31 October 2008

My pink painting

My last post for Pink October - is about my favorite artist and my favorite painting by Søren Benhcke. I wrote about how much I wanted it here - 11 months ago - and then again here for Bloesem´s World Tour, saying "Inside my dinning room you will see this painting by Søren Benhcke, called Team Amour, from 2007, which I bought in the beginning of this year – it was love at first sight and I just had to own it eventhough I had never spend that much before on one single piece…"

Right now the painting is part of a solo-exhibition at our local art museum Aros - and if you live near Århus I highly recommend that you go and see his exhibition, CANDLE WITH HARE – in the West Gallery, 18. october – 07.december 2008.

Well right now the wall in our dinning room is a little bare - it´s amazing how much energy a painting can give to a room - and we all miss it. But I´m also extremely proud and happy to be able to share it with a larger audience. The painting means a lot to me on many levels -and I can only recommend to by art with your heart! - and share it. Also I wish to say that I bought it with my hard-earned money - not as an investment - simply because I had to own it. I also wish to say that our dinning room is only this clean and organized when a pro-photosession is beeing done...
Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Det ka jeg godt forstå du har købt. Det er fantastisk! Lige noget for mig...får mig til at tænke i retning af Michael Bevilacqua og TalR!?
(Og super cool du "lige har lånt det ud dér!")