30 April 2008

Clothes to match

Just came by Rigetta Klints website - and thought her new Spring/Summer 08 collection matches the room underneath so perfectly I just had to share.

29 April 2008

Room I heart

I heart this room from Singapore with it´s mix of danish and japanese furniture and the painting by Eric Chan. It´s from the second issue of RUM - a new danish interior magazine that I immediately subscribed to after reading the first issue. You can get a preview here - and if you wish to get your hands on our own copy - just leave a comment - I´m always ready for a international magazine swap!

24 April 2008

patterns & project

This week I´ve been working with patterns for a project - and I´ve had patterns on my mind for the last days - so here´s some mobile pics of patterns in my studio at the moment. We love our new pillow - in the middle from MeyerLavigne who have started a great blog recently. I´ve also had a studio visit from a little bird, who just walked in through the door the first time, and the second time it just flew in for a quick visit - so cute. Tomorrow the studio will be full of guest and food and we are busy preparing for the reception - so see you next week.

23 April 2008

You are invited!

This friday, 25th of April we will host a small reception for our friends, families, clients and networks - so if you are curious to see my new space or studiomate - or just wish to say hi! -please feel free to pop by - between 3pm - 6pm - for a chat, a snack and some vino!
- and for those of you who are not so close by - I´ll post some pictures later.

16 April 2008

Back again

We are back after a perfect trip - with lots of tasty food - and it´s so hard to start cooking again after a holiday in Italy - because everything here seems so bland. Why can´t I have Antipasto misto del mare everyday for lunch or a bruschetta con melanzane? And why is it raining all day here? - when the sun is already out and hot in Italy - and why don´t we have lemontrees and the sweet smell of almond trees here? I have lived in Italy when I was younger - and I´m not sure I could live there again - but I would really like to incorporate a few Italian things into my daily life in Denmark - but Berlosconi is surely not on that list - I just can´t believe his back again.
Tomorrow is holiday here - so this was a short week - I´ll post some holiday shots later.

11 April 2008

Procida - here we come

We will be spending the next 4 days right here - it was my birthday present from Mr. K - who knows how much I love this little island close to Napoli. It´s the 3rd time I´ll visit this little gem - and I look forward to sit on our terrace sipping white wine and just looking at the sea and the horizont - and the little fishing boats coming in and out. It´s a very quiet and healing place with a wonderfull smell of lemontrees, pizza and the sea. I´ll be back here on wensday - a presto!
It´s the Island where the movies Il Postino/the Postman - and The Talented Mr. Ripley was filmed - see more photos here or a movie here.

09 April 2008


My dear cousin sent me this picture some weeks ago - and now it sits on my inspiration board. The text says " Make dreams reality" and it was such a great gift eventhough it´s just a picture cut out from the back of a cereal box - but it´s also picture of one of my dreams. And ever since my daughter was a baby and I would walk for hours with her in her pram - or put her to sleep in it outside - the last is quite common here -I have dreamt of a having a pram of my own - and I was happy to see that somebody else out there shares that dream. See what I mean?

08 April 2008


I was looking through some of my old photos this morning -and found this beauty. I upgraded to a Flickr Pro account recently - but I´m still way behind on organizing my photos - both my digital ones and my old printed ones. I sometimes wish that I would break a leg or something - so that I can just lay in bed for a week and organize them - and create photobooks - but then again you should be carefull what you wish for - so instead I wish for a weeks free-time to organize them! And I also wish for a Polaroid camera when I visit Jen´s Polaroid blog or her Flickr.

03 April 2008

Studio update

It´s been a quiet week at my blog - which means it´s been a busy week in my studio - and in between magazine design and logo design I´ve managed to paint and experiment a little as you can see. Guess it was about time to give you a small glimpse of my new space - I´ll post more photos once we are all set - because our interior is completely Ikea Hacker worthy. It´s also been a week full of lovely surprises - I received an Indian surprise packet from lovely Sabine, and I won some amazing Orla Kiely stationary at Decor8. It was a random draw - but here is my winning entry anyway - with links to decor and stationery stores in my city and around. Enjoy!
Aarhus - my city: