28 February 2008

Bird nerd

Outside my new studio is a wee garden full of birds - so yesterday I studied my beloved vintage Birdbook to do some research for my next collagebird, I wanted to make a "spring-bird" instead of the owl - and then today I stumbled upon Bird Nerd via Decor8 - and could see that "my idea" had already been done perfectly - and I got a bit disillusioned! Does that happen to you too sometimes?

27 February 2008

Path of Love

Today is my first workday in my new studio - and you will not believe the amount of paper I´ve moved and thrown out during this move... but my sore legs has no problem believing it! I´ll share some pictures soon so you can see my new and bright surroundings. You can see my new adress above on my new Moo-cards which I got when I upgraded to a Flickr pro account recently. Kærligshedsstien means Path of Love - and I´ve always loved that name and this little path/passway in the middle of town.

24 February 2008

Copenhagen Fashion week 2008

This is not a fashion blog- but I´ve followed Copenhagen Fashion Week which ended last week, through Cover´s blog - and I couldn´t resist pulling togethe some of my favorite outfits. The first 2 rows are by Won Hundred,and Rützou, and it seems like black is the new black - especially if you mix lots of different materials. Personally I was happy to see that purple is still going strong, at Stine Goya and Malene Birger and that some designers like Henrik Vibskov still remembers to play - don´t you just love that green and algee-like catwalk. While Copenhagen tries to brand itself as '5th fashion capital' after New York, London, Paris and Milan, clothing exports have now become Denmark´s fourth largest export (after machinery, meat products, dairy products and pharmaceuticals.) Pretty impressive - and this is what people in my city wear.

22 February 2008

Nerdy blogstuff

I enjoy when someone can explain how things really work - because a lot of stuff is just hard to grasp being a right brain person - like airplanes, fax-machines and the internet :) So I love this piece of info-design from Wired that explains The Life Cycle of a Blog. And I also love these videos from Commoncraft that explains rss-feed in common English and social bookmarking.
I alos enjoyed this piece about Mapping the Culture of an Online Community describing the archetypes and their attributes. All via wemind´s blog.

20 February 2008

My new workspace

I´m in the middle of moving into my new studio, see photo in the circle - so I´m busy packing and putting together Ikea furniture in between jobs. I will post pictures of the new space when we are all done - and also tell you a cute little story about the building then. My move is partly because I wish to combine my collages and graphic design more - and hopefully I´ll succeed to do this in my new surroundings which will be a combo of an office-space and studio-space - I´m a lucky girl right! I need a new name to add to Spagat - like Spagat-lab or Spagat design studio - instead of Spagat - grafisk design bureau - and if you have any good suggestions please leave a comment.

The collage above is made a saturday night at a friends dinnertable - drinking wine, chatting, flicking through magazines - and trying to visualize how I wish my new worklife to look. I highly recommend this exercise if you wish to make a move or a change in your life. If you can dream it you can do it!

A dynamic design duo + new blogs

It was love at first sight when I saw the pillow, top row, middle designed by Meyer-Lavigne a Danish design collective. Meyer-Lavigne mainly designs a wide variety of products for the home, as vases, bowls, cushions and bedding. Besides their own line of porcelain, they take on assignments for both bigger and smaller design companies. They also do some great
stylist and free-lance writing for different style magazines, with a focus on interior design and interior decorating. Check out their new website here.

I´ve also recently discovered 2 new danish blogs in english, that share my interest & taste in design and stuff - and I think you´ll enjoy them too. The first is Carpeitem written by Svanna, who originates from The Faroe Islands but lives in Copenhagen. The second is Copenhagen Collage created by Mette and Karline. Mette is a full blood creative dane and a print & pattern designer. Karline is a halfbreed American, born and raised in Seattle to a danish mother and american father and a novice illustrator, multimedia artist, and expert shopper & city scout. Their motto is: to inspire is to give, to be inspired is to live. I met Karline in person in Copenhagen 2 weeks ago for coffee and a long talk about design, blogs, passions and ideas and I´m sure their blog will be an interesting future read and I´m always happy to welcome new danish design blogs in English.

15 February 2008


Another thing I´ve been dying to share with you is
Wallcollection which is a collaboration between Trine from Ferm Living & Mikkel from BechBox (also part of the Grib-project). They have just launched Wallcollection – made-to-measure designer wallpapers. The designs above are by the artists: Mette Løber, Julia Rothman, Wendy Plovmand and Emil Kozak - they also have a section where you can custom your own wallpaper. HAve fun and have a great weekend!

Textiles from Ferm Living

Trine Andersen, the founder of Ferm Living was part of our local Grib project - and ever since I saw some of her new textile products in her studio in january - I´ve been dying to share them with you, because they are just as fresh and spot on! as the rest of her products. You can see them on the website here - and if you live in the US you can find the more info here.

14 February 2008

Happy Valentines day <3

Valentines Day is not so big here in DK - but it never hurts to spread a little love - and tell someone that you love them - so Happy Valentines Day to you all - and to my Mr. K. <3 Lets celebrate it with this wonderful song, One and Only by Teitur which means a lot to me - I hope I can somehow convince Teitur to come and play it at my wedding some day... My cousin made this cute video together with Teitur some time ago - so I know who to call - and tomorrow I will go and see him playing live I think.

13 February 2008

Joy Sikorski

Easter is comin up real soon - so here´s a How to Draw a Daffodil and a How to Draw a Rabbit by Joy Sikorski. Joy is the creator of 2 of my favorite books How to Draw a Radish - and other fun things to do at work, and How to Draw a cup of coffee - and other fun ideas for home and garden. If you don´t know this special lady please visit her website - or read this interview with her. For me personally she was a real eye-opener when I first saw hers books in San Francisco 10 year ago. I was so delighted to discover that there are people like her in this world and publishers like Chronicle Books brave enough to publish her, and a market big enough to appreciate her way of playing, drawing and dreaming. Mind you - this was long before the days of blogging - so finding a creative soulmate was more rare back then...

If you are looking for new creative soul-mates or blogs, then Creature Comforts has put together an amazing visual guide to all the best design and style blogs out there. Start here.

10 February 2008

2 x princess

Just had to share these darlings with you - Fastelavn/Carneval was 2 weeks ago and unlike last year, this year nothing could stop Nanna from dressing up as a princess - off course... Here she is with cousin Olivia, and a cheeky birthday boy in the background...
I´m always a little paranoid about posting pictures of my daugther - but since friends and family are regular readers here too - I have chosen to do it anyway. What´s your opinion? What would you do?

05 February 2008

Nice clients = Nice flowers

As I said earlier - last week was extremely busy at my studio - I designed/shipped off all in all 24 + 12 +20 + 152 pages for printing - and consumed far to much cola, coffee and cigarettes!! So today I stopped smoking again, signed up for yoga classes, had brunch with a wonderful group of women and recieved these gorgeous flowers from a happy client - so now I´m back on track! Watch more examples of the power of flowers here and here :)

03 February 2008

DIY - Typecase

I´m still here and here´s the result of my lastest DIY-project - a modern take on a typecase - a tray or box for storing printer's type. In this case it´s for storing my 6-year-old nephew´s collection of cars and Lego-men and it´s inspired by these made with vintage wallpaper. I don´t have a huge collection of vintage wallpaper so instead I used a mix of wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazine clippings and some of my own prints - and I had a lot of fun putting it together. I´m making 4 typecases all in all - the next 2 are for girls and I´ll post some pictures later. It´s a fun and simple project to do - and all you need is a little patience, a typecase, some paper and Decoupage glue.