31 October 2008

My pink painting

My last post for Pink October - is about my favorite artist and my favorite painting by Søren Benhcke. I wrote about how much I wanted it here - 11 months ago - and then again here for Bloesem´s World Tour, saying "Inside my dinning room you will see this painting by Søren Benhcke, called Team Amour, from 2007, which I bought in the beginning of this year – it was love at first sight and I just had to own it eventhough I had never spend that much before on one single piece…"

Right now the painting is part of a solo-exhibition at our local art museum Aros - and if you live near Århus I highly recommend that you go and see his exhibition, CANDLE WITH HARE – in the West Gallery, 18. october – 07.december 2008.

Well right now the wall in our dinning room is a little bare - it´s amazing how much energy a painting can give to a room - and we all miss it. But I´m also extremely proud and happy to be able to share it with a larger audience. The painting means a lot to me on many levels -and I can only recommend to by art with your heart! - and share it. Also I wish to say that I bought it with my hard-earned money - not as an investment - simply because I had to own it. I also wish to say that our dinning room is only this clean and organized when a pro-photosession is beeing done...
Have a great weekend!

30 October 2008

James Gulliver Hancock

I´m not sure how I found the website of illustrator/artist James Gulliver Hancock - but I´m glad I did. Here´s some pink illustrations - but please check out his portfolio for more great stuff.
I can´t believe that October is almost over - is been so much fun to create posts about a special theme - that I´m already trying to think of my next theme - if you have any suggestions let me know - I´m thinking either Books/bookdesign or Squirrels & deers or Scandinavian design - what would you like?

29 October 2008

Pink Poladroid

Ohhh I´m in love with Poladroid - it´s a polaroid image maker - and look what magic it did to my photo of some dried "Beach Cabbage" (not sure if it´s the right word in english).

1. Download the free POLADROID application and launch it. (works only on Mac´s so far)
2. Drag & Drop your photos (in RGB)
3. Wait... wait.... wait again... or shake the picture.
Then look at or print your POLADROID picture - and post it on your blog or at the Poladroid Flickr-group.
Seen via Swissmiss

28 October 2008

Eyecandy from Amy Atlas

Here´s some wonderful Pink Eye Candy to drool over - all from Amy Atlas Events.

24 October 2008

Weekend Greeting

Here´s a Happy Weekend greeting from me to you! It´s created via Polyvore - a great website that lets you mix and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. It´s a great tool for people who don´t have fancy design programs installed like photoshop etc. - and it´s also a great timewaster.

23 October 2008

Photos by Gaelle Le Boulicat

I just discovered the website of the french photographer Gaelle Le Boulicaut - she works for a lot of international magazines and for danish magazines like BoBedre and Rum - and I recognized the bottom picture with the kids from Rum - isn´t it just great! and I also picked some pink samples for you to enjoy.

Pumpkin season

It´s pumpkin season and I´m not a fan of big fat orange pumpkins - but all these projects above from Hallmark and Martha Stewart are so funny or pretty that I feel inspired to start carving. If you are really ambitious when it comes to pumpkins then check out these photo carvings.

22 October 2008

Adopt an Owl

A few weeks ago we had a visit from a professional photographer in our home and in the studio - and this is one of the only results I can share - since the shoot is not published yet. I did the styling - and I´m very pleased with how my little owl collage looks in my home - but I would be even more pleased if I could find a new home for it -my shop is always open you know!

21 October 2008

Pink weddings

They say that good things comes to those who wait... and while I wait - I enjoy visiting Style Me Pretty - a wedding blog full of eye candy and pretty flowers and DIY-wedding ideas. I just discovered that they did a week of breast cancer awareness posts last week with lots of pink weddings. Enjoy

Silicone Planters

I´m back after a very relaxing holiday on Mallorca and ready to continue my Pink Month here with these Silicone Planters by the american artist Paula Hayes. They will be perfect for my ( and any) future garden and have been on my wishlist for quite a while now.

11 October 2008


I was tagged recently by Sia - so here are my 11 answers and 11 photos from my home which tell you a little more - I tried to focus on the pink parts in our home but ran out of pink stuff in the end....
I´m having a small holiday next week - so feel free to grab the tag from here if you want to join the fun - and please leave a comment if you do!
1. Clothes shop - Magasin - a Danish department store - with long opening hours and a mix of different brands.
2. Furniture shop – Ikea, Bolia, Moebelbasen.dk
3. Sweet - Italian Vanilla Ice cream or milk chocholate - but I prefer salty stuff like chips and nuts.
4. City – Aarhus- where I live. Berlin, Barcelona and Bangkok- all places I like to go to.
5. Drink – water, weissbier, tons of tea, Moscow Mule or Mojitos.
6. Music – lots of old stuff currently since we are going all digital and are transfering all our cd´s to Itunes and Ipods - but I enjoyed relistening to Lisa Ekdahl, The The, Kent + Massive Attack.
7. TV Series – Dr. House, Grey´s Anatomy, Desperate Housewifes
8. Film – The Piano, Il Postino, The Mole.
9. Workout - yoga, biking around town and running in the weekends.
10. Pastries - Rosenbrød or cookies.
11. Coffee – I really prefer tea - and an espresso now and then if I know it´s made well.

10 October 2008

Anétmai collages

My friends from Anétmai are not only a talented graphic designduo - and members of our local Grib project - They have also entered a co-operation with the Danish Cancer Society in their fight against breast cancer this year.
”We were contacted by The Danish Cancer Society about a co-operation on the artistic level. This makes us feel very honoured as designers, for we are grateful if our works can contribute to drawing attention to breast cancer. That is why we agreed to design two works, which can function separately, but together as well,” explains the girls behind Anétmai
The pictures can only be bought at shop.anetmai.com, and only in the period 15th September till 15th December 2008. Each picture costs 695 Danish kroner, out of which Anétmai and co-operating partner Knud Høi will donate 300 per sold picture.

09 October 2008

Pretty in Pink

I know that one day my dream of my own wonderful garden will come true - and in the meantime I´ll enjoy city life and keep planning what to plant in it . The first stop for all lucky garden owners or planners should be Blomsten & Krukken - a danish webshop specialized in new and exiting flowers and plants with pretty foliage. I love pink and purple flowers and would go for some of these above.

08 October 2008

Pink Autumn

Lovely pink autumn pictures from SkonaHem´s website - make sure to sign up for their newsletter - it´s very inspiring! Busy day today at the office - with little time for blogging. See ya!

07 October 2008

Bake your friends a cake

I just love this illustration by Copenhagen based VenomYum - and make sure to check out the website full of goodies. The title says: Bake your friends a cake - you never know when they are gone.
And a Happy Birthday to 3 of my friends today!

05 October 2008

This years "breast cancer awereness" print in DK

Here´s the print for this years Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Denmark. This year Julie Storm is the woman behind the design and I think she did a great job -you can see all the products here - or in the shops all over Denmark this month.

I designed the print last year - and hope this will inspire others to use their creativity and talents to support an issue close to their heart.

03 October 2008

Eco-bag illustration

I just designed this print for a Jackpot´s Eco-bag competition - the pattern is based on a photo taken with my mobile phone... and the flowers are from outside my daughters kindergarden...
Have a great weekend and please come and visit our studio this weekend!

01 October 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Get ready for lots of pink posts here during October - and feel free to grab my buttom to the right if you want to join the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Actually it´s an International event and please leave a message if you plan to go Pink for October too.