31 May 2006

My blog as graphs

Isn´t my blog pretty? I found this cool link here, where you can turn your website into graphs - have fun! Also my blog would be even prettier if I could work out how to make a header by adding some graphics - can anyone out there help??

29 May 2006

Sofie's bikeride challenge

My dear friend Sofie has just decided to raise £2,000. to Maternity Worldwide. We went to High School together and she now lives in Brigthon and is the mother of four lovely kids. She will by joining Maternity Worldwide's Ethiopian bikeride challenge this Autumn, and will be biking 350 km to visit the charity's Safe Mother projects in Gimbie for which she is raising funds.
The facts are compelling
-each year 585000 women worldwide die in pregnancy. This is comparable to a jumbo jet full of pregnant women dying every four minutes
-within Ethiopia the lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy is one in 14, in comparison to a risk of one in 16000 in developed countries
-in Ethiopia less than 10% of mothers are assisted by a skilled birth attendant, compared to nearly a 100% in the developed world
-as little as £15 will help ensure a safe childbirth in Gimbie, Western Ethiopia

Knowing Sofie I´m convinced she will achieve every goal she sets her mind to - I´m so proud to call her my friend and you can support her here!

27 May 2006

4 X about me

Time to introduce myself at Self Portrait Challenge...
4 names I respond to:
Sidsel, Sissi, Sysal, mom
4 jobs I´ve had:
Barista at a Restaurant in Florence, Cleaning at a hospital in Vejle, DK
Babysitting in New Zealand, Working as a grapich designer in DK
4 places I´ve lived:
Basel, Schwitzerland. Højer, Denmark.
Florence, Italy. Christchurch, New Zealand
4 TV- shows I love:
Friends, Sex and The City, Desperate Housewifes, Lille Nørd.
4 places I´ve vacationed:
Thailand, Fiji, Lapland, Greenland
4 of my favorite dishes:
anything Thai, anything Italian,
anything organic, anything prepared with love
4 sites I visit daily:
TV2.dk, Morgendagens heltinder,
Oh Joy, Designsponge + many other blogs!
4 languages I speak:
Danish, English, Italian, German

17 May 2006

watermelon carwings

I´m off to Berlin - enjoy these in the meantime.

16 May 2006

going to the zoo

This weekend we went to a zoo close to Aarhus, that has just gotten 4 new Icebears.
Wauhh they were huge and so was their surroundings, with lots of water and ice. This photo is of the biggest male, Nanok, he did this thing with his nose, and I imagine him saying just like Joey from Friends " Hey! How are you doing?"

15 May 2006

selfportrait challenge - introduce yourself

I´ve been thinking about doing self-portrait challenge for quite a while now, and since I enjoy my Illustration Friday challenges so much - I decided to give it a try, eventhough I don´t like beeing too private in my blog or having my picture taken...
But the photo above was so much fun doing and turned out so fine that I felt like sharing it. I´m the photographer in our household and I sometimes miss having great pictures of me and my 2-year old daughter together. What I like about this one is how it captures my wish to be both a creative person - and a great mum.


On thursday I´m off to Berlin for Typoberlin 2006. This years theme is Play - and I´m looking forward to be playing along... the program looks really good, and this iclip by some of the speakers is worth playing...

11 May 2006


Inspired by last weeks topic, fat, at Illustration friday! Here´s a fat chair ( can´t remember where I saw it, so let me know if you know who did it!) and a fat car by erwin wurm born in austria in 1954, seen at designboom.

wooster collective

Came across Wooster collective yesterday - a blog dedicated to street art around the world. I love when people think outside the box and make solutions that makes you smile - like these ad´s do.

10 May 2006


I just finished this book - which I really enjoyed. As a graphic designer I admit to judge a book by it´s cover - what else is there to judge it by when you haven´t read it!? I really liked the Danish cover, made by Sukker - at Amazon I found the US cover and I was quite surprised to see how differently the story is interpreted visually. Having read the book I can understand them both - but I would never have picked up the US edition. Please share your thoughts!

09 May 2006


I just love these pillows from Livingstones- there so well done and so much fun. I saw them at Designsponge - a great designblog!

08 May 2006

sunday walk

Photos from a walk in my local wood yesterday - funny how the wonder of spring keeps surprising you year after year - the beeches are so green and fresh that you wish to eat them and the anemones so perfect you wish you designed them.

05 May 2006

happy weekend

A happy weekend ahead with sun and Design market at Lynfabrikken, a great spot here in Aarhus. Check out their website and all the cool stuff they have, like textile from Pernittengryn, and ceramics from Fabula, Clayfever and Casalinga.

under the sea - illustration friday

So far this is my favorite topic from Illustration Friday, and today I went to a Photoshop seminar - so it was the perfect occasion to try some of the new features I learned earlier today. Again done real quickly late at night, cause the weather has been so wonderfull today...

04 May 2006

camera tossing

This is new to me - and looks like fun, I will read instructions carefully though, before I dare to toss my new digital camera. Here´s a showcase photo-blog for the "best of" camera tossing and a how to guide, and a Flickr photopool here.

03 May 2006

Robert Rauschenberg + me

I love Robert Rauschenberg and I can´t wait to go and see his exhibition this weekend at our local art museum, Aros.
Robert Rauschenberg On and Off the Wall focuses on paintings and sculptures from the 1980s to the mid 1990s, when he set about exploring the reflective, textural, sculptural and thematic possibilities of metal. The materials used include found metal objects - often scrap metal - and his own photographs, silk-screened on panels of steel, aluminium, bronze and copper. The exhibition presents a total of 79 works.

02 May 2006

my favorite colours

this picture actually contains all my favorite colours - and yes I love to photograph flowers!

I´m back from Firenze

I´m back and so full of wonderfull food and impressions.
My gift will be a wedding album and here are some of my shots.
Look at that cake - it was huge and delicious!