17 July 2008


I´m having a blog-break - and a holiday - full of rest, long summernights, time in a hammock, eating berries fresh from the farm, watching clouds passing by. And enjoying the summer flowers and butterflies - just like my little friend The Mole above and here. Hope you will have a great July too - I´ll see you in August.

My final superheroes

I finished my GRIB-challenge last friday - so here is my superhero - Super Sofie. I had a lot of fun putting together my inspirationboard above and creating this new character. The final artwork is presented as a bookcover as you can see - and a friend made a wonderful rhyme for the cover based on my ideas. So all I need now is to work on the stories, the illustrations and find a publisher...as if I didn´t have enough project going on already... but first of all I need some rest and a holiday.

08 July 2008

Superhero process in progress

I hoped this fairy would wave her magic wand over me this weekend - so I could draw exactly what was in my head - I draw way too little these days and I´m a bit rough around the edges - but here are some sketches for my little super hero - Super Soffie!

06 July 2008

pressed flowers

Here´s our weekend projects. Nanna and I have been collecting and pressing flowers at the summerhouse since spring - and I finally found a way to frame them - between 2 pieces of glas - simple and pretty. And our new Caravaggio lamp by Cecilie Manz have been hung. Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

02 July 2008

Cool Girl Inspiration

Here´s my mood board for the Super Girl I´m about to create for the Grib.2 challenge. The target group is girls from 4-6 years and so far she is strong like Pippi - saves the world like Barbapapa - and is as cool as Lauren Childs figures - and she can see colours not visible to the human eye. The world needs a new and fresh superhero - so dear readers please leave a comment and tell me what qualities, superpowers and gadgets my little hero should have!

01 July 2008


Last years Grib!-project was a big success - so we decided to enlarge the group, get a bit more organized and just continue to have fun and network in the same way. So from today and 2 weeks forward I´ll be blogging in Danish about my creative process at the GRIB!2 blog. My challenge this year is Superheroes - and I´ve already done some research as you can tell above - I would really love to create a new Pippi-figure - but I can´t draw cartoons or charaters - so we will see how I get along.
You can read more about Grib! here - and see the final show here.