30 June 2009

Wedding planner

Now that my bachelorette party is over - I´m really looking forward to our big wedding party in August (we got married at Christmas). The party will be held at a restaurant inside the local amusement park - and above you can see my moodboards - and our wedding invitation, which I designed to look like a ticket for the amusement park.

I would have loved a letterpress invitation but it´s hard to find a letterpress in Denmark - so instead I printed it on some lovely thick paper on my inkjet printer - and handpunched the top and bottom circles and created a dotted "tear of effect" with a stich marker/paper perforator. The envelopes were handwritten by me - and stamped at the back with a custom made stamp with our names. Easy - simple and very inexpensive compared to a letterpress invitation.

The top and bottom picture is from the restaurant.

29 June 2009

happy happy

This is what our studio looked like this saturday at lunch. My friends had organized a super Bachelorette-party for me - before our weddingparty in August. It was such a treat to spend the whole day and night with 14 of my wonderful girlfriends. On the picture I´m holding my new gymnastic ribbon which was a gift :) - I can´t tell you anymore or show more photos - because the rest is top secret - and my brain is completely blank today anyway. Tak tøser!

26 June 2009


I recently got an Iphone - which I heart a lot - so I was happy to find these free type-themed & type-inspired iPhone & desktop wallpapers at Typenuts. via Swissmiss

What applications do you use or recommend for Iphone?

25 June 2009

I like

I really really like this new sofa by Moroso, this still life from the lastest issue of Boligliv - and the black lamp by Spanish designer Helena Rohner which is on my wishlist.

24 June 2009


I wish I had seen this beautifull poster by Jason Munn before I designed our wedding invitation - it´s graphic design at it´s best - clever, simple and strong! You can get it as a poster at The Small Stakes poster shop - and make sure to see all the other great posters there.

23 June 2009

Little Super Heroes

I just had to share these little super heroes from the lastest issue of Small Magazine. I love the styling and how a few accessories turn these outfits into something special.

I´m also posting them as a reminder to myself that I have to get started soon on my book about
Super Sofie.

16 June 2009


This illustration by Spanish Illustrator/Graphic Designer Blanca Gomez has such great and tactile fell of summertime about it. You can download it as a background image at Kindred or buy a limited edition print in her Etsy shop here. And I almost can´t wait to try my hands on a similar projects this summerholiday.

15 June 2009

french eye candy

Let´s start the week with some French eye candy by artist and visionary Carolyn Quartermaine from Vogue Living. I love her mix of flouro colours and lots of white.

11 June 2009

invitation with cars

Just made this illustration for an invitation - and plan to make it into a repeat pattern also - maybe with more types of vechicles. We got our sample from Spoonflower - it´s Ok but not great and I wish I knew about other places that print small runs on fabric - do you know any? - then please share.

09 June 2009

Adopt an Owl

I´ve just added a White Owl and a Flower Owl to my shop so they are now ready for adoption. And they now come with a brand new logo designed by me - and a small description of their personaleties.

08 June 2009

Pillows for my nieces

This weekend we celebrated the christening of my sister´s babygirl Anna. My present was a pillow from Tulipaner & Tomater with Anna´s name on it - and with a piece of fabric from one of Nanna´s old dresses incorporated (the graphic flowers off course). The other pillow on the photo is for her sister (for her birthday). I ordered two matching pillows since the girls will probably end up sharing a room one day. You can see them both here.

And since "I had hired a pro" to do the sewing - I had time to create a little collage owl to match the pillow - so please notice how some fabric from the pillow is repeated on the owl´s wings - clever right!?

I´m glad my sister had reminded me that she would like an owl for the nursery - because I tend to forget that they actually make a great present - and instead I run out and buy some soft baby stuff. Anyway more owls are on their way to my shop soon.

05 June 2009

Flower cards

I´ve been working with these wonderful photographs of flowers for a client, and everytime they pop-up on my screen I get so happy! If you like these motives too - you should keep an eye on your local "Søstrene Grene" shop - where you can buy greeting cards with these flowers and many more -real soon.

Copyright by Photographer Hanne Stoyer.

03 June 2009

Summerhouse tour

I´ve noticed that I often refer to our weekends in our summerhouse - but forget to explain why I love this spot so much. So here are a few pics from this weekend - just to give you an idea why our little spot is so great.

Fishing for shrimps at the beach, relaxed lunch with lots of fresh fish and new potatoes, surrounded by green, and visits from our family and all their children.

Summerhouse_evening walk

and here´s some more reason why I love our summerhouse.

evening walks, sunsets and wild flowers.

02 June 2009

House & studio tour

You can catch a small house & studio tour at Made by Girl with my studio-mate Line Juhl Hansen. - with photos of her cosy apartment and our lovely shared studio.

We had a visit from a photographer and journalist in our homes and studio some time ago - and our spaces will be shown in the Danish magazine Boligliv - we just don´t know when and can´t show you those pictures yet - but let us know if you wish to publish them in a magazine outside Denmark.