graphics and their use of color - they also have a huge paper collection, with more than 200 postcards created by 31 artists. You will soon be able to spot me with my huge new bag...

ceramic jewellery

At Formland there was again a lot of handcrafted jewellery of porcelain and ceramics. I think Pia Daa´s work stood out and I liked her Valentines Day collection a lot and her "mushroom ring", and she has a webshop in English!

Formland -Trendzones

Frida from Cult design has made a great coverage of Formland with focus on the Trendzones. You can read her feature in English here at Designsponge or here at Cultdesign in Swedish, where she also writes about Pink-lemon´s trendzones, LibaryLounge and Inside/Outside - pictured above. I share my office with Pinklemon and it´s been fun to see their trendzones grow from sketches to real life full scale projects. Frida was also so kind to let us use her photo´s -thanks!

08 February 2007


Minilabo from France was another great discovery at Formland - I love their illustrations and felt toys.

Valentine Swap

This little heart is in the mail now - on its way to Texas, for Freepeoples Valentine Swap. Papercollage on canvas, using colorcopy of one of my photos, wrapping paper, ink, paint, glitterglue.

07 February 2007

SpagatShop Opening

I have a shop now! - an Etsy shop - and it´s full of hearts, all ready to go before Valentines Day - so you can give them away and spread some love! They are all handmade collages on canvas - 20x11 cm - with different kinds of hearts, all very delicate and a little scratched. Just click on the picture to see photos - a great feature from Goodwidgets. I´m looking forward to see you in my shop!

05 February 2007

andrea larsson

At DesignByUs´great stand at Formland I spotted stylist Andrea Larssons´ little wooden boxes -"Sættekasser" decorated with vintage wallpaper. This talented and lucky stylist must have a huge collection of vintage wallpaper somewhere.... Visit her beautiful website here or see her work in this new book "Rum der rykker".

Leather jewellery

A great find at Formland was these unique leather jewellery by snygg . The 2007 SnyggCollection is created with beautiful lamb and goatskins with metallic surfaces, in purple, turquoise, yellow, pink, red, green, grey, silver and gold. Above is my favorite flower and retro styles shown. Each piece of jewellery is handmade and individually put together by by vicki zoé ziska.