30 January 2009

Add red - stuff

Well I did some more research at home - because with a girl in the house there´s gotta be some red stuff - so look what I found in Nanna´s room today. I was inspired by this collage by Etsy seller A view to. And I´ll add it to Camilla´s Organized Collections Set on Flickr.

If you want more red - please have a look at this amazing set of pictures from the celebration of the Chinese New Year around the world on 26th of january - celebrating the year of the OX - the sign representing solemn hard work and prosperity!

28 January 2009

Add red - interiors 2

YES - I just checked again - there´s nothing red in my home apart from a box and the toy kitchen - so I´m posting some more interiors with different amounts of red for inspiration! All from the latest flash-issue of Boligliv, BoBedre, Rum and Living Etc.

27 January 2009

Add red - Interiors

There´s no red stuff in my home - apart from my daughers toy kitchen. But I really like the little touch of red in all these interiors from Desire to Inspire and the artwork by Trine Lund in the first picture. How red is your home?

P.s My sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl this morning & I´m so happy!

26 January 2009

Add red - Singapore

Things have gotten back to normal a little bit too quick after the Holidays - with colds and the flu and grey colours outside - so here´s a few snapshots from our days in Singapore - one of them was spent in Singapore Zoo - which it´s such a great and lush place to wander around with or without kids - and a visit to Chinatown for dinner and some shopping afterwards is always fun.

This is the first post in my new ADD RED WEEK here at my blog - old posts here. I know it´s good feng shui and all - but red is a colour that just doesn´t come easy to me. So this week I´ll add red everyday here at the blog. Feel free to join in and leave a comment if you do. please.

23 January 2009

Studio in January

Here´s what the studio looks like in January- our calender is slowly getting filled with new projects and places to go. There´s also been a constant flow of fresh flowers both here and in my home after I announced my marriage :) So nice!

And Line has left the building for the next days - and taken all her paintings with her to the Art Fair this weekend in Århus - so it feels very empty in the studio. But on my blog things are happening - for the first time in my 3 years of blogging I now have more Danish readers than international readers - thanks to a nice mentioning of my blog in the new issue og Boligliv. Thank you.

Velkommen til nye danske læsere - jeg håber I bliver hængende lidt, får lyst til at vende tilbage og opdager en vidunderlig og inspirerende verden via de mange links.

22 January 2009

Le petit atelier de Paris

A visit to Le Petit Atelier de Paris is now on my wishlist - how can one resist a shop with such lovely window decorations and products like the ones above.. Here you can visit the shop or the blog. I found it via Designsponge´s regional roundup Paris created by Anne who has done a great job selecting some great and interesting designers - and it seems like France/Paris is in a really crafty and creative mood right now when it comes to design with a female touch.

20 January 2009

Marianne Grønnow

I linked to Danish artist Marianne Grønnow´s work in my previous post - but in case you missed the link here´s another painting and a gigantic papercut by her talented hands. Enjoy!

14 January 2009

New year resolutions 2009

This collage sums up my new year resolutions for 2009.
Eat healty. Pray more. Love more. Dance more. Paint more. More Silence and No Smoking.

This weekend I held a workshop in our studio for a group of female friends, who all made visonboards for 2009. Both the process and the results were so wonderful - and I´m planning on making more workshops like this in 2009. You can get a glimpse at our studioblog here.

12 January 2009

We are married!

Ohhhhh - I been looking forward to share this with you - and now that our friends and family have received the news about our marriage - I guess I can share it here too.
We got married secretly on the 12th of December at the City hall here in Århus - and exchanged wedding rings at the beach in Thailand the 30th of December and had a very private dinner with some close friends from home afterwards. It was perfect to do it this way since Thailand is "our place" - and we will throw a big party in the summer 2009 for friends and family here in Denmark- so it will be 3 events all in all - pretty clever right?

09 January 2009

Happy new year 2009

Hi again - we are back after a wonderful trip - my jetlag is over and I´m almost ready to start blogging again. I´ve spend so much time the last weeks just looking at the Andaman Sea at Koh Lipe and my mind is still there - still gazing at all the blue colours which I love so much. I wish you a wonderful new year 2009 - and I look forward to share it with you here.