30 September 2008

It´s a GREAT day today

It´s a GREAT day today - found out this morning that Holly at Decor8 had written a wonderful post about her love of owls - and had featured some of mine and Line´s work on her blog - so welcome if you are a new visitor here - and thank you so much Holly!

Also my entry for Tigerprint´s Female Wrap competition was choosen as one of 4 runners up, in a competition with lots of great entries - here´s what they wrote. "Gorgeous colour palette which is really on trend. The fantastic repeat for the main print is really different and we would consider putting the leaf and berry outlines in a thin gold coloured foil for a luxury look. Really fab, well done".

And finally my shop has been updated with my Clouds&Quotes Cards. Since they are meant to be used both as greeting cards and little notes to oneself -I´ve decided that a set consist of: 8 cards (4x2) + 4 high quality envelopes in ivory. They are printet in sky blue and silver - and the front is coated with a matte finish. The back is uncoated so you can write on it with both pen or pencil. Price pr. set 25$ + shipping. See them all here.

Maybe I should buy a Lotto ticket on my way home - seems like I´m in luck! Hope you´have a great day too...

P.s Tomorrow 1st of October means the beginning of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and I´ll make it a PINK MONTH here at my blog - since breast cancer remains an issue close to my heart - will you join me?

When my home grows up...

When my home grows up - I would love it to look like this beautiful home from Vejle, DK in the latest issue of Bo Bedre. The article say about the couple, that she is in charge of the interior design and that he can use his veto power - which is very similar to how it works in our household. I like the mix of femine and masculine objects and I was also pleased to see the wooden bowl on the first picture... it´s very similar to the ones I just posted about.

And I also think that my new little best friend will fit right in - dont´you? I finally got my stuffed squirrel last week - I´ve had a crush on squirrels since I was a child - and it feels so right to have my own now - and I hope we will have some live ones around our summerhouse soon.

29 September 2008

Open House in the Studio

Here´s a little glimpse of our studio right now - a little collection of small paintings by busy Line -and an owl by me. If you would like to see more - then please come and visit us next weekend. My studiomate Line will be one of 181 professional artists who opens their studios to the public. So please come by our studio on Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th of October - between 11-17. More info here and on her website. I will be there all sunday - serving coffee and cookies...

26 September 2008

Wedding collage

Here´s another thing I completely forgot to post. Back in June I made this commissioned wedding collage. The collage was ordered by my sweet former trainee Katrine as a morning gift for her husband. I incorporated some images of things and lyrics important to them - since they are both into music. I think commissioned pieces are fun to do and a wonderful gift - but I realised it was so much harder creating a collage when I actually know the person well. But they loved it - and had a great wedding day.
Have a great weekend everyone.

25 September 2008

RikkaMai Stories

My favorite designer RikkeMai - just won Guldknappen - a danish fashion award - and it´s so well deserved - and I couldn´t resist posting these pictures from her Spring/summer collection 09 - which seems like something to look forward too. RikkeMai is also the woman behind the wonderful paintings in the background. One talented lady...

23 September 2008

My home 2 - Nanna´s room

Well - this is another part of my home... and a little less zen I might add. If you are a parent too you probably know this scenario. The top picture is from when my daughter Nanna was less than 2 years old - and I still had a chance to "control" her room and the amount of toys in it. After she turned 2 things got a little out of hand - (thanks to her uncle who works at Lego!) and the amount of toys and stuff have grown rapidly ever since - so now it looks more like the second picture... and my plan is now to make it look more like the last picture... I´ll keep you posted on the project - and if you have any good advice on how to spend less time clearing the clutter in a childs room- please feel free to share them with me.

My home

Here´s a little glimpse of my home - My friend has just started to sell these hand turned tree bowls and vases above - and I was testing if they would fit into my home - they will and they are on my wishlist. And after seeing lots and lots of stuffed animals on TheSelby.com I´ve decided that I need the stuffed squirrel I saw 2 weeks ago in a second hand store - and I´ll let you know if it´s still there...

21 September 2008

Meryl Smith

I´m also joining the Theselby.com fanclub now! - and was quite intrigued by artist Meryl Smith´s home and then checked out her blog and was even more intrigued by her artwork, like the Tea Shirt, the Excessory-baggage, and the Yarn deer headpiece for Benjamin Cho´s 2008 fall show - all shown above.

17 September 2008


I´ve completely forgotten to tell you that I´m also blogging now at the new danish site MyLiving. I blog about interior design with a focus on inspiration, design & creative ideas - it´s in Danish - but you can always enjoy the pictures and the links - and I´ll probably also start to post a little more on the same subject at this blog - hope you don´t mind?!
The top picture is the new sofa by Erik Jørgensen, designed by Hannes Wettstein which is high on my wishlist, and the items below is stuff that I would like to welcome in my home too.

16 September 2008

It´s a girl!

Ohhh! I had the best news today - and even cried with joy. My older sister who is expecting her third child in January was scanned today and told me they will be having a baby-girl. It will be wonderful to have a baby in the family again and I just had to look at Etsy for baby-stuff - and here are some things that would be perfect for a little Baby-girl right now. Wool Bird, Bunny Onies , Brown fawn, Acorn Babyhat and a Collage Owl by me.
January 09 will be the big baby-boom month - my sister, my half-sister, a friend in Milan and a friend in Århus will all be giving birth in January.

Line in Copenhagen - again

Soon our studio will seem very empty again - because Line will be going to Copenhagen this weekend with all her new paintings, for Art Copenhagen -The Nordic Art Fair 08. The art fair takes place in Copenhagen in Forum 19. - 21. September 08. You can meet Line and see all her new works at stand no 5678 and read more here . And if you´ll be going - please say hi to Line and her wonderful paintings.

14 September 2008

New cards

I designed these cards a month ago - with some of my favorite quotes at the moment - and when I saw this mug today my jaws dropped a little... but my cloud has a silver lining ´cause they are printed in blue and silver. I will add them to my little shop soon when I decide on a price - and I also plan to make some screen savers for free too - when I get around to update my website... When you buy cards like these - would you like them to come with envelopes or without?

12 September 2008

Looking forward to cover up

I´m looking forward to cover up soon - I actually prefer crisp and cold weather to warm and humid days. And I love big sweaters, scarfs and boots and I´m inspired by these looks from danish designers like Rutzou, Rikke Mai Stories, Jackpot and Inwear.
Have a great weekend.

11 September 2008


I took these photos this summer at dusk and mr. K thought I was beeing silly. I think I was beeing clever - and I love the way they turned out. What do you think?

10 September 2008

Humanoid AW 08-09

I love the styling of the new Humanoid Collection AW 08-09. My favorite cardigan is from Humanoid - and I´m dreading the day it falls apart when it´s worn to pieces - so isn´t that a perfect excuse to welcome some of these outfits into my closet !?

Rank &Yum

It´s getting darker outside - and it´s time for candles again - and these Glow Tubes by RANK & YUM are welcome in my home. RANK & YUM is a collaboration project between two of my favorite artists -the visual ideas of Venom Yum and the sculptural shapes of ceramic artist Lars Rank. Their first project is a collection of Glow Tubes - ceramic tubes with hidden decorations and patterns which will appear in the dark when a light is lit inside. And I just love their logo too.

03 September 2008

Owls for every room

The nursery owl is a gentle and wise little owl- that loves the sound of small feet and nursery rhymes. SOLD

The living room owl is a colourful night owl - that loves the sound of dinnerguest and lounge music. SOLD

The office owl is a quiet and clever little owl - that loves the sound of working typewriters/keyboards and people talking to themselves. SOLD

The craft room owl can be a real chatterbox and tends to get a bit messy - It loves the smell of glue and fresh flowers.

The kitchen owl is a curious and clever little owl - that loves the smell of homemade bread and stuffed mice. SOLD

The library owl is a little shy - but also a very wise owl - it loves the smell of books, pencils and fresh coffee. SOLD

All owls are made with a mix of japanese paper, vintage, wallpaper and paper with my own prints. They are mounted on a deep edge canvases 20 x 20 x 3 cm. The collages are finished with an acrylic clear glossy coat. All collages are one of a kind.

And you can buy them here in my brand new shop.

Hvis du hellere vil købe direkte ved mig istedet for via Paypal - så send mig en mail med din bestilling og så tager vi den derfra!

02 September 2008

Owl Collages on their way

I was busy last week making some collage owls - I had an order for 2 owls and thought I might as well create a few extra. The 2 bottom ones are gone - but tomorrow I´ll show you the 6 collages I have left - so get ready to hit the BUY NOW buttom .)

01 September 2008

lovely weekend in green and blue

This is what my weekend looked like - lovely summerdays in our summerhouse. Can you spot the fawn between the trees?